Erik Quisling and Austin Williams
Authors of Straight Whisky
Jeff Sobul
Co-Author of The Colour of Your Dreams
Laurance Ratner
Led Zeplin Photographer/Author
Charles R.Cross
Springsteen Book Chronicles The Man and His Music
Lorraine Arsenault
Three Rivers Inn
Rayce Newman
The Hollywood Connection
Randall Wilson
On The Supremes
Philip Bashe
Rick Nelson Biography
Howard F. Lyman
Jim Fitzgerald
Elvis: The Legend Lives On
David Bacon
Frank Lisciandro
Close Friend of Jim Morrison
Peter Brown
Executive Director of NEMS Enterprises
Richard Barnes
Close Friend of Pete Townshend
Byron Laursen
Wolfman Jack A Tribute
Eric Redding
Anna Nicole Smith Her Ex-Mgr. Talks!!
Alf Bicknell
The Beatles Chauffeur
Dana McCauley
Author Of "Last Dinner On The Titanic
Michael Canfield
Coup d'Etat In America The C.I.A. And J.F.K.'s Murder
Thurston Clarke
Frank Stefanko
Beth Nimmo
Rachel Scott's Mother
Nancy Rooks
Elvis Presley's cook / maid
Liz Goldwyn
Pretty Things, The Last Generation Of American Burlesque Queens
Tom Mauser
Father of Columbine Victim - Daniel Mauser
Jeff Kass
Columbine: A True Crime Story
Governor Jesse Ventura
Governor of the state of Minnesota
Jerry Ray
Younger Brother Of James Earl Ray
Alleged Assassin Of Martin Luther King
Jesse Ventura
Governor Jesse Ventura
Brandon (B.J.) Mendelson
Social Media Is Bullshit
Matthew Lysiak
Newtown: an American tragedy
Dr. Lorraine Day
Is Timothy McVeigh alive? Dr. Lorraine Day says yes!
Rick West
Author of " Pickled Punks and Girlie Shows: A Life Spent on the Midway’s of America
Matthew Barr
James E Strates Documentary Filmmaker
Joe Nickell
Author of Secrets of the Sideshows