Alice in Chains: Demented, But Social
(Bassist Michael Starr)

This group's debut album "Facelift," prompted one magazine to say, "We expect big things from these guys."
And, they haven't let them down! "Alice in Chains" served as special guests on the very successful "Clash of The Titans" tour this past summer. And before that, they toured with Megadeth in Europe, and Iggy Pop in the U.S.
What's behind the wild success of "Alice in Chains?"
Bassist Michael Starr explains.

Q. According to one magazine, your album "Facelift" has just gone gold, a year after it's release. Why has it taken all this time for that to happen?
A. Because our album is demented.

Q. Now, is that any way to talk about your own record?
A. Yeah, I love it. I'd rather be in my band then Warrant.

Q. One Columbia Artist Development Vice-President has said he wants to develop your career rather than just one record. That has to take a lot of pressure off a band like "Alice in Chains," when you're comin' out with that first record.
A. Exactly.

Q. How did you get signed to Columbia?
A. At the Music Bank. Two guys came down from ASCAP, and they were gonna sign up a different band, and they heard us jammin' down the hall, and they walked down with a case of beer and knocked on our door, and came in. They liked us, a lot, and all of a sudden one guy from ASCAP got a job, head of A and R on the West Coast for Columbia Records like six months later, after we had been his friend. So, he goes, "I just got a new job, and I want you to be my first signing."

Q. How long had the group been together at that point?
A. Four or five months.

Q. Do you feel that your band has worked harder than most bands to make it?
A. Well, with touring, yeah. As hard as any other band.

Q. Is there any significance to the group's name?
A. It sounds cool.

Q. Layne has said, "People are taught only a few things to make them function for society. You can't find other things out if you're stuck in a box." Any idea what kind of things Layne would like to see people taught?
A. How to treat people better.

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