Sheba Hourzadeh Interview
(Luchiano Visconti)



Luchiano Visconti is a Top Quality, Fine Styling Italian Clothing Line.

Founded in 1990, it was launched in 2000.
The company sells men’s shirts, jackets, blazers, vest, sweaters, polo’s, and T-shirts, boys shirts and jackets and women’s shirts.

Sheba Hourizadeh from Luchiano Visconti: explains the history of the company.

Q - You’re gearing your clothing line to what? An upscale clientele?
A - Our line is fashionable yet affordable. It can be worn as young as a 2 year old to an elder. We also produce menswear for Big and Tall and you cannot find another fashionable line like us in the Big and Tall market. Every shirt has a story to tell with its own detail in the cuff, inner collar and even each thread for every button. The best part of our collection is any sport shirt can be a day to night piece in your closet.

Q - Luchiano Visconti , is that your father’s name or a name he chose for the company? Is he still around?
A - My father is still around but, since his car accident he doesn’t work anymore and that is when my mother, brother, and I took over the business, my father loved the director Luchiano Visconti and he named the brand after the film director.

Q - Your father worked in menswear for 30 years. What exactly did he do? Was he a designer? He worked where? In the garment district of New York City?
A - My father started the line as he had many men’s retail stores in New York City and New Jersey that started carrying his own designs in his stores. He realized there was a missing product in the men’s market for affordable and fashionable shirts.

Q - How did you go from carrying men’s clothing to designing your own clothing? How did he do that? Was he a designer? Did he hire someone to design the clothing line?
A - After my father was in a bad car accident, my mother took over the designing, my family is very artistic and we grew up in a house filled with fashion, my father always went to the men’s trade shows and my mother always had an amazing eye for color and style.

Q - In the early days, did everyone agree to carry your product line?
A - Our product has always been loved by the market as we base our collections on the best quality and fine styling, yet affordable.

Q - Are these close available in just the bigger cities and online?
A - Where in boutiques all over the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Q - Are there any famous people that wear your clothes?
A - We’ve had our shirts on Modern Family, Lost, Jerseylicious, and Shahs of Sunset. John M. Turturro wore our shirt on Transformers.

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