Dannii Minogue Interview

Dannii Minogue is on a roll. Her debut album "Love and Kisses" (Savage Records), entered the British charts at Number 8. It was certified Gold in Australia and the UK and was a hit in Europe, Japan and Southeast Asia.
Australians have voted Dannii the "Best Female Personality on Australian Television," "Best New Star of 1989" and "One of the Sexiest People Alive." The British public voted her "Best Female T.V. Star" and "Number One Woman of the Year" in 1991.
And, in 1988 Dannii designed a high fashion clothing line for young people. It sold out in Australia in 10 days.
Dannii Minogue is 20 years old.
Born in Melbourne, Australia, she's been on Australian T.V. since she was 7. As an 8 year old she made her first appearance on the variety program "Young Talent Time" in Australia. She later became a permanent member of the cast, and an album derived from the show included her first solo track when she was 14.
Dannii Minogue was recently in New York working on her second, follow-up album, and we talked to her.

Q. Dannii, did you have a game plan before you came to the States? Was it your idea to crack the charts of Australia, Japan, the U.K. and Southeast Asia before hitting this country?
A. It wasn't exactly planned that way. That"s the way that it fell. Those countries took off first without a lot of trouble. The States is the only place we haven't really gone, so now, yeah, it’s the last thing.

Q. Are you the only act on Savage Records?
A. No. they probably have 20 artists now. A lot of them are rock bands.

Q. You were just 7 years old when you were featured on an Australian T.V. show. How did you get that role? Were your parents in show biz?
A. Somebody, a friend of my parents knew of a part that was going in a drama T.V. show and she knew that they wanted, like a young girl, to play the part. So, she just said to my mommy, what do .you think? Would Dannii be interested in doing this? I was, and I got the part, and that was the beginning of it.

Q. You're also a fashion designer. How did you learn that?
A. There was this variety program I was on in Australia, and I used to design a lot of my own costumes, for that. I got back a really good response from them, so that helped me to launch my label in Australia. I've never gotten any formal training but I hooked up with the right people, some really good manufacturers. I had my label there for about 3 years and was very, very successful. When I moved to London to live, I stopped doing that because I wanted to design everything myself and have like a really firm grip over what was happening, and I really couldn't
do that from London, so, at the moment I’m in the process of setting one up, for the U.K. because now that I’m living there, I can have a really firm grip on what’s happening. Hopefully that will be out the end of this year.

Q. Where is your clothing going to be distributed?
A. The one that I'm setting up in the U.K. is going to be going through a catalog, in the U.K.

Q. What record did you hear at 7 years old that convinced you to be a singer?
A. The first records I heard were my parents' ones that I played which were like Stevie Wonder, Boz Scraggs. By the time I was into buying my own records, I was buying Olivia Newton-John, Grease Soundtrack, and all that kind of stuff. I'd be listening to it, thinking wow, isn't that fantastic. I have to make a record.

Q. Do you play an instrument?
A. No, I don't.

Q. Do you write your own material, or does your producer choose it for you?
A. I work with my A and R man to find producers I want to work with. Sometimes they have songs written that I like, but some songs I've written myself or co-written with other people.

Q. So, how do you write a song then? Do you write the words or melody?
A. Yeah, I write the words and melody. It’s actually quite simple, you think of a song and melody and sing it to the person you're writing with or onto a tape, and they can play it on the instruments.

Q. Dannii, with all of the success you've had, how do you prevent yourself from getting a big head, or having it go to your head?
A. I don't know. I don't think I'm prone to that. I see it as something special, a really big compliment, to get an award for something. But, I don’t work to receive awards. I just work to make whatever I'm making really good, and then if people like it they like it. If they like it enough to give you an award, that's like a big compliment I don't know, it’s a weird concept to sit down and think O.K. I'll have to make sure I don't get a big head about this. It’s not the way I think.

Q. Aren't you just a little taken aback by your success, or because you've been in show biz since you were 7, does it seem like you've been doing it forever?
A. I think you receive what you deserve. I’ve put a lot of hard work in, and I feel good about that. I know I've got a lot to learn still.

Q. If you've accomplished as much as you have at the age of 20, what do you think you'll have accomplished by 40?
A. I don't know. I don’t really like to look into the future that much. I know there's going to be a lot of good things in store, if I do the right thing. I just keep a very open mind. If tomorrow I decide that I don't like acting and singing and clothes designing and I want to become a pilot, then that's what I do. I've got a whole big life ahead of me, and I don't know, maybe I'll fall in love, and quit it all and have kids. I don’t know. I just keep my mind open.

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