Jamie LaRitz Interview

In the tradition of Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, comes a fast-rising guitarist out of Maryland - Jamie LaRitz.
Recording for Star Trak Records, Jamie spoke with us about his career:

Q. Jamie, how did you come to the attention of Star Trak Records?
A. Well, I came to their attention through Sheffield which is a recording studio down here, and the person who runs the studio, Vance approached me with a deal. He wanted to start an instrumental project. He came to me and said, "Do you think you can do this?" I said, "I'm sure I can put something together." so we basically did that on the assumption of getting a record deal. Through that
Vance knew Star Trak and we approached them, and they loved it. So they jumped on it, and that's how that got together.

Q. You've got quite a resume'. You've been in Black Oak Arkansas, Fiona's band, and Joe Jackson's band. How did you get those gigs, and what were you doing before that?
A. Before I was in those bands, I kind of played with 10-12 local bands around this area for the first 10 years, in Maryland. I played with just like everybody around. I was, playing with a band called 'Trigger Happy" and (played with them for two years, and we ended up, traveling to Virginia and doing a show with Black Oak'. Arkansas. At that time they were having problems with their guitar player, and they saw me play, and they sort of approached me. That's how I got with them. I did that tour or about six months with them. Then I came back to Baltimore after that and decided to move to New York. When I moved to New York I hooked up with Fiona. She was finishing her first album, and putting a band together, and had some auditions and it kind of worked out.

Q. And Joe Jackson ?
A. It's not Joe Jackson himself, it's the drummer, the saxophone player and the bass player from his band. They got my name from seeing me play with Fiona. One thing leads to another.

Q. How long have you been playing the style of guitar we hear on the CD?
A. I don't know. The whole CD to me 1s my favorite things I like to play all fit into songs. I've been playing for 20 years. So, it's an overall picture of 20 years.

Q. You must get the obvious comparisons to Joe Satriani, right?
A. Right.

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