(Frequently Asked Questions)


Q.- Do You mind if I point out a mistake that you made?
A. - Not at all, please do. Typing errors and misinformation are an unfortunate oversight.

Q.- How do you choose the people that are profiled on your web site?
A. - Mr Gary James the owner of the interviews you see on this site and myself decide.

Q- How can I get in touch with FamousInterview.com ?
A- You can E-Mail us from our Feedback Page

Q- Why is your site called FamousInterview.com but the address says FamousInterview.ca?
A- This is due to when we registered for web hosting, we already owned FamousInterview.com and our service provider allows 2 free Domain Names so we registered FamousInterview.ca and we are not able to switch it at the moment. We will switch it in the near future.

Q- Will you include a link to my site?
A- Yes if it is related to the material on this site. Send us an E-Mail with a link to your site and we will review your site.

The views and opinions expressed by individuals interviewed for this web site are the sole responsibility of the individual making the comment and / or appearing in interviews and do not necessarily represent the opinions of anyone associated with the website FamousInterview.com.