Anna — Marie Goddard Interview
(Playboy Playmate)

Anna — Marie Goddard, born and raised in a small farming village in the Netherlands was Playmate of The Year in Holland and appeared in Playboy magazine 4 times with a layout in Holland!
She was the first Playmate in the first issues of Playboy magazine that were published in Russia, Croatia, Taiwan and The Czech Republic.
Anna — Marie Goddard tells what it was like to be a Playboy Playmate.

Q — You were quite successful, before Playboy. Why did you need Playboy? Had you gone about as far as you could go in the modeling world?
A — No, I didn’t need Playboy at all actually. They pursued me. What happened was they came to Florida where I was working at the time in Miami, I worked better there than in L.A. L.A. was just a different type of market. It’s a lot of commercials and I had never done that, I was really just used for print modeling. I would spend time in Miami and I was there with an agent who actually knew the editor of Playboy, Marilyn Grabowski. So they were scouting for the 40th Anniversary Playmate. They had just seen the composite cards in the agency, of me. But, they had not seen me. In the meantime, I had gone back to L.A. and here my agent who I had actually just left to go to Ford and they weren’t happy with me at all, cause I’d left the agency — they, called me and said Playboys interested. First, I thought it was a joke, cause I knew how mad they were, that I had left the agency. I’m like, what? Playboy? I didn’t really know a whole lot about Playboy.

Q — You didn’t?
A — No. In Holland we have Playboy but, it’s not as much of a celebrity thing to do Playboy in Holland, as it is over here and so, I didn’t know that, I totally had to be convinced. So, they kept calling me and then finally Marilyn Grabowski called me personally and said, ‘why don’t you come up? We’ll show you what, it is. It’s such a nice magazine. I had never really looked in it. So, I went up and she said this is a go. I was still not very sure. So, I left for Australia and they kept calling me there. (Laughs). Then, I said O.K. we’ll see when I get back. Then I came back and started talking to my neighbors about it. They’re all like — you are just crazy. (Laughs). Then my mom said, oh, that’s so cool! You’re going to meet Hugh Hefner. I figured if my mom was O.K. with it, I could do it.

Q — What kind of modeling were you doing before Playboy?
A — I was doing a lot of lingerie jobs, bathing suits, high — paying catalogs, magazines, things like that.

Q — After you posed for Playboy, some of your catalog clients, dropped you. Why would that be?
A — I don’t know. Ten years ago it was just different. This was before Cindy Crawford had done Playboy and most of the big supermodels. I guess it was just a little bit more of a taboo. I was afraid of that and I kind of knew it was going to happen. You’re modeling conservative clothing. It’s probably changed now, but, that’s how it was back then.

Q — When you went to do the Playboy shoot, did they put your mind at ease? Were you comfortable with it?
A — Yeah. The first test shoot that I did was with a fashion photographer, who they were trying out. He had never worked for Playboy and obviously I had never worked for Playboy. So, it was very odd. (Laughs). It’s like we started out just doing fashion. Skimpy little clothing, but still no nudity. It took us a little while to finally say O.K. now we have to take it off. There was nobody there from Playboy who could help us through this. I really liked the pictures that came out of that, but, they didn’t really like them. They liked me, but they didn’t like them photography. So, they wanted to do it again with their photographer. I could just tell that he worked a lot obviously with nude models. To him, it was just like no issue. You could feel that. From that point on it was like no big deal. I never really had a problem at all with just being shot nude. I was pretty comfortable with that. It was not hard to do the nude shoots. They were great.

Q — Whom you came to America, you instantly got an agent. Would that have been the Ford Agency?
A — Yeah. It was not Ford, but an agency like that, it L.A.

Q — Is that rather unusual?
A — I was with an agency in Germany and they have contacts with agencies all over the world. Sometimes they want you to go to a different country, just to get tear sheets from that country. So, they actually work with the other agencies. They were the ones that set me up with this agency in L.A. So, it’s not that unusual at all. It is unusual for them to pay for my working papers. They really have to believe in you. They think O.K. she’ll make enough money so it’ll be worth it for us to pay for her working papers. Once you work well in one country, it’s not very hard to get an agency in another country.

Q — Would you think that being too attractive can actually hurt your chances of getting acting roles?
A — Yeah. (Laughs). That’s so true. I think that works with everybody, with kids too. Sometimes they want the actresses to look pretty average. It depends on the role, or the part. Look at Pamela Anderson. She books stuff that she has to look really good in.

Q — The top actresses of Hollywood don’t look like you. Gwenyth Paltrow Helen Hunt. Ashley Judd. Meryl Streep. They don’t have the Playboy look — and they’re stars!!
A — No. But, I think it’s just because the average person wants to identify with an actress. If she’s too good — looking, you’re only gonna get envy. Gwenyth Paltrow is O.K., looking but people can still say yeah, I can look like her. (Laughs). You know what I’m saying. You don’t want to be too good-looking. It’s true. In Playboy you see me with my hair all full and curly. I don’t go to auditions like that, I mean, my hair is straight. Many people don’t even recognize me.

Q — At this time, you’re pursuing what — commercials?
A — Yeah, mostly commercials. I tried acting, but I didn’t like the fact that I was always typecast, not even because I’ve done Playboy, but just because my body is very curvy, you do get type cast and I didn’t like that fact. I like doing commercials. I have booked some really nice commercials and it pays really well, and it’s fun to do. I still do print modeling.

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