Lisa Lace Interview

Lisa Lace is a dancer at Lookers on North Salina Street. You can watch Lisa’s act at Lookers on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Q- Lisa, how long have you been dancing at Lookers?
A - I've been at Lookers for a year and a half.

Q - And what were you dong before this job?
A - Off and on, I've been dancing since I was 18. This isn't my first dancing job. I've also bartended and waitressed.

Q - You're both a topless and bottomless dancer?
A- Yes.

Q - How did you get the idea or the inspiration to become a dancer?
A - I heard about auditions when I was 18 for just go-go dancers at a supper club, and I went and auditioned. You know the little rebel in me! I love to dance anyway. So, it's been in my blood since.

Q - How long are you onstage at Lookers?
A - We do twenty minute sets, anywhere from 5 to 10 at night.

Q - Is it comfortable for you to dance nude in a public place? Is that something a person can ever get used to?
A - Oh, yeah. I've been dong it so long. I'm an exhibitionist anyway. So, it doesn't bother me at all. It never has, actually. It just seems natural. We were born naked, so, why not dance naked too?

Q - Do you ever hear any of the remarks people yell up at you onstage?
A - They really are pretty well behaved.

Q -There are people who say that what you do for a living is degrading and humiliating to women. How would you answer that criticism?
A -I would say that it's not. I'm making a lot of money. If it's degrading for anybody, it's the men because they're paying a lot of money just for a look. I don't think it's degrading at all towards women. I think it brings power to women because they are totally in control of the whole, entire situation. If anything, it's not degrading, it's uplifting, 'cause it does a lot for your self-esteem. If you can get up and dance naked then you've got to be awfully secure with yourself.

Q - And how long do you figure you can keep dancing?
A - I'm 27 now. I've been dancing since I was 18. I've got at least a couple of good years in me. When they stop tipping me is when it's time to stop.

Q - On your nights off, do you ever go out dancing?
A - No. I go to the movies, go horseback riding, and watch movies at home. I'm a very domestic person. Most of us are. When we're here, we're dancing. But, when we're home, we're very domestic and relaxed. We do more normal things than college students or a secretary. You won't find us at bars getting drunk, trying to pick somebody up. You'll find us at home, resting and watching TV and being with our friends.


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