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(VH-1's Tough Love)

How do you spell success? Kyle Keller, That’s how. Kyle Keller is the breakout star of VH-1’s Tough Love. Along the way she’s been a television host, a red carpet correspondent and Maxim Radio personality. Kyle spoke with us about her career in Showbiz to date.

Q – Kyle, So you were an actress as a child. Are ya still acting today?
A – I was a child actress in musical theater. I am now a T.V. show host / correspondent. I entered into that. I was a musical theater major in college and moved to New York to pursue Broadway. Then in 2007 I had a career ending surgery to remove polyps from my throat so I can’t sing anymore. I got lucky when I got involved in radio, Maxim Radio and the T.V. hosting. People said to me you have a voice for radio, but, you have a face for T.V. you should start getting into T.V. and corresponding and that’s what I’ve been doing the past 5 years. So, it’s been a blessing in disguise. 

Q - Did you have to land a major talent agent to get into that type of work?
A – No. That’s something I’m still working on. I got lucky. I got scouted from Maxim and I was a guest host on a show for about 6 months on Maxim Radio. Then I moved back to San Diego and did some online stuff. A company approached me about being and Executive Producer, a web based online company and I would kinda train their video correspondents on how to interview. Then one of the girls called in sick for a major grand opening and I stepped in front of the camera and the rest is history. From there, there was a local network in San Diego that saw me and hired me as their lifestyles and entertainment correspondent. So I thought I’m good at this!(Laughs). Let’s keep going! So I moved up to LA in November. I would love to work with E! Or access Hollywood. So it’s been a challenge obviously I moved up here thinking it’s a niche market and it’s going to be easier for me than it was for the acting but, it’s been tough. They love my reels. They love me, but I’m still relatively unknown. San Diego and New York are big markets most broadcasters don’t have agents. They don’t need agents until you get to New York or L.A. then you need an agent. Right now the hosting and corresponding has been hectic and I look like a blonde Barbie. It’s been tough but it just makes me stronger and want to work harder. I’ve worked my butt off to get where I am and I’m excited about it. I mean there’s going to be big things to come.

Q - Besides covering acting and fashion, you also report on sports you’ve got three major categories there. How you get so smart about all these subjects?
A - Thanks! I am such a sports nut especially baseball. Growing up my parents had season tickets to the Padres games. When I would come home from college in the summer I’d go with my dad. My mom was like, Kyle why don’t you just go work for the Padres? I want my seat back! I want to go with your father to the baseball games. One summer during college I got hired on the pad squad. I would slingshot T-shirts into the crowd and I get paid to watch baseball games. I loved ESPN. I wanted to be a sports broadcaster. I ended up doing sports internship at Channel 4 Padres for a semester. It was sort of a foray into a serious sports broadcasting. I was a theater major in college so I still wanted to do Broadway. I wasn’t a journalism major even though I can write very well. It was kind of a hobby of mine. After my throat surgery, lifestyles and entertainment hosting were the kind of areas that fell into my lap, but I still feel passionate about sports.

Q -You interview actors and actresses. How about musicians?
A - Yeah. In San Diego I interviewed a lot of up-and-coming indie artists.

Q - Who would make a better interview subject an actor or a musician?
A - Oh my gosh. It’s so hard. I think it depends. I would say musicians because a lot of times there are more passionate, and they’re a little bit more wild. Actors and reality stars I think it depends on what mood they’re in. A lot of them just go through the motions because they’ve been doing so many interviews during their media and press tours. It depends on who they are, if there an up-and-coming star or a big star. Usually the up-and-coming are a little bit more hungry and a lot of the bigger stars go through the motions. I think musicians in general are a little bit more lively. There little bit more energetic in their interviews. That’s just kind of how they are.

Q - Do you think the public really understands what an actor or actress does? The idea of becoming someone other than yourself is a foreign concept to most people wouldn’t you agree?
A - It is a foreign concept. Yes I agree when I was about 20 or 21 I’d meet celebrities and be like oh my God! You feel like you know them and they’re your best friends and then you kind of get disappointed when the don’t reciprocate in the same way. Your like oh, man that’s just ruined my image of you. (Laughs). At the end of the day whether you’re an athlete or a musician or an actor or TV personality, it doesn’t matter you’re a real person and you go through real-life day-to-day things just the same way the regular public does. Were no different. We just happen to be in the public eye.

Q - Dreaming about being and actress is more exciting than being one. Would you happen to know who said that?
A – I’d say Marilyn Monroe.

Q – You’re right! How’d you know that?
A - I just know about Monroe and it sounds like something she would say. Once you’re into it, it’s not as glamorous. Sometimes it’s glamorous. Dreaming of being that is more glamorous it’s true then actually doing it. A lot of times you’re on the set, sitting around for hours before you get to do anything. There’s long, long days just to make one thing at times it can be glamorous and great Marilyn Monroe was right.

Q - Are you really interested in the people you’re interviewing?
A - Yes. You learn something about each and every one of those people. I genuinely am interested when I’m interviewing somebody because I do care about them and I want to know about them, what they’re like, not just about the movies there promoting, but what there likes and dislikes are, if they’re involved in any charities, whatever I can do to help them, promote them and help them be more comfortable in the interview. I want them to feel like were friends. It’s more like were having a conversation. But, I am genuinely interested in everything they have to say because you never know what’s going to come out of people’s mouths.

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