Andrew Basiago Interview
(Time Travel: Fact or Fiction?)

How often people will say “Wouldn’t it be nice to go back in time if only for a day?
According to Andrew Basiago it’s been done because – he’s done it!!

Q – Andrew, you were involved with something called Project Pegasus.  Is that another term for Time Travel?
A – Well, what Project Pegasus was, was a development program under DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) that emerged in the middle part of the 1960’s. DARPA was serving as the umbrella organization for a multi-agency effort to put every source that would potentially yield a U.S. time space exploration capability. So, the sources there would be ancient sources like the Egyptian, Babylonian, Samarian civilizations experiments with Time Travel; foreign technology sources like the Nazi German and the Soviet Russian. Extra-terrestrial sources, and also the hidden work of contemporary inventors and physicists like Nichola Tesla and the Los Alamos physicists that developed the atomic bomb. I was brought into the program informally in the winter of 1968 when my father took me up to the old Curtis Wright Aeronautical facility in Woodbridge, New Jersey where there was separate numbered buildings. In one of the buildings they had a Tesla device that they had proto-typed from Tesla’s papers that were left at the time of his death on January 7th of 1943. Those papers as you may know were sought by two F.B.I. agents and the War Department got there first.  Under the Alien Property Act they were forwarded to the National Archives in ’43 but then when the Manhattan Project was placed in New Mexico in ’43-’44, his papers were moved to the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory which became the Los Alamos  National Laboratories after our nation’s leading atomic bomb institute. So, in this winter 1968 trip, my dad took me up to Building 68 which was the particular numbered building where the Tesla device itself which they had proto-typed from Tesla’s papers and accidentally discovered was a teleporter. It consisted of two elliptical shaped bombs between which a field of energy was broadcast. My father explained when we jumped through that field of energy we enter a tunnel. It was a bluish white tunnel with sort of holographic walls. When the tunnel closed we would find ourselves somewhere else in the country. He also explained as we moved through the tunnel that it might begin to compartmentalize and it might be cold through the wall and we would be separated and that in fact is what happened. Our destination was 2,005 miles to the west. They were already using the state of New Mexico in the city of Santa Fe which is a hodgepodge of buildings at different vantage points, different eras of construction points as the collection point for people teleporting into New Mexico. As my father later explained the Los Alamos National Ladd had been compromised by Soviet spies. They didn’t want somebody at the lab at the last, to see something, namely to become aware of the fact that we had produced Tesla’s Teleportation practise. So, with that jump which has been memorialized in the t.v. show ‘Fringe’, I leapt in. I did a quantum leap to the emerging U.S. Time Space Program for which my father was a principal. My dad was a Special Projects Engineer for Ralph M. Parsons Company. Parsons was the principal defense contractor assisting DARPA originally called AARPA in its quest to achieve Time Travel. So, over time he repeated Tesla’s teleportation experiments going back to 1899 in Colorado Springs where my father was an engineer at the Thomas Edison Research Labs in West Orange, New Jersey where he was employed from 1956 to 1964. By the mid 60’s my dad was one of the leading experts on Tesla Teleportation in the American engineering community. So, sometime in the mid 60’s, I think it might’ve been 1966, he was hired by the Parsons Jerdem Corp. , a subsidiary of Parsons. He essentially became a point man, a dollar a year man if you will between Parsons and the C.I. A. on the theory and practice if teleportation. So, in this jump of the winter of ’68, we arrived in Santa Fe and spent about an hour looking for each other. Then, when my dad found me and told me he instructed me not to walk around, to stay where I arrived. I had been looking for him. So, we’re sort of walking all over the grounds there on the Santa Fe capital grounds looking for each other. He then got an automobile from one of the state buildings. Of course New Mexico is one big military reservation and has been since the Manhattan Project. We drove from the state capitol grounds there up to the Las Alamos National Labs, to a meeting with Dr. Harold M. Agnew when Harold was the Director of the W Division, the Weapons Division of the Labs. Agnew had been one of the principal Manhattan project physicists. He was present in Chicago at the squash courts when they did CPI at the Atomic Pile. He was present at Alamogordo when the bomb was designed, built and tested. He even calibrated the magnitude of the Hiroshima blast following the Enola Gay and the chase plane called The Great Artiste. So, Harold is essentially the prize pupil of Enrico Fermi at Chicago and was a principal Manhattan Project physicist. My father and I would interact with him extensively, even take lunch and dinner with him for example in Albuquerque because Harold Agnew then became Director of Lamel in 1970 when the Federal Science administrator who was secretly developing this Time Travel Program for DARPA. So, the significance of my account is that I’m basically identifying the emergence of Time Travel in the United States in a particular era under the guidance of a particular group of scientists. They were the scientists who brought us the Atomic bomb and nuclear weapons. I also interacted with Dr. Robert Teller when I was on the project. We interacted extensively with Dr. Sterling Colgi, another  prominent physicist at LANO who had developed an entirely different form of Time Travel. So, in that meeting Howard said to my father, ‘How was your trip’? My father said, ‘Fine, Fast’. Harold looked up at my father smiling sort of sardonically and said, ‘Oh, did you take the teleporter’? My dad said, ‘Yes, and so did my young son Andrew’. He looked over at me. I was sitting on my dad’s right across from Harold’s desk basically. Harold looked over at me and said to my dad, ‘How old’? And my father and I both answered, ‘Six’. And because I was born on September 6th of 1961 this memory allows us to derive the fact that the time period between September of ’67 and September of ’68 we were teleported. My father then said, ‘Have you tried it? Have you tried teleporting’? Harold said, ‘No, but I want to’, indicating teleporting was a new application. That was my un-official entry into Project Pegasus. By the fall of ’69, I was officially brought in, in the beginning of my 3rd grade year. I was in my 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade year. As a result I went as far down the rabbit hole on applied quantum physics and Time Travel of any child in that era. I was ultimately exposed to eight different modalities of the Travel as a participant in the program and as my father’s son.

