Hans Holzer Interview
("Professor of Paranormal")

He is the author of over 100 books dealing with the Paranormal and Parapsychology.

He studied at the University of Vienna, graduated the Academy of Vienna and received his PhD in Parapsychology at the London College of Applied Science.

It’s a rare honor indeed to present an interview with Dr. Hans Holzer-----“Professor of Paranormal”.

Q – I guess I should start off by asking if you still write books these days.
A – Oh, yeah, but I’m now also involved with my film projects. I have 9 screenplays, not all on the paranormal, some are comedies. I also do plays, theatrical plays and musicals. I do all of those, and I’m currently trying to get producers!

Q – Would any of your books on the paranormal make it to the Silver Screen?
A – I’ve written about the paranormal, all non-fiction of course. But, I’ve also written some movies, some screen-plays, on paranormal things, but fictional. Authentic stuff, but still fictional. I have a film script called ‘The Psychics’. She knows everybody’s future but her own. It deals with a fictional psychic whose boyfriend is a detective and she somehow becomes famous with the mob, They like her predictions and unfortunately she finds out too much. There’s of course a double-ending. She’s in trouble, but, she doesn’t get killed after all. I admire Agatha Christie a great deal. I think she’s wonderful. I write things of that kind. That’s fiction of course. I do as much fiction as I do non-fiction. You don’t fool around. You just tell it like it is journalistically. With fiction you can do other things.

Q – Your definition of a ghost is “People who have unfinished business on their minds when they passed on”. Is it possible that when they re-build the World Trade Center, people will go out into the hallway and smell smoke or hear screams? I guess what I’m asking is, are those grounds haunted?
A – We all have the potential of being psychic that is receptive. Some more. Some less. If there are some people that are very psychic they will of course see it or feel it. Nobody has been down there to put at rest the ones who died there. There are some people who died there I’m sure who are confused about what happened, and they need help. But, I can’t do it. Ghosts are generally not aware that they’re dead, as a result of which there’s a lot of confusion, a lot of trapped people. I don’t say souls, because I don’t have any use for religion. But, they are trapped individuals, personalities who need help.

Q – Would the property where the Oklahoma City Bombing took place be haunted as well?
A – Of course. Whenever someone is surprised by sudden death and not prepared for it obviously chances are they don’t realize they’ve passed on. If somebody is psychic enough they may make contact with them of they are professional trans-mediums. But, the average person is not that powerful. Never-the-less they will pick it up, sure.

Q – If a medium went to 875 Bundy Drive in Los Angeles, could that person contact the spirit of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman and find out exactly what happened to them?
A – If this is a deep Trans-Medium which is much more powerful getting out of their own body to let the other entity get in, and speak-----yeah. That is how it works, sure. I’ve done work like that for the police; cases where we had an object that belonged to the murdered person. I had a very good Trans-Medium with me. This was Sybil Leek if I’m not mistaken. They spoke to her and named somebody and the police followed up, because I was with the police officer there. They got him. That does happen, from time to time, yeah.

Q – Have you ever seen Sylvia Browne or John Edwards on t.v?
A – Sylvia Browne I have never talked to. I understand she has some gift. It’s a natural gift. But, I don’t like the way she promotes herself. Edwards I see. I think if the audience were separated more from his readings, he wouldn’t be able to pick things up directly. That’s what I’m concerned about. If there were a glass wall between them so that Edwards couldn’t get it from there.

Q – Do you believe then that both of these people are gifted in their chosen line of work?
A – They are gifted. By the way I don’t have the term belief, disbelief, supernatural in my vocabulary. I am not a religious person. I’m a spiritual person. I have no use for religion, organized or otherwise. I believe in living a spiritual way of life.

Q – You say that ghosts don’t travel. Is that correct?
A – Yes. Ghosts are not like spirits. Let me explain what we are made of: when we are born, we are born in a double body, which is derived from either parents or grandparents. It’s called the Medallion Law. It’s well-----known. But, from another source, those thinking of reincarnating again, the staff should we say, they’re called the ‘Beams of Light’, they will select an appropriate couple. Then you will have to walk to the well of forgetfulness they call it and you will be born again. This happens, but it’s very carefully controlled by them. We have no way of deciding who will be next time.

Q – On November 22 nd 1963, John F. Kennedy was killed in Dallas, Texas. Some people have said they’ve seen a young John Kennedy walking along the streets of Palm Beach, Florida. How is that possible?
A – Oh, very simple. At the time of the elusion of the outer body, not the inner body, nearly everybody reverts back to their best years. They all look younger after death. If somebody has seen a younger Kennedy-----that is normal. The only time the person will appear at the aged level is when they need to do this to be recognized, but generally they are reverting to their best years.

