Mark Bove Interview
(President of Bove's of Vermont)

Their sauce is made in Vermont, but it’s gaining a reputation worldwide as simply the best pasta sauce around.

What’s the story behind Bove’s of Vermont?

Who better to answer that than the President of Bove’s-----Mark Bove.

Q – Let’s see if I have the history of Bove’s correct. It was your grandmother who opened a restaurant on December 17 th 1941, in Burlington, Vermont. People liked her pasta sauce so much that she or her family decided to bottle and sell it all over the country. Is that how it happened?
A – No. Both my grandparents started the restaurant. My grandmother developed the Marinara Sauce recipe and the others that followed were my recipes.

Q – Is it true that everything made in your restaurant is made from scratch? Is that why your restaurant is so special?
A – Everything is made from scratch. My grandparents and father taught both myself and my brother that if something is more than a day old-----throw it out! That’s why frequently we run out of food every night. The Marinara is made everyday, so, if you should drive by the restaurant in the morning, you can smell the garlic and onions cooking in the sauce. You might even get a warm meatball fresh from the oven!!

Q – When you bottle the sauce-----how do you insure the quality remains the same as in your restaurant?
A – Because every batch, the sauce boy, me, is right there watching so the kettles do not burn. That’s quality assurance. Myself or my brother ensure the quality is there in every jar. We are small enough to make sure of this every time!

Q – When did you decide to market the sauce?
A – June 17 th 1996.

Q – How hard is it to get your sauce on the shelves of a store like Wegman’s?
A – Not as hard as I thought. As you know, Wegman’s is one of the leaders in the industry for specialty foods, and they immediately recognized my line to be a perfect addition for their sets.

Q – How is it determined what price you’ll charge?
A – I followed the philosophy of my grandmother; putting quality food on the table at a reasonable price. Our sauces retail everyday at a $4.99 retail and are featured at $3.99. We market a premium pasta sauce for a reasonable price.

Q – How does the Bove Gear sell for you?
A – The gear does all right throughout the year, but, when the holidays roll around, I always seem to run out of hats and shirts.

Q – In fact, how many products do you sell?
A – We sell lots!!

Q – What is your position in the company?
A – I am the Head Sauce boy! I hate titles, but I guess you can say that I am the President. I would rather be known as the CES-----Chief Executive Sauce boy.

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