Elin Katz Interview
(Rosebud Cakes)

When it comes to fancy cakes-----Elin Katz is leading the way!

She is the owner of Rosebud Cakes, located in the heart of the rich and famous----- Beverly Hills, California.

Elin spoke with us about her business.

Q – I was channel surfing a few weeks back and I saw you were in some kind of competition on the Food Network (Channel). How did you do?
A – Oh, I got Third Place.

Q – What was that for?
A – Elvis’ birthday party. Elvis is dead, but, he still has a birthday. (Laughs).

Q – Now, how did you get so good at making and decorating cakes?
A – Oh, well thank-you. Just experience, practice. I have an art background and so that helps. Everybody in my employ also has an art background. It really helps to mix colors, have competitions, use your tools. You have to be in the art world in order to do something more than expected of what the normal cake decorator does.

Q – Was this something you always wanted to do?
A – You know, I didn’t know that this was available. What I tried to do with the Food Network was explain to the world that this is a field artists can go into and be satisfied and be creative and make money, have a job. And that landed on the cutting room floor, like so much. (Laughs).

Q – Why did you choose to locate your business in Beverly Hills?
A – Well, it’s a really good location, Gary. (Laughs). There’s lots of creative people here. That’s why I love California. There’s so much talent and creativity. People like to think laterally and do things differently, do things that no one has ever done before. And-----there’s lots of money here too. So, the combination works. (Laughs).

Q – Just how creative can you be when you’re making one of these cakes?
A – Oh, you can be as creative as you can possibly imagine, and make it to the location. See, that’s the thing, you have to deliver these things. So, it’s a lot of engineering.

Q – Are you designing cakes that no one has ever thought of before?
A – We try.

Q – Your business is generated by word of mouth, or do you have to advertise?
A – No. It’s word of mouth. It works best. It’s the most sincere kind of advertising. We can reach 200 people with one wedding cake.

Q – Are you able to name any of the famous Hollywood celebrities who’ve ordered your cakes-----or not?
A – You know, I can’t. I’m sorry. Shaq (Shaquille O’Neal) is the only one who allows us to use his name. And, that was in People Magazine several years ago. We did his wedding cake.

Q – How many people do you employ in your business?
A – Eight.

Q – So, what do you think the future holds for your business?
A – Oh, we’re gonna keep on doing better than we did last week. (Laughs). We compete with ourselves. We make sure that what we do now, is better than what we did before. That’s always a compelling reason to get up in the morning. (Laughs). And, we’re always doing something different. We’re never doing the same thing over and over again. It’s always different.

Q – Why’d you call your business Rosebud Cakes? Is there any significance to that?
A – Oh, yeah. This is a movie town. That is a particular reference to ‘Citizen Kane’.

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