Mario Daniele Interview
(Mario’s Via Abruzzi Restaurant)

His restaurant was voted Rochester, New York’s Best Italian Restaurant in 2001, 2003, 2004, and 2005.

It was only in July 1995 that the restaurant first opened.

Adding to the restaurant’s charm and of course great food is owner Mario Daniele’s pledge-----“You’re not just a customer, you are my special guest.

Q – Mr. Daniele, how many restaurants do you now own?
A – I currently own 3 restaurants in Monroe County and 1 in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

Q – You actually opened your first Pizzeria in Detroit. What did you know about the restaurant business before that?
A – I knew little at first-----but I learned very quickly.

Q – How was it determined that your restaurant was the most popular authentic restaurant in Rochester?
A – It was decided by the opinion of the community. The local newspaper has surveys every year and for the past 4 years we have been voted Rochester’s Number One fine dining Italian Restaurant.

Q – You have strolling accordion players every Saturday night? Is that what restaurants in Italy have on weekends?
A – No, not all restaurants have strolling musicians on weekends.

Q – Why do you think you’ve been so successful?
A – There are many keys to success. There isn’t one single reason. Hard work. Listening to guests requests. Properly training the staff and understanding business in general are the keys to running a prosperous business.

Q – You market your own pasta sauce. Was it difficult to get Wegman’s (Supermarkets) to carry your pasta sauce?
A – No. It was not difficult. They tested the product, liked it and agreed to give it a chance.

Q – How was it determined what your sauce would sell for?
A – Market demand and the cost of production determine the price.

Q – I see you’re in the construction business as well, with the Del Ray Beach condominium. Sounds like you’d like to follow in the footsteps of Donald Trump.
A – I admire stories of success and work hard to do the same.

Q – Where would you like to take your company?
A – My company will go wherever destiny takes it.

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