Alexandra Holzer Interview
(On The Paranormal)

When your father is Hans Holzer, I guess it’s to be expected that you would have more than just a passing interest in the paranormal.  And such is the case with Alexandra Holzer. Alexandra talked with us about ghosts, haunting and the paranormal.

Q -  Alexandra, since you’re Hans Holzer’s daughter, have you always been fascinated with the paranormal or did you consider another career choice?
A – Growing up I’ve always been creative and in the arts. I went to F.I.T. in Manhattan, which is the Fashion Institute of Technology, and followed after my mother who had taken classes there. I took drama and theatre, which is something he was a big advocate of. He was a member of all the Guilds. He parlayed into the entertainment industry, so he wasn’t the typical investigator you see out there in the past five years up until the present day. He was really a jack of all trades in the entertainment field when he helped as well with the research side of things and the science of the paranormal. So, I really grew up in that environment regardless. I started getting back into writing first and foremost and that was something he was pleased about. That’s kind of the Holzer trait. We write.

Q – You do know that I interviewed your father, don’t you?
A – Yes, which is why I was very, very happy to do this. I thought that was a really neat tie-in.

Q – One of the things he told me is he didn’t understand why people continue to build cemeteries. There’s nothing there.
A – (laughs) Yeah. He said it’s a waste of real estate basically.

Q – That always stuck in my head.
A – As a kid we would pass by them because my mother’s mother, who is Parisian, had moved out to Long Island. So, we  would drive through Queens and pass the massive, massive cemeteries and I’d always look at them and be like “What’s there?” My Grandmother would say, “What do you think is there?” I would say to her “nothing. It’s empty.” But it’s a waste of space. He always felt real estate is real estate and that’s not where we end up. I think it’s more of a metaphysical way of looking at it. Unfortunately some do linger there. But he didn’t want people to believe if you’re getting buried… I think he was more of an intellect in the sense that you’re buried, let it go. Our body is now discontinued to our inner being which leaves and that’s where it’s at. I think that was his point, that versus the burial process.

Q – Did he believe in reincarnation?
A – Oh, yes. What he specifically said was, and this was his belief in testimonials for people; and people have written books about coming back after dying, that we have our free will also on the other side. Those that choose to come back into another life and reincarnate again can do so. I’m not so sure about that. I’m only 40 years old. I have a lot to learn in that area. I feel if I was given the chance to come back again and pick if I was a boy or a girl, you don’t know where you’re gonna end up. Are you gonna end up in a Third World country? Are you gonna end up in a family that is loving this time? It’s a very bizarre kind of regiment. But, he did believe in all of that. He said you can choose to come back. Some people are done and they don’t come back.

Q – How is it that only a few people seem to have paranormal experiences, or does everyone have those experiences but they just don’t realize it?
A – I don’t know if it’s just a few. I think the reason I say that today versus five, six, seven years ago is the boom of TV shows and documentaries and continuation of the paranormal now mixed with the horror genre has popularized it. It just seems that more people are apt to be open to it, discussing things that have happened to them that they weren’t quite sure what they were. So, they go see a film or meet a paranormal group for real or they start to get into a certain TV show and start to say “I think I might have witnessed an apparition” or “I think I was touched and nobody was there.” As we move further into the present day, people are just more comfortable with discussing the unknown, but I don’t think it’s so much that there aren’t enough experiences. I’ve always said we all have our sixth sense. People are accustomed to our five senses, but it goes beyond to the sixth sense. We either top into an awareness of who we are, that goes beyond who we are as people, which means you have to be selfless. You have to let go of a lot of skepticism. You have to really let go of what society has kind of taught us and what our families have taught us and kind of just become one with everything and really connect with Earth. I think that is a very hard thing to do, because everybody is so stressed out. Life I constantly moving and it’s a very hard thing to just stop what you’re doing and connect with that sixth sense. But if you go into a haunted environment, which today the tours are so popular, you can buy a ticket and go and experience for yourself in an asylum or prison, hundreds of thousands of people that perished and that were horrible souls or just troubled souls and you’ll have that experience that will open up that ability versus just sitting at home. And again I think that’s why those tours are so popular is as a result of people want to know. But that’s really utilizing your sixth sense.

