Governor Jesse Ventura Interview
(Governor of the state of Minnesota)

He’s the former Governor of the state of Minnesota.
He’s a former U.S. Navy Seal, professional wrestler, movie actor, a visiting fellow at Harvard Kennedy School of Government and the New York Times best-selling author of five books including “American Conspiracies” and “Don’t Start The Revolution Without Me”.
He is currently the host and executive producer of Tru T.V’s “Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura”.
His latest book is titled “63 Documents The Government Doesn’t Want You To Read” (Skyhorse Publishing).
Governor Jesse Ventura talked with us about his latest book and a variety of other topics.

Q – Gov. Ventura, I saw you on t.v. not long ago and you were on what I thought was the tail end of your book promotion tour for “63 Documents The Government Doesn’t Want You To Read’, but, here you are!!
A – Well, the book has had great success, so the book co. felt that another round of publicity would be worthwhile. To be blunt, you always want to hit it hard right before Father’s Day because that’s a good time when books sell.

Q – I didn’t know that.
A – Oh, yeah. People buy a lot of books for their Dads.

Q – Bookstores of late are having a rough time in this economy.
A – Oh yeah. I know. There’s an evolution happening. It’s the technology world again because they’re all buying those computer things now where you read the books on computer.

Q – That’s right.
A – Call me Old School because I’ve never owned a cell phone and I’m computer illiterate and I’m happy as hell. It’s gonna be as many things, time passes things by and I think the day of the book; it won’t close forever, but, it’s gonna draw down a great deal from what it used to be.

Q – So, every Friday night at 10p.m. I would turn on “Conspiracy Theory” on tru t.v. Now, what happens to that show?
A – It’s up for it’s third season. They’re telling me it’s been renewed for another season. The unfortunate problem is they haven’t spoke to me and my contract expired. So, I think it’s kind of important that they start something with me unless they’re gonna go on without me. I don’t know at this time. But, I know my son is back on the payroll. So, that’s a good sign I think.

Q – Couldn’t you find out what’s goin’ on?
A – I probably can. I don’t know. I’m waiting. I’m playing a game with them a little bit. I just want to see at what point they’ll contact the star to find out when I should know. Occasionally you gotta do these things.

Q – Maybe I should call up the network and ask where Conspiracy Theory is?
A – Yeah, if you desire to do that. You could certainly exercise that right. I wouldn’t be offended at all. (Laughs). But, you gotta remember, there’s give and take. That’s business. Certain times you have to know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em, if you get what I mean. So, that’s the game I’m in right now with them. I’ve heard that it’s renewed but no one’s really officially sat down and banged out a new contract because my contract expired this Spring, unless they’re gonna go on without me. Maybe that’s what’s gonna happen I don’t know. We’ll find out. Put it that way, I’m amazed we got two seasons ‘cause I never believed they would show the shows we put on.

Q – You did shows on 9-11 and J.F.K. You didn’t put anything on about the Oklahoma City Bombing.
A – Well, we have to sift through. That could be a show of the future. I don’t know. You know, what we do, we go through a process of elimination. They order about 7 or 8 of them and it just may be that ones been eliminated for right now. Every year if they order 7 or 8 more then, we have to come up with 7 or 8 that haven’t been done usually or maybe continue like I did two shows on 9-11. And right now I’m poised to do a third, because I’ve discovered more information that is just mind-boggling. You want to hear it?

Q – Sure. Go ahead.
A – Were you aware that over one thousand cars were toasted down on the ground?

Q – I wasn’t aware of that.
A – Over one thousand cars were burnt and toasted as far away as the FDR which is 6 blocks away.  What could do that? Not two planes hitting a building and a building collapsing!!

Q – So, what would cause that?
A – I’m not sure. The book that I read is very interesting in that the theory is like a microwave oven and I know this sounds far-fetched, but, think about it: you could take a piece of chicken and put it on a paper plate, right? And you could put it in a microwave. You could burn the chicken, but the plate would not burn, correct?

Q – Correct.
A – There you got it. Something happened molecular that day, in my opinion after reading this. How do they explain these cars that were burned, all over the ground? We’ve never been given an explanation on that. Also, cars were flipped over on their hoods, upside down. Yet in the photographs the leaves are still on the trees.

Q – Was it something that was inside the planes or something that was inside the buildings?
A – That would do what? How could they do that to cars?