Q – If we could travel back in time, could we travel back to Dealey Plaza on November 22nd 1963 and once and for all end the speculation of where the shots came from that killed President Kennedy? And, what if someone wants to stop the assassination from happening? What would happen?
A – This a very apropo question, because you raise a real life scenario. It gives rise to the greatest misunderstanding of Time Travel primarily resulting from science fiction accounts and I’ll try to de-construct that for you. The reason I say that’s apropo in terms of a real life scenario is after I left the program in my mid-teens, I asked my father, ‘Dad, why didn’t you send me to Dealey Plaza to see who shot the President’? By the way, that would have been by Chrono vision not teleportation because the teleporters weren’t up and running in 1963. If I would’ve been sent there I would’ve been stranded. I would have been lost in time. Stranded in time. So, that would have been a chrono probe where they would have propagated a hologram that would’ve been so dense that they would have brought that scene into the laboratory and if I was standing in the hologram I would’ve gone to Dealey Plaza on November 22nd 1963 but, when the hologram collapsed I would’ve spontaneously gone back to the lab in 1971 or whatever.  My father said we expressly decided not to involve the kids in the program in that probe because there were so many still and motion picture cameras in Dealey Plaza on the day President Kennedy was assassinated that you would have been seen. I had been photographed when they sent me in the spring of 1972 to November 1863 to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to see (President) Lincoln give the Gettysburg Address. I appear in the famous picture of Lincoln at Gettysburg that was found by Josephine Cobb when she was a photo analyst at the Library of Congress after that photo was donated to the Library of Congress in a group of Civil War photographs. It had once been owned by Matthew Brady the prominent Civil War photographer. They couldn’t send me there. When you Time Travel to the past either knowing or discovering what’s going on there when you take an action can you change the past and thereby reformulate the past so that there’s the emergence of  either a new timeline in which new events  occur or that the present you go back to basically you go back to the future? Is there an alteration of reality based on your intervention in the past? And the answer in not yes.  It’s no. Let me explain. In physics terms when you have an event happen you have what’s called a collapse of wave function. That is to say an event that is existing in pure principle stalls. The wave collapses and that happens. From that point forward the event is embedded in the time space continuum as a fixed element. Now, you can send somebody back in time. I did it myself through different means; to participate in the original event and that’s what you do when you Time Travel. It’s not to go to some secondary event that arises as a result of your intervention in the past but to be sent and directly participate in the genesis of the original event. So, let’s use the J.F.K. Assassination as an example. We have multiple techno logics to send someone there. I could have been sent there. I was sent thru multiple technologies to past events. I was sent for example to the site of Lincoln’s shooting at Ford’s Theatre. I was sent to Gettysburg, the scene of the Gettysburg Address, and I was sent to George Washington’s encampment in Brooklyn Heights above New York Harbor, with message from the Nixon Administration to Washington to retreat his troops from New York Harbor. Now, I know that’s a tall glass of water to drink, but, you’re talking to an individual who actually briefed Washington. That was the catalyst that caused him to pick up his troops and retreat about 3,000 men up that grassy swale from New York Harbor up to Brooklyn Heights on the way to Manhattan. I delivered that message to George Washington. Now people say ‘wait a minute, the President that you left included a telling of the past in which Washington had done that and saved the Revolutionary Army and the Revolutionary Army went on to win the war and as a result of that ultimately became a country after being under the Articles of Confederation for 13 years after Independence’. Ultimately, the Constitution was enacted in 1789 and we became a country. I went there and when I was there I was time travelling right? I was there during the original event. What was missing was my presence from the future. So, in other words, from George Washington’s perspective these young boys came to his tent and advised him with a message from the future, almost 200 years in the future from the country they were alleging his successful prosecution in. The Revolutionary War was going to lead to the founding of and the naming of its national Capital of, etc. and everything else I told Washington. He believed we were angels. I ultimately persuaded him by showing him a two dimensional hologram of like a patriotic symbol, like an eagle landing on a red, white and blue shield with arrows and so forth. A classic American symbol. And, I said to him, ‘Surely General Washinton this could not be an artifact from your time. It has to be from the future’. He said, ‘I most agree.  In fact this is something I’d like to show Ben Franklin. It’s fascinating’. Then he stood up rigidly and realized the importance of me showing him the artifact from 200 years in the future and he said, ‘I shall retreat my troops immediately’. O.K., now the question is, did that happen the original time Washington retreated his troops from New York Harbor or did he fail and retreat his troops for some other reason? Was I sent on my junket to advise him to do so? When you’re time travelling you’re going to the original event. So, it was always deeply embedded in the quantum hologram, always a causal factor that I met him in his tent and advised him to retreat from New York Harbor as per the information I was implicated in giving him from the Nixon Administration from DARPA from basically the C.I .A. from the future. But, what was missing was, in my time in 1970, I had to make the journey because the paradox of going back in time and affecting an event and I’m using these words carefully, you don’t change the event. You affect the event. It’s not that you’re creating a second timeline and that you can change the present by going back and quantum engineering the past. You can’t. The paradox is the effect precedes the cause and that when the time traveler in the present, the past future basically goes back to the past of an event. They can affect the event. They can participate in the event directly. They can participate in an event that affects the future and determines what the future is, but, from the perspective of both the past and the present, they can’t change the past. They’re in the past.

