Dylan Avery Interview
(Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup)

Dylan Avery is a writer, editor and director.
His film “Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup” concerns itself with the events surrounding September 11th, 2001.
First released it on the Internet, it was the most watched video on Google from May through November 2006.
On Google alone “Loose Change” was viewed nearly 125 million times.
They You Tube film has a combined viewership of over 30 million world-wide.
More than 2 million copies of the DVD have been sold.
The original “Loose Change” film has been translated into 26 languages.
The film has been a topic of conversation on the History and Discovery Channels, as well as FOX News, CNN, MSNBC, and the BBC.
To talk about the film – Mr. Dylan Avery.

Q – Dylan, go back to that day of September 11th, 2001: when did you feel that something was not quite right with the reporting of the events?
A – Well, I guess I had my initial subconscious doubts of what had just happened, but, nothing really specific, just maybe a nagging doubt in the back of my mind. Again, nothing really specific and no kind of conscious thought about it. Really if anything I wanted to know what the hell had just happened. That was kind of where I was coming from. But it really wasn’t until I think it was mid 2002 that I really started looking into the events because I was starting to write a screenplay that focused around the events that people researched what had happened, essentially a group of characters based on myself and my friend. So, in the course of investigating for that screenplay, it became clear that there was certainly something that was being held from the public, that really stuck out to me from the beginning. There was a site called the 9/11 Timeline and a version of it later popped up in the form of a site, well, it was first called The Complete 9/11. Timeline and it evolved into what’s known as History Common. But it essentially was the lack of government response, especially that the attacks even happened and how are military could have dropped the ball. So obviously that was kind of the initial thing that tipped me off and me suspicious of what had happened.

Q – On September 11th firemen are seen going into the Twin Towers, but, I never saw any fire trucks spraying water or some kind of chemical on the building to stop the fire. I know there are helicopters and planes that can also drop water and chemicals on a fire. Did you ever find out why that was never done?
A – No, but I think that was certainly something that jumped out to a couple of people. I remember that being brought up at some point. I don’t know. It’s tough to say. There’s smoke. There’s fire. That’s a big reason why they couldn’t land. Maybe there was equipment they needed to get that they couldn’t get. Maybe there was bureaucracy involved. It’s really hard to say. I’m sure there’s a lot of things that could’ve gone better for sure.

Q – The strange thing is, never mind that no one could have ever thought of two planes crashing into the Trade Center towers, did anyone ever stop and think what plan would be put into effect if a fire broke out on the top floors? Did anyone ever come up with some kind of rescue plan?
A – Well, you also got to keep in mind we’re talking about 102 minutes here.

Q – Some kind of safety net couldn’t have been deployed around the building so people could safely jump?
A – Even if they did have something like that, the amount of time it might have taken to get something like that around, the towers might have fallen.

Q – I would guess then that the firefighters never thought that the buildings were going to fall.
A – Oh, no. I’m sure the firefighters might have had some kind of nagging thought in the back of their head, but, I don’t think anyone legitimately thought that the towers would have fallen. I doubt anyone walked into the building thinking well, this is going to come down. Certainly not consciously. I don’t think so.

Q – Why did you call your documentary “Loose Change”? Is there any meaning behind that?
A – It was the name of the original screen play I started writing in 2002. Officially the title was a very non-monetary interpretation of the phrase. It has nothing to do with money. It had everything to do with actual change, actual political and social change, being loose upon the country. So, it was just a way of kind of turning that phrase on it’s head and using it for a different purpose. The spirit of the feature film was still there in the documentary so I just kept the title.

Q – You believe that the two planes that hit the Twin Towers, the plane that hit the Pentagon and the plane that went down in Shanksville, Pennsylvania had no people aboard? You believe that these were cargo planes not commercial planes? More specifically these were remote-controlled cargo planes?
A – I mean, that theory was around for awhile, but I don’t really talk about it anymore. When you talk about what may not have happened then you have to talk about what may have happened. That was really the main theory that was floating around there for awhile that there were remote controlled planes. There’s certain things about plane crashes and impact that are suspicious to me. I don’t really go out on a limb and talk about any kind of particular theory anymore. I’ve gotten to a point now where I essentially have boiled my argument down to a simple premise which is that the 9/11 Commission was a cover-up, and the only question is what it was covering up. It’s a very easy position to take, not necessarily easy to take, but easy to prove. It’s very east to demonstrate to someone how the 9/11 Commission was comprised from Day One. In terms of any particular hypothesis of what may have happened, I don’t like saying anything that would potentially dis-respect the dead which is another reason why I’ve kind of stayed away from those theories for awhile, not that I intended to, but just very deliberate about the things I speak about now.

Q – As I recall in “Loose Change”, Flight 93 did not crash in Shanksville,  Pennsylvania, but instead landed up at Cleveland Airport.
A – Yup. That was in the 2nd Edition.

Q – If the plane did not crash, where is that plane and where are the people?
A – Who knows? There’s just no way of knowing there. Again, I just don’t talk about it. There’s no way of really knowing.

Q – Has anyone ever told you that a plane did not crash in Shanksville?
A – Well, of course. If you look at what’s there in Shanksville, there’s very little proof that a plane actually did crash.

Q – No luggage. No blood. No bones. Nothing that you would expect to see in a plane crash?
A – That’s what you’d always see at a plane crash. You’d see some kind of proof and it’s exactly what you didn’t see in Shanksville. Again it’s like people are going with what they see with their own two eyes. They’re going with their instincts. They’re not going off an official government report tells them. It’s the difference between an emotional response and a more logical response if you really think about things as opposed to being just visceral about it and thinking this is a national tragedy and if people say a plane crashed there, then a crashed there. That’s not to say that everything the government ever says is going to be false, but at the same time, it’s because there’s such emotion attached to it because it’s a national tragedy, because so many people lost their lives. It’s easy for people to look at the crater in Shanksville and go, ‘Well, of course a plane crashed there’. It’s just tricky walking that fine line with people. You don’t want to come off as dis-respectful, but at the same time you kind of have to make your point.

Q – Its only natural that people would ask if that plane did not crash, then where is that place and where are the people?
A – Yeah. Of course. But, unfortunately we don’t have that information at our disposal to give them any kind of an answer.

Q – Have any of the relatives of the passengers aboard Flight 93 ever contacted you?
A – We got contacted by a couple of family members, especially from passengers of Flight 93. But, we don’t have any answers for these people certainly. I don’t know. It’s tough to say. So, we’ve gotten a lot of support from family members and survivors and like a lot of other people just want to know how it is their loved one could’ve been taken from them.

Q – Has anyone contacted you with specific information?
A – No.

Q – Is it true that back on September 11th, 2001, the technology just didn’t exist for passengers to be placing calls from the plane to their loved ones?
A – You know, it’s just another one of those things that I don’t really talk about anymore. I stick to things I can prove.

Q – Did you say that someone named Muhammad Atta is alive and well, living in the Middle East? If Muhammad Atta did not board that plane in Boston, then who did?
A – We never said that.

Q – And, you’ve never heard that?
A – No.

Q – Who would stand to benefit the most from September 11th ? Should we follow the money?
A – That would essentially be it. Just look at all the domestic and foreign policy changes that took place after the event. Even if they had absolutely nothing to do with the attack themselves taking place, the fact is they certainly took advantage of it to enact long standing policies they wanted to get off the shelf.

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