Marilyn Monroe:
Was She Murdered?

Marilyn Monroe died 30 years ago, but speculation remains high on just how she died. The official version has it that Marilyn Monroe died of a barbituate overdose. But now comes a book titled "The Murder of Marilyn Monroe" (Carroll And Graf) that disputes that finding. Authored by 4 psychics, they claim to have contacted Marilyn Monroe's spirit through the use of a Ouija board, and she told them she was murdered. While this theory of murder is not new, the use of a Ouija board to get at the truth, is. Leonore Canevari, one of the psychics involved in this book, explains:

Q. Despite all the talk of re-examining evidence in this case, LA. Officials refuse to re-open the investigation. Why do you think that is?
A. Politics! The cover-up was major and involved the federal government on down to people on the local level who may have had no choice but to comply.

Q. Isn't it true, that Marilyn Monroe tried to take her own life 3 times, before August of 1962? Why is it so hard to believe that she finally succeeded?
A. While it is true that Marilyn Monroe had made suicide attempts, in August of 1962, she had plans for her life. She had scheduled the August 6 news conference, she had received the go ahead for her next movie, and she was also becoming involved with AA. We would agree with you that her self-destructive behavior may have led to her death; however the final deed was not by her own hand.

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