Q – I don’t know. I’m looking for an explanation and I don’t know.
A – I don’t know either. Don’t you think we ought a get one?

Q – Absolutely. We also should be told how box cutters were able to be brought aboard these planes. You had to go through metal detectors before you get on a plane. So, how did these terrorists get past security with box cutters?
A – Because at that time it wasn’t as stringent and you could take certain scissors and things like that on board planes. That part don’t bother me as bad.

Q – It bothers me. It’s almost as if those box cutters were planted on board the planes, waiting for the terrorists.
A – Well, I don’t know. But, getting back to the site again, another interesting little tid bit, when you demolition a building like we did the King Dome is Seattle, 15% of the building lies on the ground when it’s over. Do you know how much of the Trade Centers per cent were on the ground when it was over? One and a half percent. The buildings were dustified. They were turned into powder. How could that happen? Now, I’ll give you another example, the pancake effect that they sold us, that floors pan caked into each other and went to the ground? Well, where were they? Where was the pancake on the ground? It wasn’t there. And also, if you took a billiard ball and you dropped it in freefall and you merely stopped it and started it every floor of the World Trade Center, it would take the ball a minute and a half to reach the ground. Those buildings were down in ten seconds. That defies the laws of physics. You cannot defy the laws of physics. Physics are what they are.

Q – What do the experts you’re talking to tell you about this?
A – I don’t know. All I know is what we were told is not true. It could not happen the way we were told.

Q – On one of your t.v. shows on 9-11, you drove into a diner called Doc’s Little Gem Diner in Syracuse, New York.
A – Yeah.

Q – You met with a guy, who told you his relative worked for American Airlines and the hijackers were in the cockpit.
A – Before the plane took off.

Q – Right. That was the plane taking off from Boston. You should also know that after that show aired, Doc’s Little Gem Diner, closed. The owner had a thriving business, tried to get a loan to expand his building, and he got nowhere. He couldn’t get a loan.
A – Why? Because he let me film there?

Q – That is what is so mysterious. He had a line of people waiting outside the door to get in. He needed more room. Yet, he couldn’t get the money to make that happen. Politicians would eat there. It’s very strange.
A – I feel bad about that. I certainly didn’t have any intent like that happen.

Q – I know you didn’t. I’m just wondering if after that particular show aired on 9-11, and somebody saw Doc’s Little Gem Diner, the determination was made not to lend money.
A – I don’t know. I don’t want to believe they could be that piddley.

Q – I didn’t either. I just thought it was a strange coincidence.
A – Yeah, well, there’s been stranger things too.

Q – You write in your book “63 Documents” that you thought it was strange that the military didn’t take action on these renegade planes that were in the air on September 11th. Could the Air Force have scrambled F-18’s to fly under the wings of these commercial planes and forced them down?
A – Well, no. They could’ve shot them out of the air. Once these planes were determined to be used as missiles, well, you know the people are all gonna die when the plane hits, well. They’re gonna kill everybody on the ground too or as in the case of ramming it into buildings. So, they could shoot them out of the air, if it got to that. IT would not be a pretty thing but, decisions have to be made that cause the least amount of collateral damage. And the point of the matter is, we produced the document that was withheld from the 9-11 Commission. They never saw this document that of June 1st, 2001 by and Executive Order, standard operating procedures were changed. No longer could base commanders send up the planes. They now had to have approval from the Pentagon, which meant all you needed for a stand down was Donald Rumsfeld not answer the phone and that’s exactly what happened. If you recall they couldn’t locate Rumsfeld for about a period of 3 hours. So, you had a stand down. Now, after 9-11, the policy was returned to the old way. Now, if you’re looking for a conspiracy in the government, always look for them to violate standard operating procedures or look for them to make changes in them, because the government does everything according to book. So, there’s a great Smoking Gun if you want to call it that. There was government involvement in 9-11.

Q – People on board the hijacked planes on 9-11 were making phone calls on their cell phones to relatives. Some people claim a cell phone couldn’t have had that reach.
A – It couldn’t, because the towers were horizontal with the ground. They don’t go up. So, places that were up that altitude could not reach the relay towers in which to complete a phone call. Today, they can. But, back in 2001, they were incapable of being able to do that.

