Bill Handwerker
Jack La Lanne
The Guru of The Health And Fitness
Polly Schoonmaker
Pollys Cakes
Werner Groebli
Mr Frick
David Glass
The Ultimate Milk Chocolate Mousse Cake
Bernard Lansky
The man who sold Elvis his clothes
Tony Little
Certified Personal Trainer
Anne Beiler
Auntie Anne;s Pretzels
Edward C Droste
Co-Founder of Hooters Restaurants
Mark Garrison
New York Hair Stylist
Le Maire
Hair Stylist To The Stars
Jim Parker
Air Show Pilot
Stan Parker
V.P. of Marketing-Krispy Kreme Donuts
Ron Ben-Israel
Famous Cake Designer
Greg Smith
Grave Line Tours Owner
Candy Lightner
Founder of M A D D
Steve Barkate
Pale Rider Ale
(Clint Eatswoods Beer)
Bradley Ogden
Charles Tutino
David Waltuck
Jay Ungar and Molly Mason
Music & Dance Instructors
Maria Pinto
Fashion Designer
Paul Prudhomme
Beverly Clark
Wedding Cake Designer
Sylvia Weinstock
Cake Designer to the Rich & Famous
Steve Gerstman
Winterland Productions
Kelly Perdew
Trump Water
Charmaine Jones
Cake Diva!
Elisa Strauss
Confetti Cakes
Brian Morgan
Morgans Fudge
Grandmas Secrets Bob Arum
Chairman of Top Rank Inc.
Ann Boleyn
New Renaissance Records
Mark Hyman
Booking Agent
E.G. Smith
Sock Dreams
Sherry Granader
Co-Owner World GYM
Stephen Acunto
American Association for the Improvement of Boxing
Mindy Kaplan
(Lou Malnati’s Pizza-----Chicago Style!)
Robert Bruce
Mario Daniele
(Mario’s Via Abruzzi Restaurant)
Colette Peters
Colettes Cakes
Elin Katz
Rosebud Cakes
Kevin Rooney
(Mike Tyson's Ex-Trainer)
Lee Salomon
William Morris Agency
Jay McCarthy
Milos Cihelka
Diane Pfeifer
Actress, Singer / Songwriter and Entrepreneur
Jose Eber
Hairstylist to the Stars
Patrick Palmieri
Palmieri Food Products
Mike Busley
Grand Traverse Pie Co.
Lana Marks
Handbag Designer to the Stars
Carlo Middione
Mark Bove
President of Bove's of Vermont
Jane Asher
Jane Asher Party Cakes
Kie Ann Brownell
Emeril Lagasse
TV Chef
Harvey Sanders
CEO of Nautica Enterprises
Wally Amos
"The Cookie Man"
Nathalie Dupree
Laurent Dufourg
Hairstylist to the Stars
Andrew Chase
James Vierira
Living Statues
Vern Lanegrasse
The Hollywood Chef
Mike Crowley
Dreamfields Pasta
Kathy Fulop
Hickory Hill Cookie Co.
Hans Holzer
Professor of Paranormal
Sueanne Pool
Ghost Hunter
Jeff Swartz
Hitch-Hiker Manufacturing
Steve Massarsky
Entertainment Lawyer
Jane Casey
Grand Finales
Patty Daniels
Pie In The Sky
Michael Martella
Captain Tony's Pizza
Nick Pellegrino
President of Baccerstick Records
Chris Hanmer
Executive Pastry Chef The Ritz - Carlton, Lake Las Vegas
Drew Koven
Geoff And Drew's
Scott Ricketts
(Spokesman For Mids Homemade Pasta Sauce)
Alan Rosen
Junior's Most Fabulous Cheesecake
Andy Berliner
Amy's Kitchen
Dawn Green
Mgr. of Diamond Dolls
Art Bender
McDonald's First Franchisee 1955
Lidia Bastianich
Dr. Bill Dorfman
"Dentist To The Stars"
Ray Kybartas
Fitness Trainer To The Stars
Lary Krasnoff
Liz Holtz
Liz Lovely Inc.
Jerry Pozniak
Dry Cleaner To The Stars
Elizabeth Barraclough
Ex-Manager of Bob Dylan, The Band, and Janis Joplin
Stewart F. Lane
Broadway Producer
Robin Ashford
Vin-T Bikini
Bruce Entelisano
Sano's Sauce And Spice Co.
Reggie Mac
Top Notch Talent
Aro Agakhayan
Big Mamas And Papas Pizzeria
Cozette Phifer
Johnny Rockets
Frankie Scala
Frankie's Gravy Inc.
Nino Selimaj
Nino's Home of The $1,000 Pizza
Benjamin Aquilina
Victoria Packing Co.
Daniel Graeff
The Lucini Italia Co.