Q – What would’ve happened had George Washington ordered your arrest or had you shot?
A – I would’ve been a missing person of the present. We’d be missing people of the present because we’d been sent by the Chrono visor holographically, physically, bodily from 1970 to 1776. We could never again be seen in the present. Our death would be explained due to abduction or just kids going missing in the woods. Some accident. And, we would be dead and buried there in 1776.

Q – Why were children preferred over adults for Time Travel?
A – They were working with kids in some of the Time Travel technologies. For example, in the case of Chrono visors the size of an adult, the sound of their heartbeat, if they coughed or sneezed, it would actually cause the hologram to go on the blink. So, they were working with us as small, cooperative, intelligent people out of necessity. They were also training us for future Time Travels. They were working extensively with children. That’s why we were brought into Pegasus, to be used as children or some of the technology that required small people. You either do that or use adults with growth disorders. They wanted to train us to be the first generation of adult chronovisors or Time Travelers. I’ve been trained and acclimated to the effects of Time Travel as a child. They decided to train a cadre of children to test teleportation on physically and mentally, to train us for the future as sort of space cadets, to utilize in those devices where they needed small cooperative intelligent humans like the Chrono visors. So, I ended up briefing Washington rather than some graduate student in American History at Rutgers because I was not just very bright but still very small. They could send me without the hologram going on the blink. My point there basically is, you can be sent and I was sent to the past where you participate and affect the course of events but don’t change them because you’re an element to the original event. That’s how it works. The paradox is then in real time, in your time when you go back and participate in the past and a past that you affected in some material way. What you’re doing is retro-causally completing the causal loop that remained open.  In this case, 1776, in 1970, the event has already manifested itself in the past because from the past’s relative perspective you visited from the future as a time traveler from the future, but, not until you were born or trained and went on that Time Travel journey did you complete the causal loop that remained open. So, intimately the causal chain remained completed. For example, picture me at Gettysburg, it existed in Life Magazine. Every magazine and book that has ever been printed before I left New Jersey in 1972 to go to the Gettysburg address, because why? Because from the perspective of November 1863 I had visited it from the future and I was there. But, in real time, in the present I had to go back and go on that Time Travel journey to close the open causal loop that existed as a result of the quantum paradox of somebody affecting a past event as a Time Traveler from the future. That’s what people have difficulty understanding because as children we learn ordinary causation. Forward chaining linear causation and we can’t really get our minds around retro-causation very easily. But, that’s in fact how it works.