Q – How about the story that United Flight 93 never crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania but landed instead at the Cleveland Airport.
A – I’ve heard it, but, I have no facts one way or the other. I would not be able to comment on it other than the fact that the debris in Pennsylvania was spread out over 5 miles which indicates to me that something was shot in the air. It couldn’t have hit the ground and covered that distance. A plane crashing into the ground is not going to have debris 5 miles away.

Q – As I heard it, they never did recover any debris. It was just a smouldering pit.
A – Oh, they never did. Again, another plane just like the Pentagon where all they did was show you a hole in the ground and there was no debris. There was no luggage. There was no plane parts anywhere.

Q – So, if the plane didn’t crash there, where are the people and the plane?
A – I don’t know. I would have no idea.

Q – You think the relatives of the people onboard those planes have any idea?
A – I have no idea. I never ventured out to that aspect of an investigation to even offer a comment on it.

Q – I believe the turning point in the United States was November 22nd 1963. Things got progressively worse in this country from that point on.
A – I agree. I’ve always stated this: if an entity can murder our President and get away with it, what can’t they do? If you can murder the President and get away with it, then there’s nothing you can’t do. People need to realize that. Anybody that’s naïve enough to believe today that Lee Harvey Oswald killed our President, well, it’s ridiculous. Did you see in my show where I couldn’t repeat the shots?

Q – I did see that.
A – And I didn’t even have a moving target. It’s impossible. He could not make those shots. Even Fidel Castro said that to me.

Q – What if he had a longer time to make those shots? It’s always been reported he had 6 seconds. Some people have said he may have had as long as 10 seconds.
A – I don’t still think you could do it in 10 (seconds). I had an identical weapon. That weapon is such a piece of garbage. The telescope site is a joke. I think you could sit there with a mimic and not be successful. In fact I think they could send 10 cars by and give you 10 attempts and you’d be lucky to be successful at one.

Q – After the shots were fired, Oswald left the Texas School Book Depository. The Superintendent Roy Truly never dismissed the help. Oswald was the only one who left.
A – No, that’s not true. There were other people that left also.

Q – I’ve never heard that.
A – I’ll tell you what bothers me, have you ever talked to Mr. Newman?

Q – No, I haven’t. Who is he?
A – Mr. Newman’s the guy you see in the Zapruder film that’s lying on top of his children, right in front of the Grassy Knoll protecting them. Mr. Newman was the closest physical person to the fatal head shot in the world. He was looking right at it. Did you know that the Warren Commission never even talked to him?

Q – I did not know that.
A – And the F.B.I.  did a one page report on him. All because he said the bullet came over his shoulder. He felt it. Which means it came from the Grassy Knoll.

Q – Beverly Oliver told me she’ll go to her grave believing the shot came from the Grassy Knoll.
A – The point is, they didn’t even talk to this guy. I interviewed him.

Q – Is it possible to entertain the idea there were 2 shooters in Dealy Plaza that day?
A – I would say there were 3. Here’s what to look at that I’ve learned: the key bullet is the bullet that missed, because it struck the curb and injured Mr. Teague. If you go to that point on the curb; now I’ve never seen a bullet curve. Every bullet I’ve fired has gone straight. I might have missed the target but it went straight. If you draw a straight line from where it struck the curb back through the limousine it goes directly to the Dal-Tex Building. If you draw a direct line from Oswald’s shooting nest I believe its 33 feet wide and 22 feet high. Explain that to me. That was the first bullet. That would be the one you’d be the most accurate with.

Q – Would it have to do with the positions of President Kennedy and Governor Connolly. The President was sitting in an elevated seat.
A – It doesn’t matter. That has nothing to do with it. This bullet was so far off course when it hit the curb, what would their answer be? It was a warm-up shot to see if the weapon worked? This is the first shot! This is the one you’re gonna exhale on. This will be without a doubt the best shot. When I re-created it for my t.v. show I told everybody on the fourth round ‘o.k.. this time on the 1st shot, I was missing on purpose’. I said on the first shot I’m gonna shoot Jackie right in the back and I did.

