Who Killed Superman?
The Jim Hambrick Interview

He was T.V.'s Superman from 1950-1956. 104 episodes. Then, in the early morning hours of June 16, 1959, just 2 days before his upcoming marriage to Lenore Lemmon, he was dead.

The "official" story was that 45 year old actor George Reeves put a gun to his head and committed suicide. Almost from the beginning, rumors persisted that Reeves did not take his own life — but was murdered. A victim of a real life "Fatal Attraction" said his personal manager Arthur Weissman.

Jim Hambrick, a Superman collector (his collection is worth over $2 million and big enough to fill a football field) and the owner, operator of the Superman Museum in Metropolis, Illinois, is one of the most knowledgeable sources around on the mysterious circumstances sur­rounding the death of George Reeves. And so we asked Jim, who killed Superman? And why?

Q. How did George Reeves die?
A. He died of a gunshot wound to the head. From the position of the bullet that was lodged in the ceiling, for George to have killed himself, he would have had to have been standing on his head with his hand about 5 feet away from his head, because there were no powder burns on his head or on his hand. Later on, they found 3 more bullet holes in the floor.

Q. When did someone become suspicious that George didn't commit suicide?
A. Right off the bat. The reason for that is George used to drink quite a lot, but he was never the kind of guy to get crazy when he drank. When he drank too much, he would fall asleep. As far as his personal problems went, for the people I talked to who knew him, and were close to him, he wasn't the type of person who would take things too seriously.

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