Terry Adams Interview

NRBQ stands for New Rhythm Blues Quartet, This 6-piece group has a mixture of rock: to jazz in their music. Formerly on Mercury Records, their new album Kick MeHardcan be found on Red Rooster/Rounder Records.
Wespoke with NRBQ member Terry Adams.

Q. The critics all seem to like this group, but commercial success has been slow in coming. Why is that?
A. I really don't know. I think of things as always getting better.

Q. Is it hard to please an audience today without using some kind of theatrics?
A. It depends. We did a tour with Alice Cooper and it was hard to reach his audience.

Q. Would you change your music in order to reach more people?
A. We wouldn't do that. We're not consciously setting out to play one style of music.

Q. A New York Times critic once said, "NRBQ would be as big as the Beatles." How can any group hope to live up to that image?
A. That statement has been misinterpreted. Nobody ever really said that. What he said was he hadn't been as excited about a song of ours since listening to one of the Beatles' songs.

Q. How long has the group been together?
A. The current lineup — 5 years.

Q.  What keeps the group going?
A. Just the love for the music.

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