Q – The new World Trade Center in New York is soon to re-open. After all the ceremonies and when the news people leave, what will workers there see, feel and hear every day? Places where great energy has been expanded, tend to have haunting, don’ t they?
A -  Correct. Well, that’s a really good question. I think in the beginning of all the hustle and bustle, there’s so much energy that those people are going to re-create in an environment that’s kind of stale. What I mean by that is, there are several, several lost souls that are still trapped there. They just can’t leave. Again, you’re in this haunted environment, so even though we build over the catastrophe, we’re putting back up the cement walls. In that continuum, that space and time are people who perished who couldn’t cross for whatever reason. So, when you’re going there, you have the walls and the hallways to roam again. I think in the next coming weeks and months, there’s going to be a feeling. People might see things. People might feel things. Especially late at night of course, when it’s quiet. Not because the sun goes down mind you. Ghosts are active throughout the day too. But when the sun goes down and people go home and it’s quiet, you have one or two stragglers, it’s really when you hone in on that sixth sense I was telling you about. Whether you want to or not, when somebody’s walking down the hall who was in the plane crash and had no clue it happened, you’re going to witness it, whether you want to or not. They’re going to want you to see them. They’re in trouble.

Q – What about the crash site of United Flight 93 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania? What could a person experience there?
A – There were stories in the fields of Pennsylvania where the plane whet down. They had set up little camper things. In the beginning they had tight security for the area. There were two security guards that were there obviously through the night, watching  the area. It had just happened. They had quarantined it off. One guy had witnessed a women walking toward him. He described her wearing this red t-shirt, a brown skirt, brown hair and she looked lost. Then, he was so scared, he ran back into the camper, slammed the door and then probably moments later he’s sitting there, telling his partner and there’s a knock on the door. Tragic death. Sudden death, via plane crash of not knowing / knowing will create the atmosphere for a ghost, which means they’re confused, they don’t know what’s happened, they’re clueless. Either they’re going to know through time, they’re gonna get crossed or they’re stuck. There will be impressions of those that perished on the plane.

Q – I’ve heard about a couple seeing United Flight 93 flying close to the ground and then nothing. What’s that? Another dimension?
A – Sure, because you have to understand, once that happens, all bets are off. Everything you know to be true, flips. You go into a different veil, so to speak. It’s almost like their world, which was once our world ‘cause we’re still of the living, becomes another world. And physical things, there are stories of people seeing James Dean’s Spyder Porsche flying by. There’s been lots of stories written up on that; the physical item that is no longer. That’s not uncommon. There’s a lot of sightings of things like that where it’s more like a lasting impression of what happened in that moment. It all kind of intertwines with those that perish. It all kind of becomes a little story that’s told from the other side.

Q – That’s fascinating!
A – It really is. It really makes you think how really small we are and at the very least, we don’t have to believe, but at the very least we must be open to the possibility that this can happen ‘cause we just can’t explain everything.

Q – Is it possible to document something like United Flight 93 flying through the sky?
A – If you were positioned in the area where the sightings and stories were, you could, but then there’s that whole thing of; are you gonna get it while you’re there? How long do you have to stay there? One of the reasons my father would re-visit cases, not just go for a day or two and interview and have the psychics and talk to the ghosts that were in trouble so to speak, in a case like that you can, but you have to be prepared to be passionate enough to go back and forth quite a bit. It’s a lot of investment in your time, but I guarantee you would get a lot of footage and a lot of disembodied voices and stories.

Q – So this United Flight 93 will keep being seen by people forever?
A – Yeah, because it was a tragedy and unfortunately when something like that (happens) and is so massive and you’ve got all these people perishing so horrifically, some knew, some didn’t. Boom! You’re gone. It’s like a moment of time that is stuck in limbo. Nobody knew this was gonna happen. You weren’t prepared. Nobody thinks they’re gonna die. Some people might, but most of us don’t go leave our house thinking today is the day I’m going to die. So with that mental ability and energy happening when that plane went down, it almost became part of the people where, we’re dead. What just happened? What seems years and years for us, for them could be a day. Time doesn’t exist on the other end. So, it just becomes a continuance of a playback of an old recording. So you, with your naked eye or high tech equipment, very sensitive equipment could really pick up on it. I know some people would be looking for it, but it happens when it happens. There’s no rhyme or reason to it.

