Gunfire on the Grassy Knoll:
The Jean Hill Interview

Jean Hill was an eyewitness to history. To JFK assassination buffs, she is known as "the lady in red," because of the red raincoat she was wearing on November 22, 1963.
Standing less than 10 feet from President Kennedy's passing limousine, Jean Hill saw the shadowy figure of a man fire at President Kennedy from behind the picket fence, atop what is now commonly referred to as the grassy knoll. Only seconds later, she also saw a man running from the direction of the School Book Depository, towards the Grassy Knoll. Jean Hill later identified that man as Jack Ruby.
As she ran up to the grassy knoll area to find out what was going on, two men in trench coats grabbed her, took her to the Dallas County Records Bldg. and proceeded to interrogate her. When she told them, what she had seen and heard (four to six shots fired), Jean Hill was told, 'You would be very wise to keep your mouth shut."
Since that awful day in Dallas, Jean Hill's life has been a living hell. She's been harassed by the F.B.I., C.I.A., the Secret Service, and the Warren Commission. She's been the recipient of numerous death threats, and actually had a contract put out on her life. Her phone has been tapped. She's been followed.
Today, Jean Hill, a third grade teacher in Dallas, Texas, is the last surviving assassination eyewitness to openly dispute the Warren Commission's version that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.
Jean, along with Bill Sloan, a Pulitzer Prize nominee, and veteran Dallas newspaperman, has written her story in a newly published book titled, JFK, The Last Dissenting Witness (Pelican Publishing Co., 1101 Monroe St., Gretna, LA 70053).
You may recall seeing Jean Hill recently on the nationally syndicated T.V. show “The JFK Conspiracy," hosted by James Earl Jones.
Jean also served as a key technical consultant to Oliver Stone for his film JFK.
It should also be pointed out, that on that fateful day in Dallas, Jean Hill's boyfriend, J.B. Marshall, a Dallas motorcycle patrolman, was helping provide security for the President. He was right behind the Kennedy limousine when the shots rang out in Dealy Plaza.
Here then, is Jean Hill's story.

Q. The C.I.A. just recently released part of its files on Lee Harvey Oswald, but, there are government agencies holding another million documents on the assassination. With that many documents still out there, you have to wonder what kind of information is being withheld.
A. Well, I got my F.B.I, file and it's 119 pages on me alone, and I supposedly wasn't doing anything. One thing that was really kind of strange about that, I only read the documents after we started doing research for the book, and it says, “Top Secret, See Soviet Section.' I have no idea what that means.

Q. You've never been to Russia have you?
A. Heavens no.

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