Kelly Perdew Interview
(Trump Ice)

Donald Trump owns hotels.
He owns casinos. He owns an airline. He’s the host of T.V.’s runaway hit show-----“The Apprentice”.
Did you also know that Donald Trump has a bottled water product named after him, called, what else-----Trump Ice.
Kelly Perdew, the Executive Vice President of Trump Ice fills us in on how this idea became a reality.

Q – Who came up with the idea of putting out bottled water with Donald Trump’s name and face on it?
A – Trump Ice was originally designed to be sold inside of the Trump Casinos in Atlantic City. It became very well-known once it appeared on the First Season of “The Apprentice” when the contestants were tasked with selling Trump Ice in New York City. Mr. Trump and George Ross held focus groups and went through many revisions to develop the final label that includes the fiery orange, red background and Mr. Trump’s crest and visage.

Q – How have you been marketing it? I know you can buy it online, but, can you buy it in a store?
A – Our objective in marketing Trump Ice is the same as any product with Mr. Trump’s name on it-----High Quality, Premium Branding. You can buy Trump Ice in stores in certain markets as well as on our official website at We are adding distributors on a monthly basis and now have seven official distributors in New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Canada, Minnesota, North and South Dakota and Connecticut. Our distributors set up relationships with retail outlets to promote the product.

Q – Do you sell overseas?
A – We do sell overseas. Some of the places where you will be able to buy Trump Ice in the very near future include Dubai, Norway and South Africa.

Q – Do you have vending machines that would allow you to carry Trump Ice in Health Clubs and gyms?
A – Some of our distributors have included vending machines in their sales channels.

Q – What is the cost per bottle? And, how does it compare with the price of other bottled waters?
A – Trump Ice is competitively priced with other higher-end brands of water.

Q – What does your job entail? What are your responsibilities?
A – I have numerous responsibilities inside the Trump organization. I’m in charge of growing the Trump Ice brand through the addition of bottlers and distributors. I also have two real estate projects that I’ve been involved with-----Trump Tower Tampa, a 190 unit residential project in Tampa, Florida and 40 Wall Street, a 1.3 million square feet of commercial space in downtown Manhattan. I’ve also recently started a new business with Mr. Trump called Trump Direct Media,

Q – Of late, what are you doing to promote Trump Ice? I’ve heard nothing about it.
A – We will begin up-dating the “News” section of the official Trump Ice website so that you can keep up with the activities of our distributors and the growth of the Trump Ice brand.

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