J.F.K. Conspiracy of Silence:

On November 22, 1963 Dr. Charles Crenshaw was a 30-year-old surgeon working at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas.
He was one of the doctors who tried to save the life of President John F. Kennedy and later Lee Harvey Oswald.
Dr. Crenshaw is the author of the book J.F.K. Conspiracy of Silence (Signet/Penguin Books).
We talked with Dr. Crenshaw about that historic weekend in Dallas in 1963.

Q: Do you believe there's something sinister behind all of the controversy surrounding the autopsy photos of the President or is it just a case of a lot of people making a lot of mistakes?
A: I believe there was a medical cover-up. The Warren Commission testimony and the autopsy photos do not reflect what we all saw at Parkland Memorial Hospital on November 22, 1963.

Q: Dr. Crenshaw, two days after you gave an interview to ABC's20/20, a Dr. Kenneth E. Salyer told the Associated Press, "Anybody can make an observation and make a statement about it (President Kennedy's wounds) and some people have a little more expertise than others. He is trained as a general surgeon." Do you understand why the public is so confused?
A: Confusing it is to the American public, but I know that there was a problem with the "official" version. All of the people in Trauma Room One felt that the President had been shot at least once from the front - in the throat. There was a division in the physicians present as to whether the bullet in the head came from the side or from the front, either of which would have caused an exit wound in the back of the head, which we all observed. When I saw the autopsy photos with no wound in the back, I perceived the photos as a medical cover-up.

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