Jada Deville Interview
(Adult Entertainer)

She’s one of the “hottest” acts on the dance circuit today.
Just consider her resume of accomplishments.

Miss Nude Galaxy Showstopper of The Year – 2002.

Miss Southern Louisiana’s most original Show – 2003.

Miss Nude USA’S Best Show – 2003.

Miss Nude USA’S Best Dancer – 2003.

Miss Nude USA’S Hottest Stage Personality – 2003.

Miss Nude USA’S Performer of The Year – 2003.

It’s no wonder that she’s at the very top of her profession.
Jada Deville is her name, and taking it off is her game.

Q — Jada, you were working 3 jobs before you started dancing. Is that correct?
A — Yeah.

Q — Tell me, what kind of jobs were they?
A — Just department store clerks.

Q — Minimum wage jobs then?
A — Absolutely.

Q — Was this before or after you graduated from high school?
A — After.

Q — So, you never went onto college?
A — I have 2 years of college for accounting.

Q — So, then a friend encourages you to enter an amateur night at a strip club?
A — It was on a dare. We were out partying I entered. I started working at a strip club. This woman who used to make costumes, who is now like my adopted mother, she told me to feature. I’d never seem a feature. So, she got me started whit the whole agency. She made me costumes, and the whole nine yards. She’s now one of my absolute best friends.

Q — Prior to entering this amateur night, you had never been to a strip club?
A — No.

Q — Were you a shy girl or an out going type?
A — I’m the same person now as I was then. I’m just in a different field of work. That’s the difference.

Q — Am I correct in stating that your mother showed you a video of herself when she was a feature entertainer?
A — No. This is where all stories get twisted.

Q — That’s what it says in your bio.
A — Even Jake, the Webmaster took it off an interview that got screwed up. This is what I have to deal with in a lot of interviews. Try and change it right now. I’m not blaming you. Somebody new just took over my website. Anyway, I did amateur night; I started stripping. This woman makes costumes. She made all the house girls costumes. She was the one that showed me a video of her featuring, because I had never seen a feature. She hooked me up with costumes and with the whole featuring. That’s what it is. (Laughs), But, the thing is, she is like my adopted mother. She got me started.

Q — How did you know what to do on amateur night at this club, if you had never been in a strip club?
A — I’ve done jazz ballet, and things Tike that. It really wasn’t too hard when I went in. I went in a couple nights before Amateur Night to watch the girls basically cling to the pole and spin round a lot. But, I’ve been on stages before. It was just a topless club, so it wasn’t a huge jump. I had not been into other clubs before. I had not been into a strip bar. When they dared me to do it, I went into the club it was being held at, like once or twice, I can’t remember how many. So, I’d actually seen a stripper, onstage, I just went onstage, climbed a pole and spun around a lot.

Q — And, the club owner said, “You want a job”?
A — I won and then they said, you’re free to come in and work if you want. That’s what they had to do to all winners, anybody that ever won, every other week they had to offer a job. I didn’t take it right away. I didn’t start right away. I went back and worked at my old job. Then I just kept being curious, so, I went to a couple of other clubs. I met a woman who owned a smaller club, a small hometown bar with girls. I liked working for her. She was better at breaking me in. Then I finally ended up at the place where I won the amateur competition.

Q — I see you have all these pageant titles and awards after your name. Does that translate to more money for you?
A — No. All a contest basically does is update your credit sheet, so the people that are booking you still know you have a decent show. They can advertise you. It doesn’t make you sound old. They can sit there and say in 2004, she’s Performer of The Year in 2003, instead of 2000. It’s just something to keep updated, so you look recent when they go for advertising.

Q — Is there an entry fee for these pageants?
A — There’s an entry fee in some places because they take care of the d. j. and stage crew. The entry fees range in price.

Q — You have Continental Agency as your agent. Why did you settle on Continental?
A — Well, Continental is the best and ken is the one that keeps me booked, as many weeks as I want a year. So, there’s really no need for me to go to any other agencies.

Q — And you’re considered a Feature Dancer?
A — A Feature Entertainer, yeah.

Q — That means you come into a club with your own music?
A — My own music and my own costumes. The d. j. ’s take care of me at every single club I go to, I don’t travel with anybody, cause I don’t like being around anybody that much. (Laughs). I don’t want somebody on my ass 2417.

Q — Do you take offense to the word stripper or exotic dancer?
A — (Laughs). None of those names are derogatory. Plain out you’re taking your clothes off for a living. You strip for a living. It’s just like if you do carpenter work — you’re a carpenter. Engineering work — you’re an engineer. I strip. I’m a stripper. That’s what I am. So, there’s nothing degrading about that word.

Q — Back on August 21st 2000, talk-show host Maury Povich said  — “There’s not a stripper in this country who doesn’t want to get out of stripping.” Would you say that’s true?
A — No. I’ll miss it when I have to retire.

Q — Have you set a time limit on when that might be?
A — As long as I look decent, as long as clubs want me, and as long as my knees hold out I’ll do it as long as I can. I don’t want to be begging for work, because people think that I’m old. If they still want me, if they still request me, I’ll go. I’ll work, as long as I can.

Q — You’re based out of where?
A — Tampa, (Florida).

Q — Have you performed overseas?
A — No. Just the United States.

Q — Would you tell other women who are interested, that this is something they should pursue?
A — I train other girls to Feature. It’s one of those things where my advice especially to girls that are wanting to strip for the first time and they feel like they have to have drinks or get drunk to get onstage — first thing I tell them is don’t get onstage. If you have to get drunk to do this, you don’t need to do this. If you can get up and get high just off the energy, just off the music you like dancing to, and dancing for fun — then do it! Have fun at it. Save your money. It’s a great job, if you don’t get involved in the drugs and alcohol.

Q — Does it ever upset you when people shout derogatory comments your way?
A — I haven’t really had any. The thing is, if I go up there with a bad attitude, and I go up there thinking I’m hotter than hell, them the feedback they’re gonna get off me is going to come back on me. I go up there with a good attitude. I have fun. I’m high energy. I’ve never gotten a bad comment, or, not to my face. I don’t care what they say behind my back. (Laughs). People are going to nit — pick. I don’t really care. Everybody has a smile on their face when I’m onstage. Everybody’s standing there with money having a good time.

Q — Does the blaring music ever bother you?
A — No. It’s just like a regular bar. I can talk to somebody like I’m talking to you. It’s just surround — sound for music. I was in a club last week where they were screaming and pounding and whistling so loud; they were pounding their hands on the stage — that in my entire third show — you could not hear the music.
They were laughing and screaming for me! I did not hear a single beat of my music for the whole 30 minutes I was onstage.

Q — Whenever you have a week off, do you ever go out dancing?
A — No.

Q — What do you like to do, when you’re not onstage?
A — I like to relax in my new house. I like to be with my dog and my cat. And just relax. I lay out in my pool. I’m doing a bunch of renovations on the house I just bought. So, I’m tearing down things, and hanging up things, and planting things. Things like that I enjoy it.

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