Jon Rubin & Tommy Dunbar Interview
(The Rubinoos)

Hailing from Berkeley, California, recording for Beserkley Records, The Rubinoos are rock 'n' roll at its best. They've performed in Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Scotland, and England, where their stint at the Marquee Club drew a capacity overflow crowd.
The Rubinoos' energy, enthusiasm and dedication is helping bring back the true spirit of rock'n'roll.
We talked to Rubinoos' members Jon Rubin and Tommy Dunbar about their rock 'n' roll band.

Q. Has Tommy James heard your version of "I Think We're Alone Now"?
Rubin: I'd be surprised if he hadn't heard it. We hang out with the same guys he does.

Q. When you say "We're trying to dispel the rumor that rock 'n' roll is serious business," what do you mean?
Dunbar: We're not setting ourselves up as pagan gods of rock 'n' roll like some groups. We like to get down and have a good time.

Q. How'd you happen to get the opening slot for last year's Elvis Costello tour?
Rubin: Costello's original choice — Carl Perkins — cancelled, so they called us. It was like pennies from heaven and unbelievably good for us.

Q. What's Elvis Costello really like?
Dunbar: We didn't see him that much. He was real accommodating to us.

Q. Writer Jack Newfield has said, "Anyone with long hair (preferably blonde), a freaky lifestyle, electric instruments, a press agent, and three friends can become a pop star." Do you agree?
Dunbar: That sounds like Madison Avenue mentality to me. With enough money you can become famous but not necessarily successful. You still have to be good.

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