Q – When Oswald went to work that morning he hitched a ride with Wesley Frazier. When Wesley Frazier asked him what he was carrying, Oswald said “Curtain Rods”. No curtain rods were ever found in the Book Depository. They did find a gun.
A – But, I got news for you. The Monalicher – Careano Weapon, the stock of it is so long, I’m 6 foot 4, I could not cup my head under it and carry it under my arm pit. So, how did he (Oswald) have the weapon in there when this weapon breaks down it is long, because his friend said he had it cupped under his arm and under his arm put which means it was at most 2 feet long. Well, this weapon had a big, long wooden stock that I at 6 foot 4 could not do that. So, he certainly didn’t have the killer weapon under his arm pit.

Q – And they never found curtain rods. So, what was he carrying in?
A – Yeah. It wasn’t a weapon.

Q – How about the police officer who stopped Oswald when he saw he was carrying that package; Wesley Frazier said, “He’s alright he works here” (Texas School Book Depository). So, the police officer said, “o.k.” and never looked to see what he was carrying.
A – How about the cap that burst in 60 seconds after the shooting and Oswald was sitting in the lunchroom drinking a coke? Down on the 2nd Floor. They want us to believe he ditched the weapon and ran down five flights of stairs. What an advertisement for Coca-Cola! You’ve just shot the President. What’s the first thing you do? You have a Coke and a smile. Give me a break! This guy would be the coolest cucumber in the world. You just shot the President and you can sit down in the lunchroom and not even be sweating and have a Coke? I don’t buy it. To me the key to J.F.K. is St. John Hunt, Howard Hunt’s son. Howard Hunt confessed to him, audio, visually and written. I can go to my grave now because I got someone to officially confess to the murder of John Kennedy even though mainstream media won’t talk about it at all. It’s provided me closure on Kennedy.

Q – I could talk to you for hours about the Kennedy Assassination. I’ve interviewed several of the eyewitnesses to that crime.
A – Let me ask you this; the person I’d like to talk to today is Judyth Vary Baker. Are you familiar with her?

Q – I am. I just got her book “Me And Lee”.
A – Its remarkable. Have you read it yet?

Q – I’ve just thumbed through it.
A – It will fill in all the blanks of New Orleans.

Q – I guess she lives in Europe.
A – Yeah. She won’t come here. She is over there for fear yet. She was told by David Ferrie when she returned to Florida, before Ferrie died and after Oswald was captured and charged, Ferrie called her and told her ‘If you want to live, you better disappear’. And she did. She’s just come to light now and she said she did it because Lee loved his daughters a great deal and she wants his daughters today to know that their father is not the man that he has been portrayed to be, that he was a patriotic citizen, that he did not shoot Jack Kennedy. Get into the Judyth Vary Baker book because it’ll answer all your questions about New Orleans. It’ll even tell you why David Ferrie had all the white rats. She answers it all and backs it up with documents. She was Oswald’s cover up. She would personally sign his punch time cards at the O’Reilly Coffee Co. and she produces the time cards. Both of them were working as covert operators for the government and Oswald was a government agent. His job at the O’Reilly Coffee Co. was a cover-up. It was a phony job. He was doing other things but they made it look like he was putting in a full day there, and that was her job, to punch him in and out. Pretty interesting isn’t it?

Q – Yes, it is. Will you get a chance to speak with her?
A – I don’t know. We tried to reach her with the t.v. show. We knew about her, but, she will not come to the U.S. She’s still in fear of her life and she remains in seclusion over in Europe.

Q – You write in “63 Documents”, “We the people have to wake up and start demanding accountability”.
A – Yup.

Q – I’m afraid that most people only concern themselves with one thing – Party!! That’s the problem. Everyone wants to have a good time!!
A – Oh, yeah. Well, that’s the problem. We’ve become a country of entertainment. I shouldn’t complain because I’m from the entertainment world. So, my business will thrive. But, we’ve turned into a country of entertainment. I say that because the thing we most worry about now is those 8 hours of the day of freedom to where how do I entertain myself? It’s no longer your job. It’s no longer sleeping. It’s no longer whatever else. It’s those entertainment hours that are most critical in the American psyche today. You’re absolutely correct.  

Q – Again, quoting you from “63 Documents”: “The F.B.I. keeps the ultimate file with profiles of tens of thousands of Americans reported to be acting suspiciously and you put in parenthesis I’m sure I’m one of them. But, wait a minute, there are a lot of people asking questions today. Would they put the network news anchors in their files?
A – Well, I don’t know. I don’t believe they work for the government now. They’re not doing what they’re supposed to be doing. The fourth broach of government was supposed to be the watch dog of the other three. Case in point is simple: Jesse Ventura. If the media was doing their job I wouldn’t have to be writing these books. I wouldn’t have to be doing t.v. shows like I do. So, I really thank mainstream media because since they’re not doing their job, they’re allowing me to have one.

