Tim McGovern & David Swanson Interview
(The Pop)

Tim McGovern is a local musician who has made good. Formerly of the Syracuse bands "Surprise Package" and "Page One", Tim is now a member of "The Pop", who record for Arista Records. Tim and fellow member David Swanson chatted with us about The Pop, and the LA music scene.

Q. Why is LA so receptive to the "New Wave" movement?
McGovern: It's real trendy out here, and if it's hap­pening, people will go out and see it.

Q. What's new about "New Wave"?
Swanson: The music is faster, sped up like all other rock beats. Part of "New Wave" comes from "Punk", which follows the grander scheme of musical change.

Q. Is this group considered "New Wave"?
McGovern: Our music is different. It doesn't sound like anything I've heard before.
Swanson: We are re­asserting the basic rock and roll values, interesting, short songs.

Q. Is it tough for a non-recording act to get bar work in LA?
McGovern: It's as hard as Chinese arithmetic.
Swanson: You create your own venues by putting out singles, and doing independent concerts. Then, if you're good, hopefully a record deal will come through.

Q. And the recording contract means the end of your problems?
McGovern: Everybody thinks that the record deal means your troubles are over, but really they're just begin­ning.

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