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Ron Lewis Interview
(My Friend – Lee Harvey Oswald:)

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to know an infamous person in history? Ron Lewis knows. He knew Lee Harvey Oswald.

Ron first met Oswald in October, 1962, and off and on, stayed in touch with him 'til October 1963. It was in August of 1963, that Oswald told Lewis of a plan being developed to kill President Kennedy. Lewis did not go to law enforcement authorities with this story, for fear of reprisals.

Thirty one years later Ron tells his story in the book, Flashback: The Untold Story of Lee Harvey Oswald (P.O. Box 156 Winchester, Oregon 97495).

Travel back in time with Ron Lewis as he recounts his friendship with one of the most mysterious men that ever walked on the face of this earth - Lee Harvey Oswald.

Q: Ron, I've always thought that Lee Harvey Oswald was one of the most enigmatic men that ever lived. He's become whatever you want him to be. He's guilty, he's innocent. He's a marksman. He's a poor shot. He's a loving husband. He's a wife beater. He's a patriot. He's a Communist. But, above everything else, what stands out about Oswald, was a man who was looking for respect, and recognition. Is that the way you viewed Lee Harvey Oswald?
A: Lee was very humanitarian. He was very concerned about the grass root level people. That's what we call (them) today; he was even concerned about the Cuban embargo. I went to a rally the other day, a bunch of people with signs and what not, wanting to raise the embargo against Cuba. I was handing out Lee's "Hands Off Cuba" leaflets. I went up to this one girl. She was 14. She said, "I didn't know that Lee Harvey Oswald was against the embargo that the Americans have placed against Cuba." I told her, "Yes, he was, that he had made many statements, and handed out these leaflets. She said, “They don't teach that in school." And probably this is why he is so mysterious, because they have told us that he was the man who killed the President and he was a psychopath and things like that. But Lee was anything but those things, as far as I knew.

Q: In your book you state that Lee may not have known his rifle had been removed from his place of residence since he had denied taking it with him to work. Lee's friend, Wesley Frazier, gave him a ride into work on November 22. Mr. Frazier asked Lee what he was carrying in the package he had, and Oswald replied, "Curtain rods." To my knowledge, no one ever found any curtain rods in the School Book Depository Building. Since you don't believe Lee Oswald carried in a rifle, and no one has ever found any curtain rods, what was in that package Lee was carrying in?
A: I never did say I don't think that I believe he took his gun there. I never talked to him after the assassination. I talked to him before the assassination. So, I had seen him carry his gun before in New Orleans in a package. I could believe that he would do that. That was his method of transporting his rifle. I don't know why he would bring it there. I know that he knew about the assassination. I knew that he knew it was gonna happen that day because we discussed it, on October 11. But, I don't know why he would bring his rifle unless it had something to do possibly with being accused, and gaining the notoriety he might've wanted to gain. At one point, after he got his national or international attention, to tell about Bannister and Ferrie, which I knew about and could, you say he's a mysterious person, and that there are a lot of mysteries I can't solve and that gun at the Depository is one of them. I would think he would be very stupid to bring his gun there. As well as I knew him, I don't think he would've done that, unless he had some kind of a plan to gain some kind of a political objective that he was trying to gain.

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