"X's" True Identity Is:
L. Fletcher Prouty Interview

In Oliver Stone's film "J.F.K." there is a character named "X," played by Donald Sutherland who, as the film's "Deep Throat" advocated the theory that a plot existed at the highest levels of the U.S. government to as­sassinate President Kennedy.

This mystery man was not a fabricated character as some critics contend. As Oliver Stone acknowledged, not only were "X's" beliefs faithfully depicted in the film, but he also served as the creative advisor for "J.F.K." provid­ing fully documented information and analysis, from his own experience that helped shape the script.

"X's" true identity is L. Fletcher Prouty, a retired Air Force Colonel who was Chief of Special Operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Kennedy years. It is Proutys contention that President Kennedy was assas­sinated as a result of a decision made within the military industrial complex. The ultimate goal was to make way for a more amenable leader who would preserve the financial benefits of the war in Vietnam.

Col. Prouty is the author of the book, J.F.K.: the C.I.A., Vietnam and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy (Birch Lane Press).

Q. It's been widely reported, that most people in this country, do not believe that Oswald acted alone. But, that's hardly surprising since we're con­stantly bombarded with conspiracy stories. You write on page 287, "From all indications, J.F.K. was killed by a team of gunmen, hired as part of a de­tailed plot to terminate the Kennedy initiatives which had the appearance of establishing a politi­cal dynasty." You go on to say, "There can be no doubts, the Kennedy murder was the result of a coup d'etat brought about by a professional team." What evidence do you have to back up that claim?
A. Of course I have no evidence concerning the identity of those men as individuals, and, no one will ever have it. However, the clear imprint of their profession is every­where. The fact that not one of them has ever been appre­hended defines their work. I covered that carefully in my book. In 1956, Allen Dulles, Director of the Central Intel­ligence Agency, sent me and one of his key people on a round the world trip to visit a number of his C.I. A. Chiefs of Station. It was an elaborately orchestrated trip. During that trip I was conducted to a place, where such profes­sionals live, are trained, and concealed. I was given a complete briefing on that business. As a result of the fact that the J.F.K. murder was accomplished with such total professionalism, and, that no 'killers' have ever been ap­prehended and tried, it is clear that they were selected professionals from such a place and that they will never be identified and tried by the resultant 'victors' of this coup d’etat. There never has been a trial of this case, and never will be. Furthermore, as I report in my book, L.B.J. said the same thing in 1973, “We have been running a murder incorporated.” What more do we need? As you know, he added, “It was a conspiracy.” That’s the former President, and a man who was under those guns in Dallas. What more does anyone need? Furthermore, I worked on cases similar to the J.F.K. case. I know how it is done. And one thing I know very well is that the “cover story” is bigger and more important than the act of the crime itself. It survives and must live for years.


Q, You say that, "no marksman could have fol­lowed that moving target through the foliage and fired three shots in quick succession and have two of them hit his target with precision. To think that is possible is preposterous." But, what if, as Gerald Posner says that Oswald got off three shots in 8.6 seconds, and maybe 10 seconds, instead of the usual­ly quoted 5.6 seconds. Couldn't it have been done then?
A. The Secret Service and the F.B.I, reported that they found three cartridge cases at the scene. This information was given to the Warren Commission and it became their 'Ball and Chain.' They were forced to work within those parameters, i.e., three bullets and three bullets only. So, let's account for them. One bullet hits J.F.K. in the back. The best evidence of this exists in the form of his suit coat and shirt. One bullet hit J.F.K. in the head. This evidence is found in the Zapruder film and numbers of witnesses. One bullet hit Connally. One bullet missed. This bullet caused a fragment to hit Tague (bystander on sidewalk). The Warren Commission admitted this fact of the missed shot. This forced them into the 'Magic Bullet' scenario that combines the back shot and the Connally hit. We all know there were four bullets fired, at the very least. We all know the precise timing of the shots by means of the Za­pruder record. We all know that the indisputable 'fourth' bullet means at least one more gunman. We could end everything here. Four bullets in the time available means at least two gunmen. Two or more gunmen mean a cons­piracy. There is the pin that bursts the balloon of the con­trived cover story. From here on out, the discussion is aca­demic, relatively, trivial, and contrived. It's all over with. Four bullets, two gunmen. But, I'll continue with your questions simply because you have asked them.

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