Elizabeth Barraclough Interview

Just back from a mid-west tour with Rick Danks and Paul Butterfield, Elizabeth Barraclough has released her debut album on Bearsville Records. Discovered by Bearsville Records founder Albert Grossman (ex-manager of Bob Dylan, The Band, and Janis Joplin), Elizabeth Barraclough is creating wide-spread interest in her music.

Q. You say that "music is a healer", explain that.
A. Music's function is to take people someplace else, something to look forward to; to forget what's happening in their lives.

Q. Why'd you come east to record the album?
A. When you get into the business, you sort of have to choose where you're gonna be — LA or New York. I don't want to be in LA. I don't like the sound. I was looking for a different sound. That's why I came east.

Q. Is Albert Grossman guiding your career?
A. He's pointed things out to me, why I should do this, why I shouldn't do that. It's more of an informal management capacity. He's really been in the restaurant business for 5 or 6 years now.

Q. Your idols are Duke Ellington and Frank Sinatra?
A. I love The Duke. Frank Sinatra is one of the best sight readers around. He's pretty incredible. I have great respect for him.

Q. Being a woman and in music, have you had any special problems that a man wouldn't have?
A. No, I've never really had any problems. I don't feel threatened by anything.

Q. Ever encounter any male "groupies"?
A. Not enough.

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