Kathy Fulop Interview
(Hickory Hill Cookie Co.)

Are you looking for gourmet cookies and brownies?

Well, look to Kathy Fulop and Hickory Hill Cookie Co. for all your gourmet cookie needs.

Q – Kathy, how much competition do you have in Shreveport, Louisiana?
A – There are some cookie businesses here, but, they are not my competition. My biggest competition are the cookie companies online.

Q – Do you offer your products only online or do you have a store?
A – Only online for now.

Q – So, how did you get into the cookie business?
A – Well, it started about three years ago. I ordered cookies over the internet for a gift for my mom. When she got them she said they were good, so I ordered some for myself. They were hard and tasted like store bought cookies. I thought I can and have been making cookies for years for the kids at my daughter’s school and all my friends. They always say that they are the best they have ever tasted and I should sell them. So, I started making them and selling over the internet. Business has been great so far. I guess they were right!

Q – How many employees do you have?
A – Two for now.

Q – You’ve been in business for how long?
A – Almost 2 years.

Q – Your 4” (inch) gourmet cookies really separate you from your competition don’t they?
A – Most of the cookies sold over the internet are small and come in cans. We have large cookies that we gift box. We also sell at a better price than the competition and offer free shipping.

Q – Do you sell your cookies to any celebrities you’re able to mention?
A – Not that I know of, but, they are doing a lot of movies here in the Shreveport area, so, I’m sure someone has tasted some of our cookies. Hopefully some celebrities will see this interview and order cookies from us!

Q – What’s the significance of naming the company Hickory Hill?
A – Well, I was stumped for a name. I had about 3 that I had to choose from and I was up watching an old movie about John F. Kennedy one night and his first house with Jacqueline was named Hickory Hill and I thought-----that’s it! And never regretted it.

Q – Kathy, where would you like to take this company of yours in the future?
A – I would love to grow bigger!

Official website: www.hickoryhillcookiecompany.com

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