Henry Paul

A native New Yorker, now residing in Tampa, Florida, Henry Paul and his band are packing concert halls from coast to coast. If you missed his recent appearance at the Landmark Theatre (a sold out show) with the Winter Bros., then you missed something special. Rock 'n' roll never sounded so good.
For those who don't know, Henry Paul was the co-founder of "The Outlaws'" a group which he left in 1977. While going it alone isn't always easy, Henry-Paul is one of the few successes. "Feel The Heat" marks Henry's second release on Atlantic Records, and it is "hot".
We chatted with Henry Paul after his concert appearance here.

Q. Is tonight a good indication of what it's been like for this tour, five encores?
A. Oh yeah. We sold out Buffalo, a 5,000 seater, and Harrisburg, 2,750. We get at least 2 encores a night when we're with the Airman Bros.

Q. Did you ever want to get out of the music business?
A. Sure. It's a demanding schedule. I'm assuming a lot of the responsibility to the Nth degree. I don't mind it. I like what I'm doing. I know I don't have to do this. I could be a record producer. But we're gonna see this group to the top. We're gonna be around for a long while to come, in 1984, 1987, hell, even 1989.

Q. How do you find musicians you can get along with both on and off stage? 
A. The first thing you have to remember is there's an abundance of talent where I come from. I've known each of the guys in my band for a number of years. I know what they're made of, their strengths, their weaknesses, their personalities. We don't have any problems.

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