Q – It seems that not everyone can see a ghost or has seen a ghost. Is it possible to have seen a ghost and not know it?
A – Well, first of all the difference is to be made in 3 ways-----ghosts and spirits are not the same. In my book ‘Ghosts’, which is now 150,000 or more in print, and is a huge-seller and by the way Barnes and Noble is also publishing my older books again, which is a good thing for younger people who weren’t around when I wrote them-----there’s one sure way to tell: if you see a spirit and you see the spirit again or somebody else sees the spirit in the same place, at the same time, our time, more than once, chances are you are seeing an impression from the past. If there’s any chance in how they appear, any chance in what they do-----they are individuals, but, if they always appear the same, if they always appear at the same place at the same time, those are imprints from the past, not people, not living people. We call them psychic imprints.

Q – You talk about imprints left behind in the atmosphere by an individuals passing. You say, ‘Anyone possessed of psychic ability will sense the event from the past’. Something like that happened to me.
A – Yeah, except it’s not the atmosphere. It’s the ether. The ether is part of the atmosphere but, it’s the part of the atmosphere that is psychically loaded, so to speak. In the ether there are imprints from the past which is a non-existent commodity. There is no time on the other side. Anybody who is gifted to that extent that they can pick up the imprint will tell you. That’s why a lot of good mediums sometimes can’t tell the difference whether what they pick up is really the person’s spirit or it’s an imprint from the past which has no life.

Q – Back in 1980, while en route to Washington, D.C. I got lost in Pennsylvania. I passed through an area, and immediately sensed something had happened there. I didn’t see anything, but I felt something of importance happened in the area. Sure enough, the sign on the road said Gettysburg and I was passing by a battlefield.
A – Yeah. That is the meaning of psychic ability. That is very normal. People think that cemeteries are filled with ghosts. They’re not. Once a person dies in the physical body, they’re not there anymore. There’s nobody there. Cemeteries are empty real estate. The minute they’re out of the outer body they’re gone. That’s why it’s foolish to have cemeteries, but that’s the way the world is.

Q – Let me run another story by you that happened to me a couple of years ago. I knew a girl who worked for a department store. One afternoon, a sunny afternoon in October, I happened to be driving past this store and saw this girl outside helping a customer load a box into their trunk. I had to look twice; because surrounding this girl was what I would describe was white light, a white aura, so brilliant that I could actually see light bouncing off her. I thought it was the sun’s reflection-----but, it wasn’t. Two days later this girl was walking to work and she was hit by a car and died. What did I see surrounding this girl just 2 days prior-----her aura? I had never seen anything like it before-----or since then for that matter.
A – That’s called distant vision. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with dead people, or with spirits or with ghosts. It’s a normal human ability that some people have more of or some people have less of. But, it does not necessarily about dead people. Seeing the aura----- the aura is the secondary body that is inside the outer body. You saw the aura. Now, have you ever seen the aura of a person who was not killed afterwards?

Q – No.
A – Well, you saw the aura when she was still alive.

Q –Yes.
A – The fact that she was killed later had nothing to do with it.

Q – Someone told me the fact that I saw her surrounded by white light meant that she was at peace with herself.
A – Well, that’s religion. Religion preaches that, but, it doesn’t really hold true. Remember there are very many saints shown with a halo. Then there are those pretty girls with goose feathers on their back called angels. This is from the misinterpretation of the aura. What people saw was the aura. There are no angels with wings. There are no saints with halos. But, the aura sometimes extends beyond the physical body and some people can see it.

Q – Can personal pets come back to a place they’ve lived after their death?
A – Animals are frequently very sensitive, very psychic. That’s very common. Some animals more than others. Animals by and large are frequently sensitive, especially cats. Cats are extremely sensitive. They can read your mind in a way. For instance the cat I have is a beautiful black cat. She’s 12 years old. When I call her by name she comes. When I say sit down, she sits down. But that’s because we have a very close relationship. There’s nothing supernatural about that.

Q – When a person dies, will they come back to reside in the home they’ve known?
A – First of all, they don’t come back. They haven’t gone yet. They don’t return from anywhere. They haven’t gone yet. Secondly, when someone passes on, they will then be on the other side of life. Some people like to call Heaven and Hell, but, it’s right here next door. Then they will be on the side. Frequently, especially when they have been in the same place most of their lives, like an old woman who’s used to her wheelchair-----they will return to where they used to be. It happens particularly in hospitals. Hospitals are really not where they want to be. The next thing they are dead and back home in their wheelchair or chair. That happens frequently. But remember, they are spirits. They are not ghosts. Ghosts are people who have passed frequently with unfinished business, but, not always unfinished business. Sometimes they are just shocked by the fact that they are dead. They don’t realize they’re dead. That can also create a ghost. They don’t travel. They are stuck in a place where it occurred. If you’re in that spot you have a chance you might feel it or see it. But, they don’t travel generally. Spirits on the other hand are free to go wherever they want. They can appear to you if they get permission. The other side is a bureaucracy just like this side. In order for somebody who’s on the other side to communicate with you; first of all you have to get permission from the people who run the other side. They call themselves the Beams of Light. I got this from them. I got it from numerous cases of near death experiences. They always talk about the Beams of Light. They will have to get permission to make contact. If they get permission, there has to be a good reason for it, not just to find out where Uncle Frank put the money. They will ask permission for making contact. Then they have to find themselves, if they are not psychic themselves, to find themselves a good medium to form the good contact. That’s how it works.

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