Q – When you’re being sent back in the past, what is being done with that information? Who’s asking for that information?
A – Right after each jump we were all de-briefed usually by ladies but sometimes by gentlemen from DARPA. Very skilled social scientists who asked us questions about what we saw, what we did, what people said to us, different vocabulary they might have used. Just what happened when we were in the scene, in the hologram of that particular historical event.  But see, that information was then turned over to the C.I.A. and the C.I.A. was drafting reports on a need to know basis only of what the people in the program not just kids but adults involved in the program were reporting about the past and future. So, for example, I heard about the 9/11 event 30 years before it happened. Indeed, I saw footage of the plane strike or the second tower, the South Tower, in 1971 at the Aerobat Corporate facility in Sekor, New Mexico when the technicians there processed some data from the future that captured that event. The program was constructed not to change history but to gather intelligence about it.

Q – What you’re saying is, we can’t even change future events, right?
A – Well, see that’s the same principle projected forward in time. That’s the grandfather paradox in reverse. If you’re looking at a future event with say a Chrono visor and you conclude o.k. this happens in downtown Manhattan on 9-11-’01 you’re looking at that event as it happened that day. So, just as you can make as many attempts to kill your grandfather and not succeed because you exist after his life, because he sired your parent and therefore you had to have failed at each attempt to kill your grandfather or you wouldn’t be alive to even contemplate the attempt much less make the attempt on his life in time travelling to the past. In the same way when you’re observing a future event that has been distilled from various means by propagating a hologram from it by sending people forward in time, let’s say to stand at the steps of the Capital and see what the person says their name is when they’re seen sworn in as President every four years. That’s what happens on that day. So, any attempts you make between the time you access a future event and the time it occurs to change the event like 9-11 have to fail because your intelligence data is of that fixed event from that point in time in the future, location and time.

Q – You probably already know who’s going to win the U.S. Presidency in 2016, don’t you?
A – Actually, when I was serving in the government I was informed that I was a future President. People say now that you’ve revealed that, is it possible that the skepticism around it can prevent that from happening? I would say I don’t have total knowledge on what went into that total analysis, that finding by the C.I.A. but, the way it was delivered to me it was inevitability because of the means they were using to discern what the future held. So, somehow I get over this rather high wall of skepticism about my Time Travel claims and my basic work right now and what I’m alleging becomes a public understanding so that I’m viewed kind of as I guess in a folk-lore way as a truth teller who ultimately does win the Presidency.

Q – Did they tell you when you would become President?
A – No, they didn’t. I’m running in2016, but, I wasn’t told necessarily that 2016 would be the year that I would be elected. What I’m saying is that they did give me the information that we have utilized multiple means and we know that down there in that smoky distance called the future you’re going to be President. That means that notwithstanding the fact that I publicly revealed that I’m a pre-identified U.S. President, that’s the terminology that’s emerged to explain that situation when you know what you’re going to be in the future. So in my case I’ve been pre-identified as a President and somebody else might have been pre-identified as a prominent entertainer or Olympic champion. I was told when I was 18 years old that I was a future President. Since they were using means that were discerning what was happening, who was being sworn in, in that presidential election cycle on the steps of our nation’s capital and the person giving his name was my name, that means come hell or high water no matter how much skepticism has been produced by my relevation that I’ve been pre-identified as a President I ultimately overcome that skepticism and resistance and my revelation of my prior knowledge does not become my death nail to my Presidential prospects. They do not stop that destiny from un-folding.

