Doro Interview

Seven years ago she started out with her group Warlock. Today, she's making a name for herself as one of rock's most exciting voices. If you haven't already guessed, we're talking about none other than Germany's Doro Pesch. Doro's latest album is simply titled "Doro" (Mercury/Polygram Records) and produced by Kiss member Gene Simmons.

Q. If it's hard for a guy to be on the road, what must it be like for a woman?
A. You're often very lonely. It's pretty impossible to keep relationships and friendships, I left my boyfriend in Germany four years ago. Being alone is the hardest part. The end effect is there's nobody there who can really help you, or who can support you. You can't really have a private life. For me it's just constant work.

Q. What's your hometown of Dusseldorf, West Germany like?
A. It's a great place. I often miss it. I'm often very homesick. In Dusseldorf, they're very big fans of speed metal, thrash metal. At the moment it's a little bit bigger over there than here. When I started in Dusseldorf, there were maybe forty bands. Now, it's very huge.

Q. Based on your experience, is it easier for a European band to enjoy success in America, or is it easier for an American band to have success in Europe?
A. It depends. Some times there's a feel in the air. It's very easy for Guns 'n' Roses to make it big in Europe, because the feel was already there. I think it works both ways. It's very, very difficult. I feel coming from Europe, it's not very easy to make it here. First, you have to understand how people feel and think. It's more of a business here.

Q. About your career, you've said, "In the beginning it was so much fun." Is it not fun for you anymore? Is it more of a business these days?
A. The more I'm in music, the more fun I have and the more serious I get What I meant when I said that was in the beginning, it was just a hobby. I had another profession. I was a graphic artist. We played just for fun. Then, it became very serious, and for some band members unexpected. Some people weren't dedicated to the music. I wanted to make it a profession. I'm very happy. I could do it This is what I want to do in life. It's still the same fun.

Q. Is it hard to find good musicians?
A. Yeah, I think so. When I wart somebody, they must be very serious. Most of the time, they want to have a private life which I can understand. I think when you're in this band you have to have the attitude that the band comes first and everything else comes second. When I came to the states, three and a half years ago, I left my friends. I was so dedicated to the career that some people from the old lineup didn't want to come. They had their lives, their families, their girlfriends. Yeah, I think it's very difficult to have somebody that has talent, the right attitude, who has great feeling, and who is serious. Everybody can have long hair. To be a good poser is pretty easy.

Q. You've been quoted as saying, "Today I know what I want, what I want to play and what I want to sing." And that is hard rock?
A. Yeah, but I'm a very open person. I'm not just in this one category. I like to sing acapapela songs, ballads, or even different musical styles. The spectrum is really from a very, very fast and hard song to a ballad.

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