Boxcar Willie Interview
World’s Favorite Hobo

He's universally known as the "World's Favorite Hobo."

He is Box Car Willie.

Box Car Willie has 15 Gold and 4 Platinum albums to his credit.

In 1981, he became the sixtieth member of the Grand Ole Opry. Not just limiting himself to music, Box Car made film appearances in the movie "Sweet Dreams" (based on the life of Patsy Cline) and the T.V. movie "Country Gold" with Loni Anderson.

In 1987, Box Car Willie bought a theater in Branson, Missouri and has been performing to enthusiastic crowds ever since.

Q. What is the difference between a hobo and a bum?
A. Well, I'm glad you asked that question. To me hobos were people who used the rails as a means of transportation from one job to another. They just don't ride the boxcars anymore. They'll either hitch-hike or they've got a car of their own. Back in the 40's, we didn't have the benefits, if a family man quit his job, that he has today, unemployment and that stuff.

Q. Between the time you left the Air Force and 1976 when you gained fame as Box Car Willie, what were you doing with yourself?
A. I was playing music, trying to make Box Car Willie famous. (Laughs).

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