Q – That’s incredible! I’m sitting here interviewing a future President of the United States, and I’ve never interviewed a President before.
A – Yes, and this goes to the esoteric nature of the functions that the U.S. government has been secretly involved with after the Manhattan Project. We have to remember in the 71 years now since the Manhattan Project the U.S. government has had trillions of dollars most of it sourced from private sources. For example, Project Pegasus was being funded by the Colgate Dynasty, Dr. Sterling Colge, one of the principle scientists, the scion of the very wealthy dynasty, the Colgate Palmolive fortune that had been selling American toothpaste and dish detergent for 100 years by the time Project Pegasus emerged and all of the state of New Mexico and the most brilliant physicists and engineers. What the public doesn’t understand, what my work is aimed at is allowing them to understand and enabling them to understand that when I become President the person being sworn in will literally have been a person who stood in the tent of and interacted with and discussed military objectives with General George Washington. In other words, my point here is that because of the development of a vast prodigiously funded research and development mechanism within the military industrial complex after World War Two, a kind of historical thresh hold was passed that the public was never made aware of and that is, since 1970 the U.S. Executive branch, the military, the intelligence community as a result of the Time Travel technologies that were developed in Project Pegasus have been operating on a non-linear basis. So, for example when Andrew Card whispered in George Bush’s ear at the M and T Booker Elementary School in Florida that the attacks on our nation’s largest office buildings in New York City and the Pentagon had begun it wouldn’t have been ‘Mr. President we’re under attack. It would’ve been something like Mr. President the long scene 9-11 scenario is unfolding’. O.K.? I don’t know what the lip-reader said. My point here is the missing piece, the missing element that has been held back from Americans that would enable them to understand how our government is actually operating on it’s highest levels and some of the mystery of prior knowledge of 9-11 is not because 9-11 was an inside job, but because the Presidency the Intelligence community, other alphabet agencies and ultimately the military have been operating on a non-linear basis. And, that’s going on 46 years this year. (2016). I’m 54, I first teleported when I was six. So, I’m speaking out to prevent a break away civilization emerging and one has essentially emerged. I mean, Barrack Obama was twice elected President of the United States without any voters or my beltway journalists or my present member of The White House Press Corp. exploring the fact that he served in the Secret Space Program. So, we have to utilize the truth movement to widen the question beyond who’s responsible for 9-11 into an abiding reform of the U.S. government. The people at a minimum have to know that these technical capabilities were developed 45 years ago because they’ve literally been shaping events.

Q – In Mattydale, New York, on August 11th 1967, two girls, Mary Anne Marzullo and Jacqueline Saunders were walking home from the Mattydale Field Days. They never made it to their homes. The next day they were found dead. To date, no one has been charged with their murders. Would law enforcement agencies be able to utilize this technology and clear their desks of Cold Cases?
A – Indeed. Now, that raises two questions. One is, can you use chronvisor technology in a Chrono vision to go into the future and view crimes and then prevent them and arrest the person for a pre-crime which was the premise behind the feature film ‘Minority Report’. Well, in fact if you do you’re penalizing the person for a crime they haven’t committed yet and then when you intervene and arrest them you’re preventing them from committing the crimes. So, they’re not guilty. That’s basically the null set. That’s basically the obviation of a future event. But, again the complication of that is if you’re utilizing Chrono vision and you’re seeing what’s happening on a certain date, they are guilty. But arresting them beforehand? It wouldn’t pass jurisprudential mustard because you would be holding them  accountable in the present for what they haven’t done yet. In that way, pre-crime would become thought crime. The other possibility which is viable and in our current system of justice and jurisprudential framework is just like a back surveillance camera can identify the identity of a bank robber. If you need to identify for example the perpetrator of a crime for example in your case of First Degree Murder, a double homicide, there’s no barrier under existing evidential standards to propagate a hologram of that event with a Chrono visor and see who killed the two girls. It’s simply evidence and because it’s after the fact it doesn’t matter that it was gained through quantum access, quantum accessing of the past. In that sense Chrono vison just becomes a form of non-local photography, non-local motion picture filming of an event. If something has happened that’s heinous the equities strongly favor quantum accessing that crime so you can hold the guilty party or parties accountable. It’s not an invasion of privacy to quantum access a crime scene to see why in this case two young people lost their lives prematurely at the hands apparently of a murderer. So, yes we can apply some of the devices in the U.S. Time Travel arsenal to law enforcement but, it would have to be after the fact, not before the fact.

