Raphael Reboh Interview
(Femme Coiffure Hair Spa)

He just happens to be the owner of Miami Beach is hottest hair salon, the place where the rich and famous code to get their hair done.
We are talking about Raphael Reboh and his Femme Coiffure Hair Spa.

Q - Does the success of a salon in Florida have a lot to do with where you’re located in the state? Is Miami the place to be over say Orlando?
A - Well, Miami is a high profile place. It’s like the Santa Tropez of America, weather wise, beauty, restaurants, modeling, fashion, movies. Miami Beach is an amazing city. It’s great.

Q - How does a salon get a reputation among famous actors, actresses, and musicians as the place to go to get your hair cut?
A - Well, we already had that category from many, many years. We’ve been doing celebrities for the last 30 years. We did the Golden Globes. We do Victoria Secret. We do the top international magazines. We’ve done a lot of work in New York, LA but Miami was a big thing for us because Miami is great. You have a lot of stuff going on so we definitely grew a lot here in Miami. We made it very successful. So, I think definitely Miami became good for us.

Q - What were you doing before Femme Coiffure Hair Spa?
A - I’ve been an owner for over 30 years.

Q - You started someplace, right?
A - I started working for somebody, yes, cleaning the floor and grooming. From the bottom and climbing slowly, slowly.

Q - That’s the only way to learn the business. Then you know what everybody else should be doing.
A - Exactly. It’s very, very important. I love what I do. I still love what I do. I’m 50 years old and I love the fashion. When I do hair I forget the whole world. I’m expensive; my haircuts are $300 a haircut. We really cater to the elite clientele in America.

Q - What celebrities come through your door? Are you able to mention any names or not?
A - Yeah, sure. We get a lot of famous celebrities. We get music people. We get people that do shows, TV shows. A lot of people walk into our salon. Jamie Foxx was here. Claudia Schaefer. We also do a lot of the legends like Lauren Bacall, Bianca Jagger, Barbara Walters, Paris Hilton comes in once in a while.

Q – Jaimie Foxx doesn’t have much hair does he? You charge him $300?
A – No, no He brings his girlfriend over. (Laughs). He gets a good shave. He doesn’t need much. We get him a nice hairstylist. Just give him a nice clean shave. He just likes coming around because the beautiful women are here.

Q - You’re talking about your hairstylist?
A - Yeah. We had Sharon Stone. I did her for a cover of a magazine. I have a lot of pictures with her also.

Q - When someone like Sharon stone comes into the salon, are you cutting her hair or is someone else in the salon?
A - Mostly when it comes to celebrities I do them.

Q - How many people do you have working for you?
A - We have about 12 people in this salon, but, we have a few salons here in Miami.

Q - Are you friends with these celebrities outside of the salon? Do they invite you to any special gatherings?
A - Yeah. I’m in LA also a lot. We go to Oscar parties, like Elton John does after the awards, the Grammys. We definitely see each other once in a while, three or four times a year. I don’t get there too much.

Q - You have a back, private entrance to your salon. That means the celebrities don’t go through the front door do they?
A - We go through the kitchen. (Laughs). You get a badge and you go through the security. There’s a lot of security so they bring you in from the back door.

Q - That’s probably to prevent the fans from getting too close.
A - Were careful. There’s always people with cameras outside. We keep it very private.

Q - You’re talking paparazzi?
A - Yeah. A lot.

Q – Isn’t that trespassing?
A - No. They do it through the windows. They have good cameras. They can shoot in. They can see inside the salon from the windows. But, that’s a normal thing.

Q - That’s one of the downsides of being a celebrity.
A - Its terrible.

Q - Am I correct in saying that you also have your own product line?
A - I’m actually creating my product line in Paris right now. I don’t have it out yet. Right now, I’m working with the top fresh products. I try and use the top products. So, I’ve been working on my own line for a long time. Hopefully it’s going to be really successful.

Official website: www.femmecoiffure.com

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