Jennifer Steele Interview
(Adult Entertainer)

Jennifer Steele gives new meaning to the word “Hot”.

Not only is she great looking, but, she also happens to be the World Exotic Fire Champion 1999-2004, Miss Nude World’s Best Fire Show for 5 years, Exotic Dancer Publications’ most Innovative Feature Entertainer 2003, Exotic Dancer Publications Covergirl for 2003-2004 Adult Entertainers Guide, Creme de la Creme’s most Original Show 2003, miss Exotic Entertainer, and miss Erotic USA.
Jennifer Steele was also Kid Rock’s fire-breather during select concerts 1999-2002.
As if Feature Dancing isn’t hard enough — why would anyone introduce fire into the act?

That’s what we wanted to know.

Q — Jennifer, you know the old saying — “If you play with fire you might get burned.” Have you in fact ever been injured?
A — I’ve had a couple almost mishaps, but, I always make sure I have really good fire safety near-by. I have a couple of scars on my hands usually when I’ve tried new things, and haven’t really gotten it down yet. There was one time I was breathing fire and if came back and the wind pattern hit me in the face, but, I had really good fire safety near-by, so I ended up getting out of that with no injuries. And there was another time I was in New York and my hand caught on fire. My knuckle fell off a couple of days later. It was pretty gross, I’m surprised at haw well the skin regenerates itself. (laughs).

Q — I’m just wondering, since the Rhode Island club disaster happened where 100 people died because fire was introduced into Great White’s act — do Fire marshals come around and ask you questions about your act?
A — Absolutely. I always make sure I talk to the Fire marshal before I do any shows. But, I don’t use any Pyro technics. So, once they see what I do, they’re fine with it.

Q — How did you get interested in Pyro?
A — Actually when I was a house dancer. I used to see the features that came in, and the ones that did the fire shows I was always really impressed with. I always figured if I ever became a feature I always wanted to do the best fire show. That was always going to be my thing even though I didn’t know how to do anything with fire. (Laughs). So, I had a feature teach me a couple little things. I just really took off with it. Then, some fire dancers, I caught their attention and they invited me out to ‘Burning man’ and since then I’ve sort of been taught by some of the best fire dancers in the country — everywhere I go. So, I’ve been very fortunate.

Q — I thought that your use of fire was an oddity and a rarity. I guess I’m wrong.
A — Feature dancers have been using fire shows for decades, back since the Gypsy Rose Lee days, I think they had a Dragon Lady. But, nobody’s really taken it to the extent I have. Most girls that have fire shows, have just one or two fire shows, but, I do all fire shows. So, I have more fire shows than anybody. I have like seven that I do right now.

Q — Has Gene Simmons (“Kiss”) ever seen your act?
A — No, he hasn’t. (Laughs).

Q — Does he even know that you exist?
A — I don’t know if he knows that I exist. I have no idea. But, a rock star with a tongue that can touch his forehead that breathes fire, I’m all about that for sure. (Laughs).

Q — Maybe he will see you on this website.
A — Yeah. That would be cool. (Laughs). I would love to do something either with or for him.

Q — You call Florida home?
A — Yeah.

Q — Did your house suffer extensive hurricane damage?
A — No. I had a pineapple plant that rolled down the street. That was it.

Q — You performed your act as part of Kid Rock’s concerts. How did you meet Kid Rock?
A — Somebody who used to book the girls who would dance when Kid Rock would come down to Florida, and he basically took me backstage. They told the band this girl does something with fire. About 5 minutes before he went onstage he came out and watched me breathe a couple fire balls, while the opening bards music was going on. The band applauded. He decided to put me up on that show. He put me up on a 50-foot platform. It was one of the most amazing experiences I ever had. I did a few of his concerts after that whenever he came to Miami, for a couple of years. Now, I’m just so busy I never really get a chance when he comes down.

Q — So, you’ve never been on the road with him?
A — No. I didn’t tour with him. It doesn’t pay enough to make it worth it, even though it would be great publicity. It wouldn’t have been a good business decision.

Q — What is your act like?
A — I do like 3 or 4 shows a night when I go into a club. Each show is 20 minutes long. I’ll do like 4 songs. Interact with the customers. About a third of the show is with fire.

Q — You’re a WWE member of the Godfather’s Ho Train. What’s that?
A — I can’t really explain. It’s just they have this thing … the Godfather comes out. He’s like dressed like a pimp and they’ve got he’s to follow. It was just like this little stupid thing I’ve done a couple of times. And for some reason, because it’s wrestling people go ruts for it. It’s not like some Big Credit that I brag about a lot. (Laughs). You’re picking out all these little things I’ve done. (Laughs). It’s just funny the things people pick out. It sounds so important to some people, but, it was like really like a small thing that I did, to me. I guess if you’re not into wrestling …. I don’t know. (Laughs).

Q — So, how many weeks a year are you on the road?
A — I would say about half the time I’m on the road, and half the time I’m, at home. I have a family at home, so I make sure I’m at home at least half the lime.

Q — Right now, as we speak, are you the only dancer out there who uses Pyro in their act?
A — Well, I don’t use any pyrotechnics. I just want to make that clear. But, there are many people who use fire in their acts. I’m like the predominant fire performer in the Adult Industry. There are girls that have fire shows but, not to the extent of what I do.

Q — Since you’re a Feature, why not pursue a career in Rock‘n’Roll? Why pursue a career in Adult films?
A — ‘Cause I’m not musically inclined. (Laughs). Why would I go into Rock‘n’Roll, if I’m not a musician?

Q — Hey - you don’t have to be musically inclined to be in rock‘n’roll any more. Everythings changed.
A — (Laughs).

Q — I’m sure the industry could do something with you.
A — I always thought I’d be good at mixing as a d. j. you know how they have all those like techno d. j’s now that basically use their computer to mix music? If I was going to go into music and be a musician; some people don’t consider them musicians, but, bullshit … that’s probably what I’d be — some techno d. j, (Laughs).

Q — I thought, since you have the look, and you can dance, that someone would put an act together for you.
A — Oh, like a pop star? Like Britney Spears?

Q — Yeah.
A — Yeah, well, they started out when they were like four. They don’t just take strippers and turn them into pop stars. (Laughs).

Q — Well – you’ll just have to be the first.
A — Right. I was in college during my pop star age I think. You know, preparing for my future. (Laughs).

Q — What did you study in college?
A — I have two Bachelors degrees. One’s in English Literature and the other is in Business Economics.

Q — So, what does the future held for Jennifer Steele?
A — Well, Ill tell you this, I bought into a club in Massachusetts. But, I actually just got out of it and I’m opening up a new club in Florida. We just don’t have a location yet. I do all the advertising and you would be amazed at how many people on this earth that do business everyday — can’t spell !! Or even write a complete sentence. English is so important in the way we communicate ourselves in the way we present ourselves.

Q — So, when you stop your act, you’ll run this club then?
A — When you say, when I stop my act, whether I’m making money as a fire dancer in the adult film industry or just performing as a fire dancer for fun, I’m still doing my act. The fire dancing is part of me, It’s not necessarily something I’m doing for the masses, even though I am, but, even when I’m not dancing onstage any more or in strip clubs, I’m still going to be fire dancing. So, it’s not like I’m ever going to stop my act. I have something that I can do and entertain people until I’m 40 or 70 years old, if I want to, because anyone is gonna want to see that art form, whether it’s in mainstream or not. It’s just something cool to see. As far as purchasing clubs, that’s just diversifying.

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