Lynne Palmer Interview
(Astrology To The Stars)

Lynne Palmer has been a professional Astrologer since 1957.
Along the way, she’s helped guide and provide direction to many of Hollywood’s greats including Frank Sinatra, Johnny Carson and Mickey Rooney to name just a few.
Lynne Palmer spoke with us about her profession.

Q – Lynne, the obvious question, how did you get in to astrology?
A – My mother used to read the newspaper stuff (horoscopes) and I’d listen to it. She was always interested in it. I wouldn’t pay attention to see if something was going to happen on that day. I’d just listen and that was the end of that. Then years and years went by. I was in show business. I was too young to work in nightclubs in the United States. I was a dancer. I had a Choreographer who was 30 years older than me. She was the star of the Cotton Club in Culver City, California. She was a silent screen star too, and had a dressing room next to Greta Garbo. She sat with me and made a comeback singing. She and I were singing in the same nightclubs in Juarez, Mexico. We stayed in El Paso, Texas across the border. When you work in the nightclubs there you have to sit with the clients. I was very shy and didn’t know what to talk about or what to say. She would buy horoscope magazines when we were in El Paso. She’d read ‘em and say, ‘This is so interesting’. I started to memorize the Sun sign section but I really wasn’t interested in being an astrologer, but, I read the other stars so I said look, I’m gonna test this. See all the stuff it tells me for this month, this day and that day, what all is gonna happen. I want to watch it and see if it comes true. Well, at the end of the month I said none of this came true. I don’t believe in astrology. This is garbage. This is not happening. But, I still memorized the signs just to have something to talk to people about. We’d sit at the table and talk to people between shows. She would listen to me talk about their signs, but, I wasn’t interested in it. I was just passing the time of day. (Laughs). So, we got back to California and she was rehearsing in L.A. to take a number in Mexico City. She would do one hour of hand exercise, one hour of putting my leg up to my head, my foot up to my head, splits, and back then. The third hour would be the actual number she was actually going to choreograph for me. I hated to rehearse. It was a Blues number she was going to have me do. So, I didn’t do so well. She said you know what?, she was very psychic, you’re really a lousy dancer. You should be an astrologer. By that time I was so tired, anything sounded good, but, I really wasn’t interested. I said, ‘Well, where would I learn astrology?’ I was just being glib. She wasn’t and got the phone book and looked up two places that were listed. A church and a temple. I said I’ll call the temple. They didn’t answer, but later I found they were only there once a week which was good because I didn’t go there. It would’ve been negative astrology. The Church Of Light answered the phone and she says, ‘Well, how much money does it cost to go there?’ Well, if you don’t have anything you can come for free or a quarter donation. You don’t have to enrol. Come whenever you want. She told me that, ‘o.k. we’ll go’. But, I really wasn’t interested. So, we went to the first class on a Monday night. It was a month class. I didn’t know what they were talking about in that class. I left. She said, ‘Wasn’t that interesting?’ I said, ‘No’. And she said, ‘It must’ve been the teacher’. I went to another teacher with the same class on a Wednesday night. It was just as bad. So, she went up to the desk after the class and said, ‘What books does she need?’ I whispered to her, ‘I don’t want any. Don’t buy ‘em. I’m not gonna read ‘em.’ She bought ‘em anyway. I wouldn’t read ‘em. So, now she saw on their schedule there was another class on Saturday. This was an interpretation class. I said, ‘Well, I’ll go to this but, I’m not going to anymore classes. If this doesn’t interest me, I don’t want to be dragged to these classes. I’m not interested in astrology.’ So, we went to the class. I started asking questions. So, the teacher came over afterwards and introduced herself. She and her husband ran the church. She said, ‘What was my sign?’ I said Sagittarian, What’s your Rising Sign? I said, ‘I don’t know. I’ve never had my chart done. And she said ‘What time were you born? I told her and she got a book out with the planets positions. If you know somebody’s birthday you can mentally calculate what their rising sign is going to be. She did and said, ‘You’re going to be a famous astrologer.’ I said, ‘Famous astrologer? There’s no way I’m going to be an astrologer period.’ She said, ‘Why?’ I said, ‘This mathematics. I didn’t know it was math. I didn’t know it was all this stuff. I can’t do this.’ She said, ‘Well, I’ll teach you.’ And, she couldn’t take money for teaching. She was the minister from the church, her and her husband and she couldn’t do it. So, I would find that I would study astrology over the phone. She would talk to me. I could study 8 hours a day. I hated to rehearse, for one. And that was in May. In August of the same year I was back at a class and she said, ‘Oh, by the way, we just sent out our new class schedule and I have you down as a teacher.’ I said, ‘Oh, no. I can’t teach astrology. What are you going to have me teach?’ (Laughs). It’s a math class! So, I ended up teaching and I got pushed into it by all these people. So, that’s how I got into astrology.

Q – You said you were a dancer. Were you a chorus line dancer?
A – No. I was a principal dancer. I was a star in Mexico City. I was going to be in the movies there, acting, ‘cause I could speak Spanish too. And I’m blonde, and they like blondes. There was a famous blonde named Joan Paige that was the star of movies there, but, she was in her 40’s and I was in my late teens, early 20’s. They wanted to make me a movie star and I had a part in a movie but the union wouldn’t let me do it unless I gave up my citizenship. So, I didn’t and I left Mexico and came back to the States. But, at that time she was not my choreographer. I hadn’t met her at that point. I didn’t meet her until later in the nightclub that I worked in, in Tijuana, Mexico.

