Suzi Quatro Interview
( Leather Tuscadero on "Happy Days")

Suzi Quatro really needs no introduction. She's famous the world over as a singer, musician, songwriter and most recently as an actress on the TV series "Happy Days".
In a business that's flooded with imitators, Suzi Quatro’s an original.
Suzi had just finished up recording on her new album and was en route to London when we caught up with her.

Q. What's the new album gonna be like?
A. Hard rock all the way. In fact the album title is "Rock Hard" (Dreamland Records) and the single of the same name is gonna be used for the movie "Times Square". We're all excited about that.

Q. When's it coming out?
A. September.

Q. Suzi, I think you were ahead of your time.
A. Oh, yeah, definitely. I was the first. I've had eight years of success now. I've even got my jump suit out again.

Q. Are you using the same band?
A. Yeah, it's the same band only we've added a second guitarist and a keyboard player.

Q. Do you know how many records you've sold to date?
A. Thirty-five million, I think.

Q. Are your sisters, who you originally were in a band with, still in the music business?
A. No.

Q. How'd you get the role of Leather Tuscadero on "Happy Days"?
A. The producer of the show called me up in England. He asked me to read for the part. I read for the part and he liked my look. They were considering three people for the role.

Q. Last tour out, did you play around this area?
A. We were in Albany. That was a nice gig too.

Q. Do you live in England?
A. I reside there. 1 still have my American passport.

Q. What do you like about England?
A. Everything. There's nothing I don't like about it. Besides, my band is all English, so that's where I end up living.

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