Bangalore Choir Interview

David Reece, formerly of "Accept" has put together a group which is right "On Target" (which also just happens to be the title of their debut album). David's group goes by the name of "Bangalore Choir" and records for Giant Records.

We spoke with Bangalore Choir lead guitarist — Curt Mitchell.

Q. Curt, you've got the very best people in the music business behind your band. You've got H.K. Mgmt., Producer Max Norman, Jon Bon Jovi contributed a song to your album, and Giant Records. How did you get so lucky or is the word fortunate?
A. I would say luck had a contributing factor. I would say that David's role in Accept was a major factor in that, he had already proven he could sell some records. Glenn, one of our managers who personally manages Stevie Nicks who's also a client of H.K.'s picked us up. I wasn't in the band at the time, but he picked the Bangalore band up, and took it to H.K. with some demo tapes. Danny Rosencranz, one of the major people at H.K., came and saw a 5-6 song showcase that we put on specifically for him, and did well enough to get ourselves signed. I believe that Howard (Kaufman - H.K. Mgmt.) wanted a baby project. He's dealt with major stars his whole career. I believe he wanted something he could mold, and kick upstairs himself. So luck had a lot to do with it, in meeting the right people. But, Dave's clout had quite a bit to do with it.

Q. If the band is not as successful as you thought it would be who would you blame? Could you point the finger of blame at anybody?
A. I don't think so, because to me it seems like the record buying public is sort of fickle, not fickle, but unpredictable. I just do what I do and hope that it's successful, if not, we'll press on and do another record; maybe make it even more edgy and more guitar, and more of what we know. You never can tell. The unpredictability of the people is probably the biggest thing that would make it unsuccessful.

Q. This band put management in place first, not the record co. Was there a reason for that?
A. Well, I was actually sort of just along for the ride, in watching these things go by, pretty fast in front of my face, 'cause I'd never been in this situation before. As luck would have it, total luck would have it, the way our contract is, is such that Howard can take us to a label that he feels, being the co. H.K. Mgmt. is, has the ability to take us to whomever they feel is going to do the best job for everybody involved. I don't know of another deal like that. I'm sure they exist. I count myself lucky in that we're not forever tied to a record label; well that sounds bad for my current record label which we're very happy with, but I mean if anything ever happened wrong with whomever we were with, we have the ability to change direction. It's an awesome thing. I count myself lucky.

Q. The band has been together a relatively short time. You only added the bass player and drummer in Nov. '91?
A. Yeah.

Q. When did you record the album?
A. The album was recorded without those two players. The album was recorded with the previous line-up. I liked the previous line-up also, and I also enjoy this one. For me, it was a very strange sort of switch. But, for David who put this band together, he felt it was necessary to do. So, we went along with it. We got into it. The new band is a good band.

Q. Did you have a hand in selecting the guys for the band?
A. Not really, because what David did was actually grab two players (from Hericane Alice) that had already made an album. Both of them singers. Talented guys. He said, "Look, these are the guys," 'cause actually David had been playing with Jackie (Ramos - drummer) for years before in old Minnesota bands, in cover bands.

Q. And David's confident that all you guys will get along in that tour bus when it's rolling down the road?
A. Oh, yeah, that was one of his major concerns.

Q. When does your tour kick off?
A. We're not exactly sure, but I know H.K. is not gonna let us sit around. So, I'm sure we'll be out there.

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