Billy The Kid:
Killed In New Mexico, Died In Texas?

History tells us that outlaw Billy The Kid was killed by Sheriff Pat Garret on July 14, 1881 at Ft. Sumner, New Mexico.
History may be wrong.
In a new book titled Billy The Kid: Killed In New Mexico, Died In Texas (Outlaw Publications, Box 280627, Dallas, Texas 75228, $11.95, postage paid) author Dr. Jannay P. Valdez says that Billy The Kid was not killed by Pat Garret.
As incredible as it may sound, Dr. Valdez claims that the kid escaped to Mexico where he lived until his return to his home state of Texas. Taking the name of "Brushy" Bill Roberts, Billy The Kid died in Hico, Texas on December 27, 1950 at the age of 91!!!
Dr. Valdez's book is a fascinating story that just may help re-write the history of the Old West.

Q: Dr. Valdez, why did you write this book?
A: The two purposes of the book were one, to set the story straight, and two to increase tourism and review an interest in history, Billy The Kid being a small part of it. For the book, I personally researched geographi­cally and informationally all the data in the book. I went to almost all the places that were there. Billy The Kid was born in 1859 and died in 1950. All through history Billy The Kid has been labeled an outlaw, but he was quite the contrary. I mean, he was an outlaw for awhile but he got into a bind. Billy

The Kid lived the rest of his life out as Brushy Bill Roberts. This was very necessary be­cause of the fact that in 1881, he had been sentenced to hang for the murder of Sheriff Brady in Lincoln. He escaped from the Lincoln County Courthouse, Lincoln County Jail and in doing so he killed two guards, Bell and Ollinger. Killing Bell was not something he really wanted to do; it was just that he had to. Killing Ollinger was something he got pleasure out of. He just cold bloodedly killed Olinger.

Q: So how can you defend a name like that?
A: Well, I can't defend a lot of his actions but, they went with the times, you understand? The times back in the 1870's and 1880's were rough. In New Mexico there was very little law, and many of the outlaws had been run out of Texas and ended up coming into New Mexico. Another thing is Billy The Kid was a victim of the Civil War to start with. His dad, Bob Henry Roberts, "Two Gun" Roberts has served in the Civil War. Billy being born in 1859, the father left for the Civil War when Billy was just a baby. His mother, Adelaine Dunn, being left with a small child in a log cabin in Buffalo Gap, Texas, she died. Billy's half aunt Catherine Bonney from the Indian Territory came down. She also had the name McCarty because she had been married to Michael McCarty in New York. She took Billy The Kid and little William Henry. His name as he was born in Buffalo Gap was William Henry Roberts. He was born December 31, 1859. As he said in his own words, "I was born on the last day of the year of the decade."

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