Sueanne Pool
Ghost Hunter


You’ve seen her on The Travel Channel.

She’s been featured in such magazines as Woman’s World and in papers such as the Kansas City Star.

She is Sueanne Pool – Ghost Hunter.

Q – I saw you on the Travel Channel, a segment on Haunted America. Do you primarily concentrate on hauntings in Kansas City?
A – Yes, I do. I also do readings too. Like Sylvia Browne I have people come and I sign my books and give readings to people.

Q – That’s Kansas City, Kansas or Kansas City, Missouri?
A – Missouri.

Q – How did you first become interested in the paranormal?
A – Since I was 6 years old.

Q – What happened to you? Did you read a book; see a t.v. show?
A – No. I could see and talk to dead people. People that weren’t there. I would go up to people and say – ‘Don’t get in your car. You’re gonna get in a car accident’. Or, I’d walk into somebody’s house and say, ‘Your grandmother passed away today’, or to the lady, ‘Your mother passed away.’ My mother would say, ‘Don’t talk about it!’ I used to anyway.

Q – Wasn’t that frightening for a 6 year old kid to do that?
A – No. I thought it was natural.

Q – You must’ve gotten some pretty strange reactions from the people involved.
A – Probably, but I didn’t pay attention to them. I was more interested in what was going on around them. It’s just like you hear voices all the time. Then you learn how to tell them to be quiet or turn a light on in your room or a night light. And-----they’re usually quiet.

Q – Didn’t anyone think to have you looked at because you enjoyed such an unusual gift?
A – No. My mother didn’t want anything to do with it really.

Q – You call yourself-----what? A Ghost Hunter? Or, is that term to simplistic?
A – We were gonna be called Kansas City Paranormal Investigations, but, there’s a group in California which has a license that is actually registered as that, some kind of paranormal group; we’re not allowed to use that, even though it’s in Kansas City. So, we changed it to Kansas City Ghost Hunters.

Q – What is a ghost?
A – A ghost is just someone who’s crossed over to the other side. Whether they stay there, or whether they want to go on is basically up to them. They have the right not to go on if they choose and that’s what causes a haunting. Now, you have residual hauntings which happen all the time, which have a consciousness to them. Then you have visitation hauntings which are like people that come and visit and visit for one reason or another and then they leave, but, residual hauntings go on all of the time. Somebody or something is in the house all the time. It could be a couple that passed away there. It could be a child that died. It could be on a farmland where they died in an original old house that was burned down, and somebody built a new house on top of it, not knowing.

Q – Why can’t everyone see ghosts?
A – They probably could if they had an ability to actually see through them. I don’t know why they can’t. I can. It’s a very normal thing for me to do. There’s a very, very thin veil between this world and the next now, because of all the wars that are going on. It seems like whenever there’s a war or a lot of strife in the world, conflict, that the veil becomes thinner, and right now it’s very thin. For the first time in almost 150 years there is more interest and there’s people actually talking for the first time about ghosts in their house; I feel this, I feel that, something that people have never done.

Q – Could you be trained to do what you do?
A – A lot of people say-----yes. I don’t see how. My brother who wanted to later on in life couldn’t do it. I know a lot of people who have gone to these ‘classes’ to learn how to be a psychic. They can’t do it. What they came away with was the ability to read cards, Tarot Cards or the ability to read palms. But, you can go buy a book or go to the library instead of buying $1,000 - $2,000-----and teach that to yourself. This ability is given to people, certain people, for whatever reason or whether it goes in families or not-----I don’t know. I just know that I have it and I’m very good at it. I’ve also written a couple of books about our (Sueanne and her husband) experiences, called The Haunting: The Ghosts of Kansas City and also The Heartland Ghosts. I’ve got another book coming out. I’ve resurrected several old books like ‘The Banner of Light’ and ‘Spiritualism’. One of my books, ‘Too Psychic or Not Too Psychic’ that we just printed. We talk about where the Ouija Board came from, where the Tarot Cards came from and a bunch of other things that are being used now. And, you don’t have to have psychic ability to use those, but, that’s what a lot of people do use.

