The Joel Dyer Interview

As shocking as the Oklahoma City Bombing was, it may well be only the beginning of an unprecedented wave of terror in America.

That is the chilling conclusion of writer Joel Dyer, who is the author of "Harvest of Rage, Why Oklahoma City Is Only the Beginning" (Westyiew Press).

Joel Dyer spoke with us recently about his book, Tim McVeigh, Terry Nichols, and the growing anti-government sentiment in the United States.

Q - Mr. Dyer, how did you come to the conclusion that Oklahoma City will happen again?
A -I came to that conclusion because the same forces that created Oklahoma City in the first place, and at this point I guess we could say motivated McVeigh and Nichols are still out there. They weren't unique. Whether it was the economic forces, the religious forces, the anti-government attitude, the common law courts, all those things, it only makes sense that they would continue to spawn people to take the kind of action they took at Oklahoma City. To kind of back that up, the head of the FBI Counter Terrorism force says that they get a legitimate threat against a Federal Building about every 2 weeks. In his words, I believe to U.S. News and World Report, it could be any day now that we have the next Oklahoma City.

Q - Is there a group out there that is actively trying to recruit the next Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols of the world?
A - I think there's perhaps dozens or more of these groups. What happens is they're somewhat evangelical in their belief system. In every larger group there tends to be a few people who are more radical. By the nature of the structure of the movement, the idea of leaderless resistance, it's sort of permission granting. If you're feeling more radical than what we're presenting at this meeting, don't tell me about it, just go about your business and do what you're going to do. So, the more radical people have a tendency to find like spirits who are also more radical and then they go on to form their own plans, be it the Army of God or whoever it is. That's always an ongoing process. People who were not that radical four or five years ago, that were pretty darn radical two years ago, today as they descend through the funnel that is the anti-government movement, they may likely be at the radical level right now where they may take action. There’s always a new crop of people that have reached the point of agitation where domestic terrorism becomes a possibility for them.

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