Sinatra's Corner

In May of 1998, one of the greatest singers of the Twentieth Century, Frank Sinatra, passed away.
In tribute to Frank Sinatra we thought it would be fitting to offer up remembrances of the singer by some of the people who either knew or worked with him

Terry Fischer-Siegel
Member of the 60's group, The Murmaids
James Darren
Steve Lawrence
Knew Frank Sinatra
Sal Scognamillo
Mel Haber
Sinatra's Corner
Alan Livingston
Former President of Capitol Records
Marlene Ricci
Opening Act for Frank Sinatra
John Amato
Owner of Fiore's Deli
Murray Garrett
Professional Photographer
Larry Cullen
Sinatra's Corner
Bruce Snyder
21 Club Manager
Vincent Falcone
Frank Sinatra’s Musical Conductor
Tony Curtis
Joel Whitfield
Nick Edenetti
Sinatra Impersonator
Joan Hodges
Sinatra's Corner
Tom Dreesen