Q – And you couldn’t expect to see the plane on a certain day or the week or time or anniversary of the event?
A – Well, some haunting do. Those are the residual hauntings where they’re not intelligent haunting as we call them, where… I’ll give you an example: There could be a woman that died in her home and a new family moves in and they see this apparition going in and out of what once was used as an office is now a child’s room. The apparition doesn’t notice them. It just keeps going at three o’clock in the afternoon, opening and closing the door and that’s it. It does this every single day at three o’clock. So, in that person’s life at three o’clock they must’ve gone in the room everyday to do whatever, every single day. They had their routine. That’s kind of a residual where, they don’t bother us, we don’t bother them. It’s an impression in time. But the thing with what happened in Pennsylvania is you’ve got way too many people, a concentrated area, a horrific tragedy, death, confusion. Anything is possible in that particular situation.

Q – Go back to Ground Zero for a minute: Is it possible someone will be working at their desk and look up and see a plane headed straight towards the building or their window?
A – I think all that can happen. It’s dependent on the witness. The witness tells the story. We document the story. We have equipment. We have psychics and we try to back that story and then we kind of hunker down and then we go for the evidence to really put it together. Now, in a situation like that, if you’ve got somebody sitting there at ten o’clock at night, working at their desk and they look across the hall and they see a ghostly apparition of what looks like a man wearing a nice shirt and pants, kind of see through, walking in and looking like he’s about to kind of go and do something and dissipates, that would be normal. Some people in those buildings were unaware and were actually doing what you just said. It’s very sad.

Q -  There used to be a television show on called Quantum Leap, which was based on the principle of Quantum physics. Can you in fact bend time to go back in time?
A – You know, it’s interesting. There’s an author and colleague of mine, Marie D. Jones, who’s written a couple of books on the P.S.I. science and it goes into the Quantum theory. It’s obviously more based on time continuum and we’re dealing with machinery versus just the metaphysics of could we go back if we project ourselves and then there’s astral projection. But, that’s more of a spiritual sense. When we’re dealing with Quantum Physics, it’s very mathematical and it would require machinery to jet us back. I do believe in this world God knows who’s invented what and it’s sitting there and we have a time machine. I really wish I could remember where I saw this, but there was a footage on this old DVD. There’s this old DVD collection out on a sitcom. And it was dated obviously. Some guy, in the U.K. I believe, was looking through (it) and started o notice that there was a character in the DVD that looked like they pulled out a cell phone. They were wearing the clothing of the time period of this particular film. It caught his eye. He started to go through it and go through it and go through it. He YouTubed it, like you tell me what you think. It looked like in this Charlie Chaplin DVD Gold Collection, that anybody could buy, that there was this character, dressed like a woman, but looked very masculine, pulls out this little square device in the reel, looking like they’re checking a cell phone. Now, that’s impossible because Chaplin movies were done way back then. So, this wouldn’t have been anything they had. So, things like that. A lot of people started to jump on that bandwagon because it really was verified. He had the DVD. He was offering to send it out to anybody. “Go buy it yourself” he would say. People did. It’s on there. And so, I kind of sat there and that’s the first time I said “I wonder if somebody did invent something and went back and we don’t know.” Your whole life could be ruined if you came out in the media and said “Guess what I created? Guess where I’ve gone to? Guess who I know?” Those people are now dead in present time. I have to tell you I’m on the fence with that on.

Q – Imagine the possibilities of Time Travel. Instead of teaching using books to instruct their class, they could take the class back in time.
A – I think for educational purposes that if we were able to create some sort of device to propel ourselves back in time for those purposes, education would take a whole new spin. I think classrooms might be dissolved. Our homes would have classrooms in them and you could go at your leisure and certain times of the day, log on and learn. I kind of feel like we’re headed in a very bizarre direction and that would be something that would create that environment.

Q – I’ve heard it said that if you do go back in time, you can’t change anything that happened, because it would change everything else that followed.
A – Well, that’s the typical thing I think we’ve seen in cartoons and even in a lot of films, where if we go back in time and we do one false move, it’ll offset the future. I do think if there is somebody out there who has been able to go back in time like that example I was giving, it makes you wonder if the things that are happening now, not so long ago, are the result of somebody who actually could  do it and meddled. I don’t think we’re supposed to go back in time physically. I think it would be interesting to find a way of creating a ripple in that time wave, but I don’t know if we could, if we could avoid it.

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