Q – Part of the problem and I think you’ll agree with me here is that network anchors want and need access to institutions like the White House, the F.B.I., the C.I.A. and The Pentagon.
A – Of course.

Q – If you ask tough questions, if you go too hard on people there, your access is denied.
A – Exactly.

Q – If you don’t get the access, you don’t get the “exclusive” stories.
A – You’re exactly correct. You have to have that access. If you lose it you’re dead in the water. Their careers are over.

Q – Right. You don’t get the exclusive stories, you don’t get the ratings.
A – Yup.

Q – You don’t get the ratings, you can’t demand the high advertising rates. If you can’t get those high advertising rates, the network can’t afford to pay their news anchors those millions and millions of dollars each year.
A – Now do you want me to tell you who’s responsible for all of this?

Q – Yes!
A – I’m gonna tell you in the business who is responsible for what’s happened here. Are you ready?

Q – I’m ready!
A – The show “60 Minutes”.

Q – “60 Minutes”? I don’t understand.
A – Let me explain: Up until the show ’60 Minutes’ the news was a financial loser. The networks know that, but they felt providing information to the public was more important and they would make up their monetary loss in their entertainment divisions. But then they came up with the show ’60 Minutes’. ’60 Minutes’ shot to Number One in the country and the little light bulb went off with the bean counters. They said, ‘Oh, my goodness. You mean you can make money with the news’? There you have it! The news now has become a money maker. It is now promoted. It isn’t reported. It is now created to make money, to get ratings points. In the old days they didn’t care about ratings. IT was done more or less as a public service. Now it is done financially. That’s why you have Bill O’Reilly. That’s why you have Glenn Beck. These guys are entertainers. And they’re being hired and called news. But, it goes to the networks also, the anchors, the whole thing. It’s all about making money now. Then you get in to how dangerous rather than reporting the news, they’re creating it. End of Story.

Q – The problem is more with the network anchors.
A – What were we inundated with for a month and a half? The death of Anna Nicole Smith. The lead story on the nightly news. She got more coverage than the murder of Jack Kennedy. Then, what do we get this year? What’s the lead story on all our news? Charlie Sheen. C’mon!! O.k. and let me take it a step further. You know how the dumbing down might be happening?

Q – It’s already happened.
A – Do you drink fluoride water?

Q – No, I don’t.
A – Well, let me explain. The government says we have to have fluoride in our water so we have good teeth. Well, why do I need government to tell me to brush my teeth and use mouthwash? I don’t need the government to do that. I don’t need them to put chemicals in my water for that. Do you want to know what fluoride is the main ingredient to? Prozac. Do you know who first realized that putting fluoride in the water was Prozac? The Nazis. And now we do it. Now imagine every glass of water the majority of Americans drink has Prozac in it. And you wonder why we’re dumbed down? I’ve been lucky. All the homes I’ve owned for whatever reason before I knew of this, had their own wells. So maybe that’s why I ask the questions I do. I haven’t been drinking Prozac for 20 years. I always tell people when I was a kid growing up in South Minneapolis and we’d come home from the park, if you needed a drink, you ran up to a house and turned on the garden hose, and you drank the water. Nobody got sick. The water was fine. Since when now do we need it in bottles and since when now do we need chemicals put in it?

Q – Since industrial pollution of the water?
A – Yeah, but, what they’re putting in the water is not going to solve that. Fluoride is Prozac. I think you’re better off with what’s in the water already than fluoride.

Q – Can you see fluoride not being put in the water after all these years?
A – I don’t know. We ought to demand that they stop doing it. Why do you think you got all these kids with Attention Deficit Syndrome now and all these crazy diseases that they never had when I was a kid?

Q – I always thought it might have something to do with food additives.
A – Well, it might be, but it also might be water additives.

Q – It could be.
A – It could well be fluoride couldn’t it? This is a couple of generations past fluoride, ain’t it? There you go. And do our kids have better teeth? I don’t know.

Q – Final thoughts?
A – Let me finish and say these documents are all real. They come form our government and Jesse Ventura isn’t making up a thing on them.

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