Q – Does it follow that a place will be haunted if it’s been the site of a tragedy?
A – Yes.

Q – When they re-build the Twin Towers, the World Trade Center in New York that was a scene of great tragedy, a lot of energy. What’s going to happen there?
A – I asked the producers of my show at the time, if we could go there. They said it was too fresh. I told her (the producer) if they build anything there that these people did not have closure. They died in a very horrible way. I said it’s just like the Towers of Mexico. When they re-built this office building down in Mexico where they built on the Aztec Burial Ground, file cabinets open and close, they hear people talking. That’s gonna happen there. That’s definitely gonna happen there. They’ll be alarms that go off for no reason.

Q – If you were able to get on the grounds before the re-building starts, what could you do to prevent all these strange things from happening?
A – I don’t know what I would do, but, I would definitely talk to these people. Somebody really needs to talk to these people to have closure. Their people need to be there. Relatives, like the wives, the mothers of these people. They need to go there, and actually just stand on the land and try to talk to their relatives, and tell them its o.k. and hope it takes them away from there, and takes it with them.

Q – Would it follow that once a new structure is built, someone working in an office could look out a window and see a plane headed directly towards the building?
A – No.

Q – Would it follow that they’d head out to a hallway and smell smoke and hear screams?
A – Yeah. That’s very, very possible. That’s called a residual haunting. So, the ground is haunted. The new building would be too, because it’s there. And, it’s just like people jumped out the window. You might even be able to see people jumping out of the window-----I don’t know. All I know is I wouldn’t want to work there.

Q – So, you could see people jumping out of the window, but not a plane headed towards the building. Why would that be?
A – Because that’s a whole different scenario. I’m only dealing right now with the actual structure, how many people actually died in that thing. Don’t forget there were two planes. I think if that was going to happen, it would’ve actually seen another plane going over or what they thought was a plane. I don’t think that’s going to happen. I think the people in the plane know that they were going to die and they may have made peace with God or whatever. These people in the building were told to stay there, not to move, which is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. They should’ve been escorted down immediately. They were succumbed by smoke. They had no time. The people in the airplane, some of them did have time to come to grips with what was going on, and make phone calls and make their peace.

Q – At least that’s what we’re told they did on Flight 93, which crashed in that Pennsylvania field.
A – We don’t know what happened, whether they prayed or what they did. They knew they were going to die. And there’s a difference when you know you’re going to die, but, if you’re there waiting for help and don’t know what’s going on; people aren’t telling you the truth-----you don’t expect to die. Nobody expected to die. That was supposed to be the safest building in New York, structurally.

Q – I’m not sure that the people on the planes headed toward the World Trade Center knew what was going on.
A – No. I believe that they knew at a certain point they were going to die.

Q – How about the Pentagon? A plane hit the Pentagon. They re-built that part of the structure. Is that haunted?
A – Yeah. The people that died there. They’ll never let us know. But, you can bet your bottom dollar there will be.

Q – How about that field in Pennsylvania where Flight 93 went down?
A – Now, they had more of a chance to actually say goodbye to their loved ones-----a lot of ‘em. But, a lot of ‘em, I would never build anything near there. I would have a memorial. But, I bet you at night or certain times of the year, especially in the winter time you’re gonna actually be able to see mists come out of that. If you take a digital camera, being a lay person you will see specters walking around there. I also feel if you went down to the Square or whatever it is in New York, and actually took a photograph at midnight or 1am when everything was quiet, you’ll see a lot of orbs.

Q – What’s that?
A – That’s how we travel. We’re basically magnetic energy. That’s why you can be picked up by a magnetometer. I don’t believe we give off heat signatures. I believe we give off cold signatures when we’re dead. But, that’s what my husband does. He will go into someplace first. He will map out the building or someone will give him a diagram of the building and he will find out what spots he sees in a building that magnetic energy is off. Either it’s really high or it’s just normal. I will go back in and tell him exactly what spot, what I feel, what I feel – male or female – and then we go from there. So, there’s some kind of correspondence with that. He’ll walk through with a camera person. I’ll walk through with a camera person.

