Who Killed Martin Luther King?:
The James Earl Ray Interview

Who killed Martin Luther King? A revealing interview with the alleged assassin - James Earl Ray.
"I have always believed that the government was part of a conspiracy, either directly, or indirectly, to assassinate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr." - Rev. Jesse Jackson.
"James Earl Ray is not guilty." - Mark Lane and Dick Gregory.
"Where there's an assassination, you have to have a lone nut, because a lone nut can kill somebody for no reason. If you admit there was a conspiracy, then you have to say the conspiracy had a reason. By having a lone nut, you don't ever have to ask that question." - Col. Fletcher Prouty, Chief of Special Operations at the Pentagon, 1960-1963. (From the A and E Documentary, "Who Killed Martin Luther King?")
"In my opinion, it had to be a conspiracy." - Martin Luther King III (Dr. King's son).
"There is no evidence that James Earl Ray ever fired a rifle in his life." - Harold Weisberg, Assassination Research (from the A and E Documentary, "Who Killed Martin Luther King?").
"I didn't kill him." -James Earl Ray.
"We concluded that James Earl Ray was in fact the person who murdered Dr. Martin Luther King. We also felt that in all probability there was a conspiracy. However, we were unable to name any conspirators." - Congressman Louis Stokes, Chairman of the House Assassinations Committee, 1976/1978 (from the A and E Documentary, "Who Killed Martin Luther King?").
"There are as many different opinions, as there are people, on who killed Martin Luther King. From day one, the alleged assassin, James Earl Ray, has proclaimed his innocence, implicating a shadowy, mysterious acquaintance, known to him only as 'Raoul.' Yet, on March 10, 1969, James Earl Ray, under pressure from his then attorney Percy Foreman, pled guilty to the crime. He was sentenced to life in prison (99 years). Today, James Earl Ray bides his time in the River Bend Penitentiary in Nashville, Tennessee. He's just written a book on his life titled "Who Killed Martin Luther King?" The true story by the alleged assassin." (National Press Books, Bethesda, Maryland).
We talked with James Earl Ray about the events leading up to Dr. King's assassination, his whereabout at the time of Martin Luther King's death, and, the strange predicament he now find himself in.

Q. Where were you at the time of the assassination? You were driving in your Mustang, headed back to the place you were staying?
A. I'm not sure whether it was an intersection or they (the police) were blocking off the street. I think they were waving off cars or something. Anyway, I looked down there and saw what looked like 3 or 4 policemen, running down in that general area, of the flophouse (where Ray was staying), so instead of turning right and going back to the flophouse, I just turned left and drove out of town. I just wanted to make a phone call to find out what was going on.

Q. When you're driving your car, you hear the bulletin that Dr. King has been shot, and they're looking for someone that matches your description, what went through your mind?
A. I was in Memphis, driving kind of slowly towards the Mississippi/Tennessee line, and at first there was a report on the radio saying Martin Luther King had been shot. I guess that was about 6:15. A few minutes later, 5 minutes or so, they said they were looking for a white man in a white Mustang. I kind of quick thought there was a possibility they were looking for me.

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