Q – I don’t see law enforcement getting to use these technologies any time soon do you?
A – Well, we will if we have Federal Leadership in introducing these technologies in a non-disruptive way and slowly introduce them in a way which the professionals in the system know how to use and not abuse them. I’ve even said that not only would we not want the government in possession of an ongoing Chrono vision regime because they could do more than they can do right now. Right now they can park a van outside your dwelling and get real time images inside your dwelling of what you’re doing in your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Now, these quantum access devices would allow them to gather such images for things you do in the past and invade your privacy not just in real time but on a non-local basis. Now, that means the introduction of these technologies in government now that they’ve been mothballed or whatever has happened to them they may have already been introduced to government. We just haven’t been told, but, their introduction would have to be done in a way that would not just violate the privacy of living people and groups, but, people who once lived and are deceased and people who are not yet born because look, if our personal privacy matters then so does the personal privacy of the dead and the not yet born. By that I mean, it would be legitimate to use a Chrono visor to let’s say create a museum, a quantum display and museum to allow school children to see Abraham Lincoln giving the Gettysburg Address. We wouldn’t want to be living in a society where the government would be accessing Abraham Lincoln’s life so that we would see scenes of him making love to his wife or relieving himself in the privy. We would want to respect the basic human privacy interests of the deceased and the not yet born because we’d want who’s ever alive to be treated with that same measure of respect. But, we would want to utilize a nuance and respected regime of historical mining of significant events so we could create an entire culture of learning built around scenes of past events and to some extent future events. But again, they would have to be controlled in terms of public access. If we get into the business of showing people too much of the future again there’d be all this opportunistic investment. There’d be all kinds of intrigues going on where people would try to manipulate the present to put themselves in a certain position vis a vis future people or events. Prominent people like future national and corporate leaders would be be-friended decades in advance by malicious people just so those people could opportunize on their fame, the fortune, whatever. So, it would be very socially disruptive to introduce Chrono vision as a technology that anybody could have access to, but, it does merit development as a tool to show history to the public and to school kids just so people know how lucky they are in the present.

Q – When you’re teleported back to the time of Abraham Lincoln, how do you get back to the present?
A – Right. This distinguishes the difference between the technologies. Had I been teleported to Lincoln’s time I would’ve been stranded there because there was no teleporter there to get me home. In the case of the Lincoln Assassination I was sent by a Chrono visor so that when they decided the probe had to end they would collapse the Chrono visor and I would just find myself in a field of photo electric effect called scintillation which is basically in a field of super-charged particles in the Chrono visor on the Chrono visor stage in that case, in New Mexico in the summer of 1971. In other words, to get home all they had to do was collapse the hologram.

Q – I would think people would have the impression that you’d go into a booth and someone would set a time and you’d go back to the time with a return date.
A – That’s how teleportation will exist in 2045. I was in 2045 and I was shown just walking into an elevator-like device when the door opens you’re in a different building or a different part of the city. So, that level of teleportation will be fully operational within the United States by 2045. So, imagine how calm life is going to be. I often urge people to study Buddhism because the future is going to be a lot calmer because of the introduction of these technologies. You’re not going to be racing around to make your connections, for example.

Q – When you go back in time are you transported back in time as your current age or the age you would’ve been at the time?
A – Time Travel has an effect on aging. It tends to pre-age us. I’m 54 ½ now. I’m actually 55 ½ because I spent an elapsed time, time traveling. On a number of occasions I was sent back in time in New Jersey so that the time I spent was kind of erased from history. This is an area where both scientific conjecture and science fiction have mis-informed the public. When you’re time traveling, certainly my time travelling aged me. My doctors have told me I’m older than 54. I’m more like 64 biologically. I was 2 years and 2 months old when President Kennedy was assassinated. I remember the event. It’s the first news event I remember. I remember watching the funeral activity on television with my family. But anyway, if I was sent back to 1963, I would be 54 when I got there. So, there’d be a 2 year old version of me and a 54 year old version of me there. So, basically you retain your present age and age in the ordinary disordinal way plus whatever add mixture of toxic contamination, radiation and stress that would cause you to prematurely age while time travelling. You don’t age in the science fiction way if you go back in time, you go back and get younger and younger. Time Travel is non-linear. So, the H.G. Wells Time Machine version where you get into a device and if you backward in time you go from being a very old to a very young man, is just science fiction. It’s not how it works. So, for example, we would jump to another location and stay there and age there in an ordinary disordinal way. That’s how I picked up about an entire year of existence. My dad picked up and extra 8 years of aging. You can see that in our pictures from 1972. He was supposed to be 49 and my mother was 47. My father looked more than 10 years older because he was not only born 2 years before my mother but, he spent 8 years in a quantum development in New Mexico on the project. So, by 1972, he wasn’t 49. He was more like 57 and she was 47. He looked literally 10 years older. And, I have those pictures from our camping trip in Maine in the summer of ’72.

