Steve Douglas Interview

Steve Douglas plays one Hot Sax. And "Hot Sax" just happens to be the title of Steve's debut album on Fantasy Records. Over the years, Steve has earned the reputation as being one of the top studio musicians. The list of artists Steve has recorded with reads like a Who's Who In Rockin Roll. Steve has recorded with every­body from Elvis, to Frank Sinatra, to Bob Dylan, to the Four Tops, to the Tubes, and the list goes on and on.

We're proud to present an interview with one of the most respected musicians in the business today — Steve Douglas.

Q. After years of being a studio musician, and playing sideman to the stars, how does it feel to release your own album and get a little bit of the spotlight yourself?
A. It feels real good, 'cause I've sort of taken these 25 years of working the studio, it's like a real education, applying 'em to this kind of thing. I'm real excited about it. I feel like I'm starting something fresh and new, 'cause I've never really had a band together.

Q. You recorded the album in something like twelve hours, didn't you?
A. Well, two days is all. I guess it's gotta be a little more than twelve hours. Some of the cuts, a couple of ‘em, we did in one take. Of course I'd been rehearsing the band for six months, and playing around so we were ready to do it. It just flowed so smooth. There was no reason to do any overdubs or do any more takes than we did. We weren't over rehearsed or anything, it just turned out real right.

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