Andy McCoy Interview
(Hanoi Rocks)

"Two Steps From The Move" (Epic Records) marks the American debut of European superstars "Hanoi Rocks." The band has built an impressive following in Japan. India. Hong Kong. Thailand, Finland and England. In just four short years. "Hanoi Rocks" have released lour albums, logged thousands Of tour miles, headlined at the London Lyceum, and performed at the "Reading Festival."
Guitarist Andy McCoy spoke with us about the success of his group - "Hanoi Rocks."

Q. In reading an advertisement for your group. "Sounds Magazine" of England stated. "There is no doubt that Hanoi Rocks will one day be as famous as Coca Cola and Big Macs." Would you like to see "Hanoi Rocks" be that famous?
A. I don't think so. man. as long as we get by, you know? I think we'll get somewhere here in the States as well. I mean, we're doing alright in Europe and the Far East. This is like the first tour of the States. People don't know us here yet, so we're just checking it out now. But, I think it's going to work* out fine here.

Q. Most people do not realize that "Hanoi Rocks" is not a brand new band, and that your latest album is actually your fourth album. Why did it take so long for an American record company to discover "Hanoi Rocks?"
A. I don't know. I think it's got to do with our band as well. We never even thought about the States, you know? I mean, we're pretty busy anyway.

Q. When you were only in your teens, you put this group together. After only (> months, "Hanoi Rocks" released a single. How did you get the know-how, the knowledge together to do this?
A. We got a deal with the guy who signed us. He hadn't even heard us. We just told him how good we were.

Q. What's the story behind the name of the group?
A. Oh, it just sounds good, you know. Nothing political, nothing about Vietnam. It's a weird name. It's catchy, it's easy. I like it.

Q. What country are you guys from?
A. Stockholm. Helsinki and London.

Q. Is the music scene in Europe any different than it is here in the U.S.?
A. I'll tell you, the music scene in Europe is the same all over. You hear the same records. It's more or less the same in every European country

Q. Why did you decide to cover Creedence Clearwater Revivals' "Up Around the Band?"
A. Oh, we usually do a cover per album. We used to play it in the sound checks, and it sounded good, so we started doing it "live," and it sounded even better, so we decided to record

Q. Pete Townshend has remarked, "There is nothing that has ever come close to rock for people to express their joy and frustration." Do you agree?
A. Yeah, I think it's pretty true. It's like an explosion you know? It's just a lot of energy you get across.

Q. So what's next for the group?
A. We do the States now. and then we go back to Europe, to do some European dates Then. I don't remembe, what's next. A lot is going down now.


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