John Gary Interview

He recorded 28 albums for R.C.A. He's toured all over the world. He's known some of the biggest names in the entertainment business. And, he can trace his roots right back here to Central New York!!

His name is John Gary and he was born in Watertown, New York.

RCA/BMG Records recently released "The Very Best of John Gary" on CD.

We sat down for a talk with John Gary about his life in Show Business.

Q. Your career was not based on any gimmicks. It was strictly your voice. How then do you feel when you see a group like Kiss onstage with make­up and all the props? Do you understand that?
A. Oh, I understand where they're going and why they went that route, because it was the commercial thing for them to do at the time. But, it wasn't anything we would do in our era. It was the era that came right after me.

Q. Can you understand the progression?
A. Oh yeah, I understand it. It wasn't musical for me. I wanted to be able to tell a story with a song. I wanted to be able to say something meaningful and try to interpret a songwriter's intention when he wrote a song.

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