Q – There are critics of Time Travel. They don’t believe it’s possible. They say the earth is constantly moving, so if you wanted to go back in time you wouldn’t necessarily be transported to the exact spot you wanted. You might find yourself in the middle of the ocean. And, you would say what to that?
A – There’s debunking information about my claims online. Almost all of it is mistaken in terms of misquotes of what I’ve said. The targeted technology that would obviously have to integrate both the three dimensional and spacial component and the unitary primary temporal component is not known to me. I don’t know how they were able to, for example, each time they sent me to view the shooting of President Lincoln they were able to literally put me down on the same exact spot, in the muddy street outside of Ford’s Theatre in Washington D.C. on April 14th of 1865, but, they could. So, whatever means they had of going from here to there factored into the displacement of the earth or was pegged in a magnetic way to the quantum hologram itself so that question was irrelevant. I don’t know whether it’s one or the other. All I can say is that is what happened  to me and we can infer or extrapolate from what happened to me what technical capabilities they had.

Q – If this is a secret program, is the C.I.A. unhappy with you talking about it?
A – Initially they were. I worked through a friend of mine who was a university historian who has a friend who is a lieutenant commander in the Navy who frequently for the C.I.A. (works) on different security issues. Through that connection during the first of three fact finding trips that I ever took to the state of New Mexico I met with four different informants. The last was identified to me as a top tier C.I.A. asset and that was Governor Bill Richardson. I don’t think he was Governor then. He was Congressman Bill Richardson at that point. Another one of the individuals I drove up to the Wolf Creek Pass Ski Lodge parking lot which was a great place to undertake a clandestine meeting because it was early June and there were no skiers there. There was very little snow on the slopes, certainly nothing to ski on. And there I met with a representative of the Executive Office of the President basically, the Executive Office of George W. Bush. First, I stood outside my car and then a small Audi car careened in the parking lot and this burly man with a beard and actually a warm jacket ‘cause he knew he was going up to the ski lodge, bounded out of his car and I tried to introduce myself and he said, You don’t have to introduce yourself. I know everything about you. My time is short. I really have to cut to the chase here. I represent the Executive Office of the Presidency’. This meeting had just been set up by my contacts. They didn’t explain who this person was. He could’ve shot me, done a Vince Foster with my right there in the parking lot. I thought initially that my number was up and that’s what was going to happen especially when he careened in the parking lot in his Audi. But he said, ‘I represent the Executive Office of the President’ and obviously that included Donald Rumsfeld, the Defense Secretary, the very man who had served as the Defense attaché in Project Pegasus back in the project days. I once called Donald Rumsfeld ‘Rummy’. He said, ‘No, Andy. Call me Don. I don’t like the kids in the program calling me Rummy’. We interacted a lot with Rumsfeld when we were in the project. He said, ‘We want you to know you’re not crazy. Your memories are valid. You might not remember everything that happened to you but we want you to know that Project Pegasus existed. It was under DARPA, It involved research and development of different Time Travel technologies and you were in it and you time traveled. So, stop second guessing yourself because what you’re remembering is valid. We also want you to know that the Time Travel technology themselves, the devices remain sensitive, compartmentalized national security secrets and therefore we want you to know that if you keep investigating, writing about or talking about your project experiences, we the Executive Office of the President of George W. Bush cannot guarantee your survival. You should not conclude that if you continue to do those three things that you will survive the effort’. He didn’t threaten me, but, there’s kind of a question here of whether it was a threat or a warning. I did the Art Bell Show back in August (2015) and he thinks it was a warning. I think it was a threat. I think it was a threat from Rumsfeld delivered in a weird, strange way when they had me meet with some weird operative just to scare the bejesus out of me going forward. I’m sure my dad would be proud of me. He wanted me to go forward and tell the world what we had been part of something great, something that the future will need, something that represented one of the great technical feats of the greatest country on earth, namely the achieving of Time Travel. He said, ‘So, I want you to convene a family meeting after I die and tell everybody what we did in the program and whether they believe you or not I then want you to tell the whole world’. And that essentially is what I’ve done.

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