Q – You have advised many famous clients including Johnny Carson and Frank Sinatra.
A – Well, I was on Johnny Carson’s Show. So, I had to do his horoscope for the show. That was when he was in New York City. I was the first Astrologer he ever used. He didn’t even want to use me, but, I was dating the President of the William Morris Agency who was his agent, so he was forced to put me on. Then after that we became very good friends because I did the show and I was dating Joe E. Lewis at the time who Frank Sinatra made the movie ‘The Joker Is Wild’ with. So, he was a member of the Friars Club and so was Johnny Carson. So, I was always running into Johnny Carson when I’d go out with Sinatra or the whole group. We would always run into each other.

Q – Were you ever in awe of these people?
A – No. I didn’t even recognize them half the time. One time Joe E. (Lewis) and I went into Joey’s to meet Frank Sinatra. Frank was at a table with a bunch of people. We were supposed to join them and we did. We sat down and Frank said, ‘This is Jack, blah, blah, blah.’ And Mia Farrow’s mother was there. He sat me next to Sylvia Fein who was Danny Kaye’s wife. So, everybody was talking away. So, I whispered to Joey, ‘Who is that guy over there named Jack?’ He said, ‘That’s Jack Lennon.’ I didn’t even recognize him.

Q – Did you ever meet Marilyn Monroe?
A – No.

Q – Elvis?
A – No.

Q – How about any of The Beatles?
A – I did Ringo’s chart. Ringo was in London at the time. His manager when they were on tour in the United States was still in touch with him and I had done his chart. He lived in Hollywood. He wanted me to do one for Ringo and I did and he sent the tape to Ringo. I had something on the tape that if he traveled he’d be busted for drugs and so the guy told me Ringo listened to the tape and he was supposed to go on tour and he cancelled the tour after hearing that on the tape.

Q – What year was that?
A – Oh, God, I don’t know. It was a long time ago.

Q – You actually predicted 9/11 didn’t you?
A – Yes, I did. Well, I do a book every year called ‘My Astrological Almanac.’ It came out in July of the year before it happened. One year ahead. I have a category called ‘Avoid Terrorists Attack’. I had 9/11 listed in there for that date. But, I didn’t pay attention. I didn’t say from where because there’s terrorists attacks all over the world. But, I also had the other one (terrorist attack) at the World Trade Center.

Q – When you predicted 9/11, did you predict planes crashing into buildings?
A – Well, I had several categories. One category is called ‘Avoid Terrorists Attack.’ That date was listed. Then I have another one ‘Avoid Danger’ and I had as sub-headings bombs, earthquakes, explosives and hurricanes. Under that one that could be bombs, and over-hanging objects that could fall and Danger. That was also listed in that one. Then I have another category called ‘Avoid Fires.’ And that was listed under that one too. It was listed in three different places, the same date. But, at the time I calculated it, I just calculate things.

Q – After you put out this prediction, were you ever contacted by a government official?
A – Nobody ever contacted me, government officials or anybody. They should because then they could see when the dates are most likely.

Q – Scientists discovered another planet, which means all of the astrological signs would change.
A – Until the actual scientist says it I won’t believe it. Some astrologer said it. There’s no other planet. In the 2012 Mayan thing, the world is not going to end by the way. Whoever calculated that, that person died, and they only did it for so many years ahead. In Mexico, in a travel magazine they had an ad recently and mentioned the Mayan calendar. They don’t say the worlds ending. They say when it ends a new era is being ushered in. That’s all. No drastic thing in the sky at that time. The charts go on. The United States chart doesn’t have anything drastic there. I did a report that I mailed out to clients and it’s on the USA horoscope. In June of this year (2011) a bad aspect started in the United States that’s in for one whole year. It’s with the radical element and it’s with people rebelling and it’s with hurricanes and homeless people and the money of the United States, and people’s money and the President and officials and everybody in a high capacity, CEO’s, and the people rebelling. Well, that’s what’s going on now. It started in June and the aspect doesn’t peak until June of next year (2012) and that’s one where we have the homeless. We have all the disasters with the earthquakes and the floods and people being without homes. That’s all taking place but, also people rebelling in New York City and all around the world now. The rest of the world took up with the United States with what they were doing with Wall Street. That’s all to do with that chart. I had all that in with the chart I did. I did that chart last November (2010) and it came out in January (2011). The aspects in it are ‘til next June (2012) so there’s going to be the radical element in all kinds of things. They want the President out of power. They want all those executives out. It’s very bad and bad for the peoples’ money.

Q – Did you predict who the Republican Party will nominate as their candidate?
A – I don’t even know who all is going to run yet. I haven’t even progressed Obama’s chart. I haven’t had the time to do it.

Q – Have you made any predictions of famous people who will die in the future?
A – Its illegal to make predictions about death.

Q – But, you know don’t you?
A – Well, there will probably be people dying.

Q – But, do you know names of famous people who will pass on?
A – I don’t know right now, but, I have an inkling of one person. But, so far the person made it through this year. So maybe, they’ll make it through next year.

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