Jane Casey Interview
(Owner of Grand Finales)

Jane Casey is the owner of Grand Finales, a Rochester, New York fine dessert catering business which specializes in Wedding Cakes.

Grand Finales has been in business 25 years now-----so you know Jane really knows the ins and outs of the Wedding Cake business.

Jane graciously took some time off from her very demanding schedule to talk to us about that business-----Grand Finales.

Q – So, Jane, do you have your own shop? Do you have a storefront?
A – I don’t actually. I work out of my home, and I have for 27 years.

Q – When did you decide to go online?
A – It was about a year ago (2005).

Q – What prompted that?
A – My son. He’s a computer specialist. He thinks I’m a dinosaur. I had a very good friend who offered to do it for me. It’s really made a difference in my business.

Q – How so? Are you dealing with people all over the world?
A – No. It’s basically local people. I’ve been in magazines before, and that’s where I get calls from all over the world. But, most of the business is local, although I have had some far away requests.

Q – What happens when you get those far away requests? You can’t meet ‘em can you?
A – Unfortunately, I can’t. I haven’t figured out yet how to ship the cakes.

Q – How did you get started in this business?
A – Well, I have a background in Home Economics. I used to teach school. I’ve always enjoyed baking. When my son was young, I wanted a job that would keep me home. So, I decided to start baking and I told all my friends I was in business, and that’s how I got started.

Q – And when did you decide to make Wedding Cakes your specialty?
A – I think a few years into it. I started getting referrals and enjoyed the wedding cakes because I have an artistic bent. I enjoy the challenge of making wedding cakes, and it’s such a happy occasion.

Q – How does a person ever learn how to make these intricate designs on a cake? It would seem like it’s a skill that would be difficult to master. Either you have it-----or you don’t have it. Can they teach it to you?
A – You’re right there. Either you have it or you don’t, and I’ve been very fortunate.

Q – So, how many cakes are you making each week?
A – Well, I have some wholesale accounts. I do a lot of showers, and birthday cakes. As far as wedding cakes, I try to limit it to 3 a week. I have done as many as 5 or 6.

Q – How many hours a week then, are you putting in?
A – Well, anywhere from 40 to 80. During the busy season, in the summertime, it gets pretty hectic.

Q – From May to June?
A – May to October.

Q – Besides the cakes, you’re also making cookies?
A – Yes. I do cookies and pies and pastries.

Q – Where do you see your business in 5 years? Do you want to grow the business?
A – Certainly. I would like to slow down and be a little more exclusive, but, this is how I make my living. Right now, it’s a matter of taking as much as I can.

Official website: www.grandfinalesdesserts.com
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