Jennifer Lavoie Interview
(Playboy's X-Treme Team)

She was Playboy’s Playmate in August 1993.
In October 1994, she made the cover of the magazine.
She was one of the original members of Playboy’s X-Treme Team; a group of Playmate’s who competed in extreme adventure racing.
These days she’s an entrepreneur.
We are talking of course about Jennifer Lavoie.

Q – Jennifer, you didn’t want to pose nude for Playboy. When you asked your mother she said-----Do it! Were you surprised by her answer? What did your father say?
A – She (my mother) has always been very supportive of me so it didn’t surprise me. My dad was a typical dad-----but, he was fine with it.

Q – When a woman poses for Playboy, how does your life change?
A – I think it’s the person. My character and my personality didn’t change a bit. I still have the same best friends that I did in 1st and 2nd grade. I think that says something about my character. I think it’s good to stay true to your roots and not get caught up in the limelight.

Q – Did you receive t.v. modeling, and film offers?
A – Many doors opened up for me after being a Centerfold. I moved on to become one of the first members of the Playboy X-Treme Team and competed in one of the toughest adventure races out there-----Eco Challenge. That is one of my most rewarding things I have ever done. I’m an entrepreneur and working on my 4th company. I love coming up with new ideas and inspiring others to be creative.

Q – I noticed that unlike many of the Playboy Centerfolds you did not go on Howard Stern’s t.v. or radio show. Were you asked?
A – Of course. I would not do his show. I think he degrades women and that is just not for me.

Q – What kind of people are joining your fan club?
A – I have very loyal fans, some have been with my site since 1998. I think people enjoy it because I’m very hands on. I run my own site and actually answer e-mail several times a day. Some will actually question if it’s really me. I always respond the same, ‘If you can’t run your own website, you shouldn’t have one!’

Q – Your mother started a handbag co. You started a co that manufactures fabric plant hangers. How much of a market place is there for fabric plant hangers?
A – I actually started the handbag company with my mom, then bought her out. I ran that for 12 years and then decided to sell it. It was time to move on to something new. The plant hangers ( is doing awesome. We are selling all over the country, E-Commerce, etc. 2009 is going to be an awesome year for us?

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