Q – You’re calling it orbs?
A – Yes. I would call it magnetic energy, a human life force. That’s basically what it is. There’s no reason for the molecules in your body to stay together. It’s awful funny that after you die and you exhale your last breath, you start to de-compose. There’s no reason for that.

Q – Let me run a story by you that happened to be a couple of years ago. I knew a girl who worked for a department store. One afternoon, a sunny afternoon in October, I happened to go by this store and she was outside helping a customer load a package into their trunk. I had to look twice, surrounding this girl was a white aura, so brilliant that I could actually see light bouncing off her. I thought it was some kind of reflection of the sun I was seeing, but it wasn’t. And-----I never believed in auras until I saw that. Two days later, this girl was walking to work, walking to her department store job, and she was hit and killed. Sueanne-----what did I see two days prior to this girl dying?
A – That was her angel. That was her spirit, her essence. It was probably somebody from the other side. I can’t say it’s an angel but, I do know it had to have been somebody warning her about something and she didn’t pay attention to it which we don’t do today. We don’t pay attention to our premonitions like people used to. You saw her in a white light because she was going to be an angel. That meant that she was going to pass away and it will be within 2-3 weeks. It means that she’s being cleansed basically. It was her time.

Q – I’ve never seen anything like that since then.
A – You’re extremely lucky. That’s confirmation there’s life on the other side for you. That’s letting you know that she was o.k.; that she was going, and her spirit guide, whatever you want to call it, was coming to her; that she was full of life, that she was full of joy but, now it was time. She should’ve passed away at another time, but now it was her time to go on. (Note: This girl was previously struck by a car-----but survived).

Q – If you were asked to go to the property where Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were murdered, would you be able to see a picture of what happened to them that night?
A – Probably.

Q – If you were allowed into the house where Jon Benet Ramsey was found dead, would you be able to pick up something there? Would you see who killed her?
A – Yeah, I think so. But, I think it was a man the mother knew.

Q – How did you come to that conclusion?
A – I just know. I know things. You said it-----and it just came to me.

Q – You could probably give a clearer picture as to what happened to Marilyn Monroe.
A – Marilyn Monroe was actually taken out of her house once. More drugs were pumped into her system. She was brought back. Her actor friend, Peter Lawford had something to do with it. It was actually the Secret Service that got rid of her.

Q – How did you come to that conclusion, by things you’ve read or seen on television?
A – No. Just by her. By Marilyn.

Q – You’ve been in contact with her?
A – Yeah. Sort of. I have a spirit guide from the 15 th Century and his name is Robert. He was a German doctor. They communicate with people like that on the other side.

Q – Would you know if Elvis in fact died on August 16 th 1977, or faked his death?
A – I don’t think he faked his death. I think a lot of people would like to think that. It’s easier to think that. I just feel that he was on steroids. He took medicine to wake up. He took medicine to go to bed. He was not a very happy person. I believe that he actually had a heart attack on the toilet and died before anybody got there. His arteries were totally clogged.

Q – I would guess the site of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building where the Oklahoma City Bombing took place would be haunted as well.
A – You notice they never built anything on it, did they?

Q – No, they did not. But, they do have a memorial on the site.
A – Right. But, they were told they could not build anything on (it). The city wouldn’t let them. So, somebody was pretty smart there, weren’t they? I’m sure there’s hauntings there. You’d probably hear little children screaming. A Memorial Park should’ve been put at the Twin Towers. It should never be built back, but because the land is so valuable, that’s the only reason.

Q – Do you think we’ll ever hear about the hauntings and strange goings on at what used to be the Twin Towers?
A – Oh, yes. That will never be kept quiet.

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