Diana & Dodi: “A Love Story”:
With Author Rene DeLorm

It was a 37 day romance that fascinated the world and ended tragically in a Paris tunnel on August 30, 1997.

She was the most photographed woman in the world, Princess Diana, and he was a famous film produc­er named Dodi Fayed.

Much has been written about the "Romance of the Century", but only one man really knows what the story is. That man is Rene DeLorm who worked as Dodi Fayed's Butler for eight years.

Mr. DeLorm has broken his silence about the couple and written the book, "Diana and Dodi: A Love Story" (Tallfellow Press Inc., 1180 South Beverly Drive Ste. 320, LA., CA 90035).

We spoke with Rene DeLorm about his days with Princess Di and Dodi Fayed and that awful night of August 30, 1997.

Q - I think that the press in this country, the United States, is anti-Dodi Fayed. Why do you think that is? Is it because they blame him for what happened?
A - How? How can they hold him responsible? We have to remember one thing; I spoke a few times with the Princess when Dodi Fayed was busy, about the gym and working out, and how she missed working out at her gym, which was a public gym. In the news, many times we saw her on the street by herself going to her car and was harassed by the Paparazzi. One time she stopped and told one of them, "Please stop". So, what I'm saying here is she was never around bodyguards. Never. I don't know exactly what happened. I hope that it was an acci­dent, but to say that Dodi Fayed was responsible doesn't make sense. The man, wherever he went, brought securi­ty. On the boat, there were two people. We were like in the Island. Whenever they went onshore, most of the time I was with them, and the two security guards. So I don't see why if it was not an accident, then who to blame? I remember after we saw a movie "Air Force One", we were in London. Mr. Fayed and the Princess had their dinner in the Park Lane. Only two of 'em. At the end, he said, "Rene, you come with us. We're going to see a pri­vate screening of “Air Force One”. My reaction was no. I can't . I have things to do. I felt uncomfortable. He said, "It's fine. It will be funny". Anyway, we went and saw the movie. There were four of us there. The Princess, Dodi Fayed, the security guard Trevor Rees-Jones and myself. Then on our way back home we stopped and let the Princess out at her house. We continued to our house, the Park Lane. In an elevator I could not help myself, it was probably one of the first times I initiated a personal conversation. Usually I always waited 'til he initiated, because then I know he wants to talk. In the elevator it was very small, and we were facing each other. I said, "Mr. Fayed", and I always called him Mr. Fayed, among his employees, even among the maids. They all called him Dodi. I said, "Mr. Fayed, if things will go as well as they are, you might end up by being the stepfather to the future King of England", He looked at me and smiled. I said "I know how private you are. You have to say good­bye to your privacy'". He shook his head and said, ""I know". So, if the idea crossed my mind that if things go well, if they get married, it they have a kid, can you imag­ine? So if that idea crossed my mind. I assume that other people, higher people, more important people, had that in mind also. What if? So, that's all I have to say about the relationship. People wanted to be at ease and people were scared if it succeeded.

Q - Besides writing the book, what do you do with your time these days?
A - Believe it or not, I spent all that time on that project. I went to London. I went to New York. I'm going to Paris to be a part of a TV documentary on Diana and Dodi: A love Story. But, when I come back, it will be over for that project. In my mind, working for Mr. Dodi Fayed was the last job. It was the greatest security I ever had, in my life. So, I could not imagine doing anything else in my life. I know I can, but, it will be difficult.

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