Chris Defalco
Batmobile Owner
Ann Warren
Cupcake Café
Mary Jo Richards
Morgia's Pasta
Erin McKenna
Baby Cakes NYC
Randy Dewitt
Owner of Twin Peaks Restaurant
Dave Hirschkop
Dave's Gourmet
Jen Roberts
Sweet Element
Penny Stankiewicz
Sugar Couture
Elizabeth Hodes
Elizabeth Hodes Custom Cakes and Sugar Art
Bob Goldsack
The James E. Strates ShowsAmerica's Only Remaining Railroad Carnival
Susan Morgan
Elegant Cheese Cakes
Al Stencell
Girl Show Into The Canvas World Of Bump And Grind
Sarah Magid
Organic Baker
John Brescio
Lombardi's Pizza
Larry Sombke
Larry's Sauces
Danielle Colby Cushman
American Pickers
Jeweller To The Stars
Chef Jamie Laurita
Chef To The Stars
Ruth Drennan
Ruth Drennan Cakes
Tres Shannon
Voodoo Doughnuts
Amy DeGiulio
Sugar Flower Cake Shop
Charlie Major
Charlie's Cheesecake Works
John D’Agostino
Kustom Kars of California
Mark Randazzo
Mark Joseph Cakes
John Alonzo
Capone Family Secret
Premium Pasta Sauces
Frankie Scinta
Scinta's Pasta Sauce
Paul Basilio
Alexandra Holzer
On The Paranormal
Sandy Foster
Village Pizzeria And Ristorante
Samantha for (La Dolce Vita) Interview
La Dolce Vita
Debbie Weiner
Sugar Sweet Sunshine
John William Macy
Cheese Sticks
Dylan Avery
Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup
Rachel Kruse
Organicville Foods Founder And President
Jackson Murphy
Lights Camera Jackson
Rob Salamida
Salamida's Original State Fair Spiedie Sauce
Nancy Kimps
Cheesecake Heaven
Lynne Palmer
Astrology To The Stars
David Arrick
"Mr. Cupcake" - Butch Bakery
Brian Millz
Mark Allen Baker
Title Town USA
Lisa, Kristina and Jerry Coletta
(Coletta's Restaurant(Memphis, Tennessee)
Brad Sterl
Rustic Crust Organic Pizza Crust
Don Smith
Crazee Wear
Dan and Laura Dotson
Storage Wars
Scott Borland
Mamma Lombardi's Sauce
Charlie Serro
Grandpa Pete's Sunday Sauce
Anna and David Di Carlo Interview
Di Carlo's Pizza
Bob Heil
Heil Sound
Johnny Ciao
Michael Jackson's Personal Chef
Nicholas J.
World Gate Entertainment
Michael Hilby
The Skinny German Juggling Boy
Anthony Pazos
Celebrity Hairstylist
Nat Getchell
Portland Pie Co.
Mia Sebastiani
Mia's Kitchen
John Carroll
Carroll and Company - Famous Beverly Hills Retailor For Men's Clothing
Robert Ybarra
Fathers Against Drunk Driving
Carl Petitto
Cataldo's Pasta Sauce
Katie Cleary
Peace 4 Animals
Jeannette Adelman
Alessi Italian Foods
Betsy Ashman
Sorrisos Gourmet Pasta Sauce
Dan Samson
Lovin' Scoopful Ice Cream
Louis Lombardi
Michael Kloeti
Michael's on The Hill
Gerard Benchetrit
Spiffy Society Eyewear
Harvey Grossman
Viva Italia Sauce
Dana Herbert
Desserts by Dana
Raphael Reboh
Femme Coiffure Hair Spa
Beatrice Namm
Bea's Gourmet Sauces
Warden Neil
Hollywood Costume and Fashion Design
David Zyla
Fashion Designer
Emily Buckley
La Pasta Inc.
Sheba Hourzadeh
Luchiano Visconti
Bernadette Rella
Ma Ma Rellas
David Slotnick
Carrols Restaurants
Bud Royer
Royers Round Top Café
Piero Lisio
Little Venice Restaurant
Joseph Rienzi
Vice President of Rienzi Foods
Robert Harris
President and CEO of Silver Palate Kitchen
Donna Crumb
Ron's Classic Car Parts and Antiques
Paolo Volpati-Kedra
Sauces'n Love
Hope Jones
This Chick bakes
Madison Lee
Cake Artist
Paul Guglielmo
Paul Guglielmo’s pasta sauce
Emily Lael Aumiller
Lael Cakes
Brian Downard
Lokar Performance Products
Stacey Leon
Butterfly Bakeshop
Cathy Pemberton
Cathy’s Cookie Kitchen
Andrew Basiago
Time Travel: Fact or Fiction?
Diane Thorne
Costantino’s kitchen
Ellen Baumwoll
Betty Bakery
Chrissy Rogers
Spinelli’s Sauce Company
Lisa Galassi
Galassi foods
Art Nalls
Sea Hairier Pilot
Deborah Lauren
City Sweets
Val Gray
Italian Hearts Pasta Sauce
Marolyn Wilson
Holland Farms Bakery and Deli